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1996 Honda Civic - Vanilla Latte

Would You Like A K-Powered CTR With Your Coffee Today?

Joey Lee
Mar 3, 2010

Morgan Jade's 1996 Civic Type R
First off, let's get the proverbial "elephant in the room" out of the way; this real deal, direct from the land of the rising sun, EK9 Civic Type R is owned, built, and driven by someone of the female persuasion.

Htup_1004_01_o+1996_honda_civic+rear_view Photo 2/12   |   1996 Honda Civic - Vanilla Latte

Yes, a girl owns it. The community is so consumed lately with comparisons between the east and west coast, or real parts versus replica parts, that they've forgotten about the age-old gender debate. Either that's a good thing, or the hobby we all love is so male-dominated that it's not really a relevant argument to have. Debate or not, we should all be mature enough to realize that a nice build is a nice build, regardless of whose car it is.

2019 Honda Civic
$21,450 Base Model (MSRP) MPG Fuel Economy

A girl with a fully-built Honda is definitely few and far between, though. So the moment one surfaces on the internet or at a local car meet, all of a sudden every guy thinks they have a chance with her, and the awkward crushes ensue. "Post more pics of driver" is quoted more than once on internet discussion forums and "that's gotta be her man's car" is muttered throughout a crowd of enthusiasts at a public event. It's highly possible that women are probably scared away by these creeps before they even get a chance to wrench on their Hondas!

Htup_1004_02_o+1996_honda_civic+top_shot Photo 3/12   |   1996 Honda Civic - Vanilla Latte

So how is it that a true Japanese EK9 CTR (completely road legal by the way, with papers) ends up on U.S. shores, with a female behind the wheel? "I fell in love with this car the second I laid eyes on it six years ago when my friend Loi Song picked it up," Morgan Jade says. "I was building a U.S.-spec EK at the time and the Civic Type R was everything I was building toward. I knew I had to have it! I begged him to sell it to me before he eventually gave in and gave it to me for a really good price."

Though she had purchased the Civic from her friend, it wasn't until six months later that she had her dream car in her possession. "I was living in NorCal at the time and I had to make time to travel. When I finally found the time to go pick it up, I received some unfortunate news that an old street racing friend of mine had passed away in a motorcycle accident. I was also pregnant at the time with my baby girl and even went into labor during his funeral! Traveling just wasn't going to happen so I had to call a buddy of mine to pick up the CTR for me."

Htup_1004_04_o+1996_honda_civic+logo_view Photo 4/12   |   1996 Honda Civic - Vanilla Latte

It's not everyday that you hear about a Civic Type R owner giving birth. This is definitely a unique situation. Not as unique, but almost as interesting, is the K20Z1 that lies underneath the hood of this Championship White Type R. Honda purists may cry automotive blasphemy at the mere thought of ditching a B16B, but Morgan had her mind set.

"The goal was clear before the car ever came home-K20 or bust," Jade says confidently. "I had an RSX as a daily back in 2002 and I just really loved the K-series. Ever since then, it was all about the K-series for me." Luckily she had a formidable hand by her side when it came time to do the swap. Her friend Loi Song, of Sportcar Motion fame, was (and still is) well-known as being one of the premier builders of everything K-series.

Htup_1004_05_o+1996_honda_civic+arc_shot Photo 5/12   |   1996 Honda Civic - Vanilla Latte

Once she made the decision to move down to San Diego, her build went into motion. Loi and the Sportcar Motion crew helped her locate and assemble the K20Z1 that would eventually find its home inside Jade's CTR. Now the B16B that originally came in the EK9 was definitely no slouch, but the opportunity to be able to swap in a K was just too good to pass up. This motor in particular, would make any B-series lover reconsider. Stock valvetrain was replaced with the latest Skunk2 Pro Series pieces and stock compression is bumped up to 12.5:1 courtesy of CP Forged pistons. The block is further strengthened with a micro-polished and balanced crankshaft and ACL Race bearings. Along with basic bolt-ons like a Skunk2 Mega Power header, exhaust system, and RBC intake manifold, Morgan's engine was able to produce 278whp at Church Automotive.

A true EK9 on U.S. shores is rare enough as it is, so the exterior remains stock other than a set of ARC Magic winglets. The interior however, takes the "less is more" approach. Though Morgan is a proud mother of three wonderful children, you definitely won't find her driving her kids to school in this Civic. She is a lone soldier inside her single Recaro Pole Position seat and the entire interior was gutted before being re-sprayed Honda Championship White. A 12-point chromoly roll cage was custom built by ASC Fabrications and personally painted Formula Red by Morgan herself.

