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1993 Honda Del Sol - Stockton’s Finest

A City In Turmoil Couldn’t Stop This Build

Dec 16, 2010

Randy En’s ’93 Del Sol Trans-Top If you’ve never set foot in California, you’ve likely relied on television and movies for what you perceive to be an accurate description of the state. But the gorgeous beaches you’ve seen on Baywatch and the high-class nightlife MTV’s endless run of reality shows depicts are only a sample of what really goes on. Just like other states, there’s crime, economic heartaches, and turmoil. Yes, all of this is often overshadowed by the bright sun and sand-and-surf image of the West Coast, but it’s there. As the housing bubble reached its breaking point just a few years ago, it was Stockton—more than any other city in the country—that took the hardest hit. With the highest number of foreclosures and one of the largest unemployment rates in the nation, Stockton’s crime rate went up along with a larger number of families living below the poverty line. Last February, Forbes magazine stated that it was “the most miserable city in the nation.” This statement didn’t sit well with hardcore Honda enthusiast Randy En, who has a different perception of his hometown. With thoughts of proving the naysayers wrong, he set out to build a car that would represent his city in a more positive light.

Htup_0907_01_o+1993_honda_del_sol+front_view Photo 2/12   |   1993 Honda Del Sol - Stockton’s Finest

Fresh out of high school in 2002, Randy had a chance encounter with a RHD Del Sol Trans-Top for sale at Midnight Performance in nearby Rancho Cordova. The meeting proved to be nothing more than a tease since Randy, like most new grads, didn’t have thousands of dollars burning holes in his pockets. Not wanting to simply warm the bench after losing his chance at the Del Sol, he eventually picked up a few different projects to keep himself busy. One of those cars, an orange ’92 EH, was soon recognized on the Internet forums, and gained notoriety in the magazines. Randy later passed the torch on to his brother and handed him the keys to his beloved hatchback. While surfing the web for his next build, he came across a Trans-Top located just a few hours from Stockton. “I saw the car on Craigslist and I was thinking that it might be the same car from Midnight Performance. I had always thought about that car and this was like a second chance to finally get my hands on it,” he says. Communication with the seller revealed that this was in fact the same car he’d once fallen in love with. With his fiancée by his side, Randy hit the road to reunite with the car he’d once longed for. After a brief inspection and just one week later, the Del Sol that had slipped through his hands five years ago was finally delivered to his garage.

Htup_0907_02_o+1993_honda_del_sol+rear_view Photo 3/12   |   1993 Honda Del Sol - Stockton’s Finest

Randy wasted no time in getting his hands dirty. The stock engine came out, and the bay was prepped for paint. Stripped and ready for a new look, the car was dropped off at Angkor Autobody. While the paint shop took care of the aesthetics, Randy and crew tore down the B16A for a fresh start. A few upgrades consisted of aftermarket goods, but the bulk of the engine was based on Civic Type R internals. “I basically replaced all of the gaskets, seals, and belts with all of the CTR stuff. It’s like an OEM build, only better!” Randy says. Wire tucked with custom gold beauty washers and a handful of OEM zinc-plated bolts finish off the fine details. The bay remains uncluttered and spotless with a color-matched valve cover that continues the uniform look under the hood. But even with the show-stopping engine bay, the magic Trans-Top steals the spotlight. Trans-Top Del Sol roofs are removed automatically by a motorized trunk lid. When activated, the trunk lid rises above the roofline and inserts a set of guide pins into the Targa top. The top is then collected underneath the trunk lid and its motor pulls the lid back to its original position. It’s one of the coolest features that U.S. buyers never had the chance to consider.

Htup_0907_08_o+1993_honda_del_sol+rims_shot Photo 4/12   |   1993 Honda Del Sol - Stockton’s Finest

The striking stance of the root-beer-colored Del Sol can be partially credited to the +11-offset BBS rollers. Completely rebuilt by Randy, the wheels feature color-matched faces, fresh gold hardware, and lowrider-esque polished lips. While many take a stab at the low-offset craze that seems to be sweeping the Honda nation, few pull it off with as much class as this unique setup.

