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1993 Honda Civic SiR II - Trail Blazer

This EG Is The Wild Child Of The Beaver State

Joey Lee
Sep 27, 2010
Photographers: Pat Lauder, Carlos Perales Of Quickworks Photo

Gary Rayevich's 1993 Civic Sir II
The state of Oregon, for the most part, is but a micro-blip on the radar that is the import automotive community. There are plenty of nice builds out in the Beaver state, but the majority of the country just hasn't heard of them. Directly to the south is what many would consider to be the Mecca of our community; California. Cars and, more specifically, Hondas, are often spotlighted because the competition is heavy, and people are always looking to set a new standard. Everything that you'd expect in an award-winning, magazine-worthy build can be found in Cali. To the north of Oregon is the state of Washington. While it's not that popular, various media outlets, including the internet, have made it possible for us to get a first-hand look at some of their great builds. A number of enthusiasts have even landed on the pages (and even the cover) of Honda Tuning.

Htup_1010_01_o+1993_civic_sir_ii+driver_side_rear_view Photo 2/11   |   1993 Honda Civic SiR II - Trail Blazer

Oregon is sandwiched somewhere in between these two regions, and as a result, is living in their shadows. It's like the hamburger your mouth is watering for; when you open the wrapper, you don't see the meat. Not to say that the meat isn't good, people have bitten just far enough to taste it. The state is known for college football, an up-and-coming NBA franchise, and an old computer game that is ingrained in our generation's memory-and no, we still haven't been able to figure out how to get that deer meat across the river without our wagon sinking. Oregonians just aren't known for their Hondas. Sometimes, it just takes one car to get an entire state noticed. Like its sister state of Washington, Oregon needs its very own Steve Kwan (See July, 2009 issue). They need a build that will put them on the map so to speak. The Civic you see on these very pages might just be that build.

2019 Honda Civic
$21,450 Base Model (MSRP) MPG Fuel Economy

The owner, Gary Rayevich, could be the man who blazes the trail for other Oregon-based Honda owners. Not only is he the primary dyno-operator at one of Oregon's premier shops, Portland Speed Industries, he's been around cars practically his whole life. "I've been in the automotive industry since I was really young," Gary says. "My family was always into racing, and I began helping them out at 14. I've worked on everything from tractor pullers, to trucks, to fully-built American muscle cars. You name it; I've probably messed with it before. I got into imports when I turned 18 and I haven't looked back since."

Htup_1010_02_o+1993_civic_sir_ii+passenger_side_front_view Photo 3/11   |   1993 Honda Civic SiR II - Trail Blazer

This real deal, Civic SiR II is actually his second Honda. The first was near identical to this hatchback aesthetically, with the only difference being that the steering wheel was on the left side. "I purchased the first chassis from a dealership in Hillsboro. It was still a virgin at the time other than some 17-inch wheels and a strut bar. I just did minor things to it here and there like window tint and suspension, but then I got hooked. I gutted the interior and then swapped in the B16A that's still in my current Civic."

"When I found out that Speed Concept had a real Japanese Civic SiR II shell for sale, I knew I had to have it. There was nothing wrong with the Civic that I had (other than age), I just wanted to be different. There aren't too many right-hand drive Hondas floating around in my town," Gary explains. "It took me eight months to gut the shell completely and have the entire chassis stitch-welded. After that, I had it prepped and painted, and then I basically just swapped everything over."

Htup_1010_03_o+1993_civic_sir_ii+perrin_air_filter Photo 4/11   |   1993 Honda Civic SiR II - Trail Blazer

What Gary means when he says "everything" is basically his fully-built B16A. The exterior was relatively stock, other than a BYS wing and Spoon side mirrors, so the transition was simple. Where this build shines though is under the hood and behind the ARC front-mount intercooler. The B16A is built to survive the rigors of forced induction. In fact, the motor sees so many extensive internal upgrades that it may almost be overkill for the GReddy turbo kit. The fuel upgrades and ignition setup indicate that this SiR II is ready for so much more. "Oh I've got big plans for this car. I fully intend to track it, and I put my current boost setup in just to keep the car running. The 18g turbo will be off the car soon so I can put in my GT3582R. I'm also going to run a Lovefab turbo manifold, downpipe, and a larger TiAL wastegate. Working at a shop has its advantages. Once I have everything in place I can just have P.S.I fab-up all the intercooler piping and custom exhaust."

Htup_1010_06_o+1993_civic_sir_ii+b16a_engine Photo 5/11   |   1993 Honda Civic SiR II - Trail Blazer

The interior is also race-ready. As mentioned earlier, Gary had the entire chassis stitch-welded before he put the car back together. He also had a custom aluminum center console made along with aluminum floor plates. The rest of the interior is completely stripped other than a pair of Bride Maxis seats, Takata Harness, and an alcantara-wrapped dashboard. The green of the Takata safety harness is a central-theme of Gary's build. He had the Cusco six-point cage, custom x-brace, and door bars all powdercoated to match the green hue and the Takata green even translates over to the sixteen-inch Volk TE37s. The bright green serves as an excellent contrast to the simplistic white tone that encompasses the entire EG body.

