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Using A Circular Polarizer & Other Photography Tips From A Pro - Oh Snaps

Rolando Manluctao
Jul 1, 2009
Photographers: Michael Salac, Androo Reyes
Htup_0907_01_z+photography_tips_circular_polarizer+acura_tl_front_view Photo 1/4   |   Using A Circular Polarizer & Other Photography Tips From A Pro - Oh Snaps

Circular Polarizer
You're all set to shoot your buddy's freshly washed and waxed project car. You scouted an ideal location all week, met up with him at the perfect time of day, and your camera is already mounted to your tripod ready for that money shot. After a few snaps, you notice that the car looks great, but the windshield looks like a white sunshade was unfolded and perched on the dash. What did you forget?

Polarizer's have been used for years in outdoor photography. For automotive photographers, this filter is a necessary tool to fight window and paint reflections that can occur at almost any time of day. With a polarizer, the reflections can be cut out of the photo, and a higher degree of contrast is achieved.

In the past, linear polarizer's were the weapon of choice for most film photographers. With the digital SLR revolution in full swing, users should be aware that most linear polarizers will in fact clash with the auto focus and metering programs that the majority of DSLR's currently use. That's where the circular polarizer or "CP filter" comes into play. Very affordable and produced by a number of well known photo equipment suppliers, the CP filter is available for a number of lens sizes and should be one of the first tools an automotive photographer adds to his arsenal.

Just a few of the manufacturers that offer CP filters for your DSLR camera:

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By Rolando Manluctao
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