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Editor Aaron Bonk's Last Words - Road Rage

My Off Ramp

Aaron Bonk
Jul 1, 2009
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They say that if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. It's true. Time at Honda Tuning exists on its own. Weekends spent working on and shooting cars, 12-hour days behind the computer, nights at the dyno-none of it matters; perhaps that's because none of it actually feels like work. Some people will never experience this, and for that, I feel sorry for them.

Working for Honda Tuning was never a longtime dream of mine. Although I'd been involved with the magazine in one way or another since its creation, joining the staff was never a priority for me-lending a hand when a hand was needed always sufficed. To be fair, the job found me, and I'm glad it did. It's been just shy of two years since I assumed responsibility here, but it seems like only yesterday when I first sat down in the big chair. It was a perfect the time. The Honda brand has always been my car of choice and it will be for the foreseeable future. I consider myself lucky. I've participated in Honda-related adventures most can only dream about, and I've done my best to share them with you. The memories are unforgettable. Every photo shoot, every last-minute engine install, every track day, every article and column remains recorded in the back of mind that holds a special place for all things Honda-related. But I've grown restless in this chair.

Htup_0907_02_z+editor_aaron_bonk+front_view Photo 2/2   |   Editor Aaron Bonk's Last Words - Road Rage

This marks my last time writing to you as Honda Tuning's editor. I walk away from the position content, knowing that I've accomplished everything I've set out to accomplish with the magazine, and I leave it in the capable hands of whomever Source Interlink deems most appropriate. It's time for me to move on, to find someplace else where I can spend time behind the desk or in the shop-hopefully time I'll be able to spend without it feeling like work. But rest assured, the passion is still there-that is, after all, one of my reasons for moving on. Eating, sleeping, and breathing other people's cars leaves little time for me to pursue my own. My NSX is once again in need of my attention.

Honda Tuning was never a job for me. A thankless pain in the butt? Most of the time. An ulcer waiting to happen? Maybe. But never a job.

By Aaron Bonk
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