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1994 Civic DX, 1993 Civic Sedan And More - Honda Tuning Grassroots

Show Off Your Build! Finished Or Not

Sep 13, 2010

We'll Make You Famous
Want to get your car in Honda Tuning's Grassroots? Email your photography to: Be sure to submit high-resolution images sized to a minimum of 4x4 inches at 300 dpi-low-res snapshots, links to photo storage accounts or websites, watermarked images, and blurry 3x5 prints cannot be accepted. All submissions must be accompanied by a complete modifications list as well as your contact information, including your name, phone number, and email address.

Owner: Jeffrey K
Car: First generation FIT
Mods: HKS turbo kit, intake, blow-off valve, F-Con, Twin Power ignition, turbo timer, Blitz throttle controller, Buddy Club Racing condenser, hose sensor adapter, racing spec radiator cap, Mugen oil cap, T1R Billion radiator hose set, reservoir cover, engine hood damper, UR pulley, Fujitsubo exhaust, Buddy club coilovers, T1R lower arm brace, Mugen shock tower bar, Brembo rotors, Buddy Club 16-inch P1 racing SF, Mugen wing, diffuser, Mugen style front lip, and rear lip
Our opinion: Jeffrey's Fit has some quality upgrades and more mods than the average Fit. It's a great start to a well-rounded build.

Htup_1009_01_z+honda_tuning_grassroots+first_gen_fit Photo 2/4   |   1994 Civic DX, 1993 Civic Sedan And More - Honda Tuning Grassroots

Owner: Chris Smith
Car: '94 Civic DX
Mods: H22 swap with power steering and A/C, Innovative mounts, D2 coilovers, Personal steering wheel, JDM audio console, GSR seats, JDM climate control, JDM gauge cluster, Stanley corner lights, 11-inch redrilled '98 Prelude front brakes, GSR rear disc, GSR anti-sway bars, Blox lower control arms, ASR rear sub-frame brace, custom lower tie bar, Nippon polished wheels
Our opinion: It's nice to see some H-swaps coming out lately. It's an excellent motor that's lived in the shadow of the B series for years, and finally people are realizing what a great swap it really is.

Htup_1009_02_z+honda_tuning_grassroots+93_civic_DX Photo 3/4   |   1994 Civic DX, 1993 Civic Sedan And More - Honda Tuning Grassroots

Owner: Charlie
Car: '93 Civic Sedan
Mods: '94 LS motor swap, JDM: headlights, corner lights, sidemarkers, 4WD rear mudguards, fot lights, 8K Hids, SiR front and rear interior swap, Ferio gauge cluster, SiR trunk and wing, ITR rear sway bar, Koni/Ground control extended top hats, EGR rear visor, NRG quick release combo with Personal steering wheel
Our opinion: You don't see enough clean four door Civics floating around. Charlie has done a really good job of making his sedan stand out without doing too much.

Htup_1009_03_z+honda_tuning_grassroots+93_civic_sedan Photo 4/4   |   1994 Civic DX, 1993 Civic Sedan And More - Honda Tuning Grassroots



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