Htup_1004_06_o+1996_honda_civic+rail_shot Photo 6/12   |   1996 Honda Civic - Vanilla Latte

Other than the occasional car show and Starbucks run, track time is definitely in the works. "I love taking this thing to Starbucks. Just being able to wake up in the morning and open the K20 up on the way to my favorite coffee spot is an amazing feeling. It's an escape from all my stresses. Something about the smell of fresh coffee and the raw sound of the exhaust just does it for me"

Her immediate plans with the car are to do some more dyno-testing with different intake manifold setups and then if all goes well, a full season of track time.

Htup_1004_07_o+1996_honda_civic+motor_shot Photo 7/12   |   1996 Honda Civic - Vanilla Latte

"The two most important things to me in my life are my children and my car." Morgan says. "I've had a rough couple of years and being able to build this car has motivated me to do well in life. It's given me determination to be good to my family, move on from the bad times in my life, and have a little fun too."

Bolts & Washers

Hasport EKK2 RHD mounts
Skunk2 Stage 2 camshafts
Portflow 3-angle valve job
Skunk2 Pro Series valve springs
Skunk2 Pro Series retainers
ACL Race bearings
Micro-polished and balanced crankshaft
CP Forged 12.5 pistons
JDM Type R connecting rods
Sportcar Motion custom 3-inch intake
K&N air filter
RBC port-matched intake manifold
BDL 70mm throttle body
Hondata intake manifold gasket
Skunk2 Mega Power exhaust header
Skunk2 Mega Power 75mm exhaust system
Custom test pipe
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
RC Engineering 440cc fuel injectors
BDL fuel rail
Earl's lines & fittings
SX fuel pressure regulator
Y2M3 transmission
Buddy Club shifter box
R-Crew shifter plate
Clutch Power 6-puch clutch
DSS Stage 1 axles

Htup_1004_10_o+1996_honda_civic+rims_shot Photo 8/12   |   1996 Honda Civic - Vanilla Latte

JIC FLT-A2 coilovers
Cusco anti-roll bar
Cusco bushings
Skunk2 Pro Series alignment kit
JIC lower tie bar

Project Mu brake rotors
Hawk HP brake pads
Goodrich stainless steel brakelines

Rims & Rubber
16x7 Work Emotion CR-Kai (+42 offset)
225/40-16 Toyo R888

Htup_1004_11_o+1996_honda_civic+trunk_shot Photo 9/12   |   1996 Honda Civic - Vanilla Latte

ARC Magic front splitter

ASC Fabrications custom chromoly
12-point roll cage (H1 legal)
Stripped and repainted OEM
Championship White interior
Recaro Pole Position seat
Takata 4-point safety harness
Momo Monte Carlo steering wheel
Circuit Hero shift knob
Custom Sportcar Motion block-off plate
& battery shut-off
Hondata K-Pro ECU
Rywire plug & play engine harness

My Mom, Soleil, Kai Kai, Ghavyn, My Dad, Mari "Samantha" Mucio, My BFF Loi Song, Sportcar Motion, Team Pacman, My love Marouj, "Princess" Art, Nick at BDL, "Stunna" Ben Howard, Aphisith (Abe) Tgupsouvan R.I.P,John, Jay, JC, The TRIP Family, Randy aka "Uncle Rico",,,,Joey from

Htup_1004_15_o+1996_honda_civic+rear_view Photo 10/12   |   1996 Honda Civic - Vanilla Latte

Owner Specs

Favorite website and

Screen name or nickname
"I am Jade"

Building Hondas for how long
10 years

Htup_1004_17_o+1996_honda_civic+recaro_racing_seats Photo 11/12   |   1996 Honda Civic - Vanilla Latte

Your dream car
I own it!

Build inspiration
Everyone who doubted my ability to build cars and succeeding on my own! My Dad for teaching me about cars at a very young age

What's playing in your iPod/CD MP3 player right now
Deftones White Pony album

Greatest movie of all time
Point Break, R.I.P Patrick Swayze!

Keeping It In The Family
Morgan may be a pretty badass chick who owns a CTR and who is a proud mother, but her strong family values may also be represented in her loyalty to the Honda brand. She's no noobie off the block who knows nothing about cars. Morgan has been a part of the Honda community for years now and has personally owned more than her fair share of Hondas-12 to be exact. She was building a U.S. spec EK before she started her CTR build and that was just one of eight Honda Civics that she has owned in her lifetime. She's also had two Integras, an RSX that fueled her love for the K-series, and an Acura TSX that she used to use as a daily commuter. Now that's love!

Htup_1004_30_o+1996_honda_civic+steering_wheel Photo 12/12   |   1996 Honda Civic - Vanilla Latte


Skunk2 Racing
Norco, CA 92860
HASport Performance
Phoenix, AZ 85040
Takata Racing Products
Greensboro, NC 27408
Alhambra, CA 91803
Sportcar Motion
San Marcos, CA
By Joey Lee
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