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Iceman Intake System - Reachin' Back

Knight Engineering's "Iceman"

Mar 2, 2010

Few things in this world progress and change as quickly as they do in the Honda community. What's popular today may end up as nothing more than a bump in the road in the not-too-distant future. Every once in a while, as the ideas come and go, someone produces a product that gets people saying, "why didn't I think of that?"

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While the supernova known as import drag racing was steadily getting hotter, aftermarket performance parts began pouring in. It seemed as though a new company would pop up every month, each promising more performance than the next guy. One of the most competitive components at that time, and even today, was the high flow intake system. It's one of the first modifications that enthusiasts reach for, and carries with it one of the most heated arguments of all time; short ram, or cold-air? Knight Engineering came up with a clever way to offer both.

When the Iceman intake system was introduced well over ten years ago, it carried a few selling points that made it an instant celebrity among Honda owners, especially the ever-growing drag race crowd. Produced using a heat-resistant plastic shell, the Iceman offered the versatility that Civic and Integra owners were in dire need of. As a short ram, the intake mimicked a number of other name brand systems that placed the air filter in the passenger front corner of the bay. Its piping followed the factory route all the way to the throttle body where it tapered slightly to reportedly increase airflow velocity. What separated this kit from the others was its ability to convert to a cold-air intake reasonably quickly. To complete the transformation, the filter was removed, and the included rubber coupler took its place. This coupler could then be used to connect the short ram to an extension piece that fit through the factory air box hole in the chassis, and placed the filter outside of the engine bay. The fact that the Iceman intake system offered consumers the best of both worlds, and was properly engineered so that the extension would actually fit through the factory opening without modification (aka: hacking) made the Iceman an overnight sensation. The marketing revolved around the kit's split personality, which was introduced at the famous Battle of the Imports in Palmdale, CA. Thousands of drag racers and spectators got a first-hand look at a clever design that reigned supreme for a number of years.

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