Htup_0907_09_o+1993_honda_del_sol+steering_wheel Photo 5/12   |   1993 Honda Del Sol - Stockton’s Finest

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone with as much pride in his hometown as Randy. He set out to prove the point that, regardless of where you come from, hard work and dedication don’t go unrecognized. “I wanted to show everyone that there’s a lot more to Stockton than just negativity, and this build is proof of that,” he states. His RHD Trans-Top is a ray of sunshine in a city that’s seen far too many gloomy days.

Htup_0907_10_o+1993_honda_del_sol+rear_view Photo 6/12   |   1993 Honda Del Sol - Stockton’s Finest

Bolts & Washers

B16A engine block
B16B CTR cylinder head
Hasport engine mounts
CTR pistons
CTR rods
CTR head
CTR valves
CTR valve springs
CTR retainers
Skunk2 Pro Series camshafts
Skunk2 camshaft gears
B&M fuel pressure regulator
Koyo aluminum radiator
Samco Sport radiator hoses
Spoon Sports oil cap
Weksos carbon-fiber intake
JG Edlebrock Pro Series header
Custom SSR collector
Custom test pipe
Mugen teardrop muffler
Kazz LSD
Fidanza flywheel
B&M short shifter

Skunk2 adjustable sleeves
Tokico Illumina shocks
OEM 36mm antiroll bars
Energy Suspension bushings
Plus One rear lower control bar
BLOX lower control arms

Htup_0907_11_o+1993_honda_del_sol+front_shot Photo 7/12   |   1993 Honda Del Sol - Stockton’s Finest

Hawk pads
Goodridge steel-braided lines

Rims & Rubber
15x8 BBS RS (+11 offset)
195/50-15 Dunlop Direzza DZ101

Honda Element “root beer” paint
EM1 front lip
OEM optional foglights

Htup_0907_13_o+1993_honda_del_sol+motor_view Photo 8/12   |   1993 Honda Del Sol - Stockton’s Finest

SiR-S bucket seats
Alpine CDA-9886 head unit
OEM MOMO steering wheel
Spoon Sports shift knob
ITR shift boot

Sary, my baby boo Plusone family, VNJ Joan, Victor, Danny, Jerren, Makhara, Angkor Autobody, Wek-Sos, Rcrew, PED, Jon Eme and Shelly, Cristee and Seemly, Sunni and Aric, Vina and Kesar, Allen, EN family, Gabe, Coco, Junior

Owner Specs

Stockton, CA

Htup_0907_15_o+1993_honda_del_sol+radiator_shot Photo 9/12   |   1993 Honda Del Sol - Stockton’s Finest

Daily grind:
FedEx Driver

Favorite website:

Building cars for how long:

Htup_0907_16_o+1993_honda_del_sol+front_shot Photo 10/12   |   1993 Honda Del Sol - Stockton’s Finest

Favorite kicks:

Dream car:
Ferrari F50

Build inspiration:
Old-school cars

Htup_0907_17_o+1993_honda_del_sol+bumper_shot Photo 11/12   |   1993 Honda Del Sol - Stockton’s Finest

Favorite movie:
Menace II Society

BBS Wheels
In 1970, the city of Schiltach, Germany, played host to Heinrich Baumgartner and Klause Brand as they teamed up to create the BBS company (Baumgartner Brand Schiltach). Originally producing high-quality fiberglass parts for Ford and BMW racing touring cars, they soon expanded their horizons. Using completely new technology, a three-piece race wheel was developed and soon became the focal point of the thriving business. In 1979, Martin Braungart joined the BBS founders as a managing partner, responsible for engineering, and by 1980 more than 220,000 wheels had been produced. Seven years later, the company went public and a new state-of-the-art production facility was introduced that served as a model for modern-process engineering. Today, BBS is recognized as one of the most successful brands in all of Germany, and was voted Entrepreneur of the Year in 2004 by Ernst and Young. The company’s classic wheel design and outstanding quality has solidified its well-earned reputation across the globe.

Htup_0907_30_o+1993_honda_del_sol+engine_shot Photo 12/12   |   1993 Honda Del Sol - Stockton’s Finest


Blox Racing
Fremont, CA 94538
Perry, OH 44081
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