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Feel's Honda Civic Hatchback Aero Kit - Reachin' Back

Feel's Aero

Dec 1, 2009
Photographer: Henry De Kuyper

If you've been involved with Hondas for more than a few years, the photos on this page probably conjure up memories of the mid nineties. Back when headlight and taillight conversions were in fashion, and custom bodywork (usually Bondo based) was the norm. Civic and Integra bodies were no strangers to Supra and Mustang parts, and two-toned pleather interiors were mandatory. Extreme measures were taken to push the envelope in hopes of standing out from the crowd. And just like the current craze, hard-to-acquire Japanese parts were also in high demand.

Htup_0912_02_o+feels_honda_civic_hatchback_aero_kit+driver_side_rear_view Photo 2/3   |   Feel's Honda Civic Hatchback Aero Kit - Reachin' Back

Feel's Japan has been around since the '80s, and their product list goes deeper than most competitors. But one of the most recognizable creations to come out of the Feel's camp is without a doubt their EK9 full aero kit. One glance at the kit and you can't help but notice the bulging fenders and aggressive slope that did away with the factory lines, and gave the EK an almost cartoon-like appearance. The replacement front bumper with integrated grills managed to stretch the length of the front end considerably, and added gaping hales on either side of the large grill opening. To add some girth to the chassis, oversized fender flares with pronounced, sharp edges were attached to the factory fenders, and left a slot at the rear of the fender just in front of the doors. The rear end received a similar treatment with massive additions that could be bolted or riveted to the rear quarter panels. To help smooth the front to rear transition, side skirts featuring a concave profile connected both sets of flares and essentially pushed the width of the body out a few more inches. A rear diffuser was attached to the factory bumper, while the OEM wing was replaced by a much more aggressive high mount unit. After the initial shock of the kit finally passed, body kit companies were quick to produce replicas. In fact, the Feel's kit proved to be one of the most copied aero kits in Honda history. The knock-offs even found their way to earlier Civic body styles. Love it or hate it, there's no denying that Feel's made a lasting impression with their creation.

Htup_0912_01_o+feels_honda_civic_hatchback_aero_kit+front_passenger_view Photo 3/3   |   Feel's Honda Civic Hatchback Aero Kit - Reachin' Back
2018 Honda Civic
$18,940 Base Model (MSRP) 28/40 MPG Fuel Economy
By Rodrez
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