Sitting behind the green wheels are completely unmolested OEM brakes with a Stoptech big brake kit on its way. JIC FLT-A2 coilovers provide all the stability Rayevich will need on track, and a Password:JDM front and rear shock tower brace further stiffens the RHD chassis. A Password:JDM rear lateral bar has also been coated the same green as the cage and wheels.

Htup_1010_05_o+1993_civic_sir_ii+driver Photo 6/11   |   1993 Honda Civic SiR II - Trail Blazer

Gary Rayevich has created a project that transcends geographic location. Even though he's still looking to add more, so far he's on the right track. The sharp contrast of the green on white, a fully-built and boosted motor, and all the custom fabrication work is just enough to grab your attention. With a head full of ideas, you can bet that Gary will be turning even more heads in the very near future.

Bolts & Washers

Htup_1010_09_o+1993_civic_sir_ii+bride_seats Photo 10/11   |   1993 Honda Civic SiR II - Trail Blazer

Hasport engine mounts
Skunk2 Pro Series camshafts
3-angle valve job
Buddy Club P1 Racing valves
Buddy Club P1 Racing valve springs
Buddy Club P1 Racing titanium retainers
Darton dry sleeves
JE pistons
JE piston rings
Eagle H Beam connecting rods
Skunk2 Pro Series intake manifold
Skunk2 Pro Series 68mm throttle body
GReddy 18G turbocharger
GReddy intake piping
GReddy turbo manifold
GReddy downpipe
GReddy wastegate
Perrin "Open Cell" foam cone air filter
ARC intercooler
TurboXS RFL blow-off valve
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
RC 750cc fuel injectors
Skunk2 Pro Series Composite fuel rail
Russell braided fuel lines and -AN fittings
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
Denso spark plugs
MSD 8.5mm spark plug wires
MSD Blaster 2 ignition
Fluidyne full-size Integra radiator
Samco Sport hoses
Y80 transmission
Fast Line Performance Road Race shifter
Exedy Stage 2 clutch
Exedy lightened flywheel
Quaife limited-slip differential
Polyurethane shifter bushings

JIC FLT-A2 coilovers
Password:JDM 3-point front shock tower bar
Password:JDM 4-point rear shock tower bar
Password:JDM rear lateral bar
Buddy Club alignment kit


Wheels & Tires
16x7 Volk Racing TE37 (+35 offset)
Takata Green wheel finish
205/40-16 Falken RT615

Htup_1010_10_o+1993_civic_sir_ii+steering_wheel Photo 11/11   |   1993 Honda Civic SiR II - Trail Blazer

Backyard Special rear wing
Spoon Sports side mirrors

Custom stitch-welded chassis
Cusco 6-point roll cage
Custom X bar
Custom harness bar
Custom door bars
Bride Maxis 3 Low Max seats
Alcantara-wrapped dashboard w/red stitching
Takata 4-point safety harness
Sparco 95mm steering wheel
Sparco quick release
NRG short hub
NISMO shift knob
Custom aluminum floor plates
Custom aluminum center console

GReddy boost controller
GReddy oil pressure gauge
GReddy EGT gauge
GReddy boost gauge
AEM data logger
Custom switches for fuel pump, fan, and ignition

Jason Oefelein, Erick Sackhoff, and the staff from Portland Speed Industries
Tony Kim, Dan Lau, and Nick Berlin from Speed Concept
Stephen Do, Shane Ascunion, and everyone else from Project Tuners
My grandma and grandpa
Patrick Lauder
Carlos Perales

Owner Specs

Favorite website

Screen name or nickname

Building Hondas for how long 4 years

Your dream car
'71 Nissan Skyline or JZX100 Chaser

Build inspiration

What's playing in your iPod/CD/MP3 player right now
Immortal Combat

Greatest movie of all time
Trailer Park Boys

A Mixed Bag
Gary Rayevich is definitely a true import automotive aficionado. While working at Portland Speed Industries, he's picked up on quite a few parts from other makes and models that fit his car. The first and most obvious would be the ARC intercooler. Rayevich adapted a larger core unit to work with his Civic and it looks like it was meant for his turbo kit. He also has a Perrin "Open Cell" foam air filter bolted up to his intake pipe. While Perrin states that the filter could be for universal applications, it is originally meant to be a direct replacement for an intake system they make for the Lancer Evolution VIII and IX. A company like Perrin specializes in Subarus and Mitubisihis and their target demographic definitely isn't the Honda/Acura crowd. The last crossover mod you may have already noticed from reading his spec list is the Nismo shift knob. The knob itself is simple enough that no one would ever notice that it was a Nismo part, but with all the available shift knobs out there, why a Nissan piece? "Oh, the Nismo shift knob is on there because I also have an '89 Nissan 240SX that I use as a daily and weekend drift car. I'm in that car so often that I just got used to the way the shift knob felt," Gary explains.


Skunk2 Racing
Norco, CA 92860
GReddy Performance Products
Irvine, CA 92618
Takata Racing Products
Greensboro, NC 27408
By Joey Lee
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