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Don't Believe The Hype - Spotlight

They want you to believe Hondas are lame

Matt “Rodrez” Rodriguez
Dec 13, 2010
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They want you to believe Hondas are lame
With clever phrases attached to comedic photos, they preach about how Hondas are at the bottom of the performance food chain. No torque, no power, they're a waste of time and money. Don't believe them. Every track day invaded by a well-built Honda ends up surprising more than a few people who had no idea Hondas could perform on so well. The reason they doubt their ability is because they've been revved on and challenged by every bone-stock automatic Civic with a huge muffler and cut springs within a fifty mile radius, and they were never impressed. How quickly they forget that the cheap little Hondas that we build are what helped push this industry through its initial stages and are the very reason they have so many 'hot hatch' options at their local dealership. Oh, and if you're the guy in the automatic Civic with just a big shiny muffler, do us all a favor and stop revving on V8s. You're an embarrassment.

Htup_1101_01+dont_believe_the_hype+profile Photo 2/2   |   Don't Believe The Hype - Spotlight

They want you to believe you should change your car...
You can't post a picture of your car online anywhere without 47 experts jumping in to tell you your wing isn't angled correctly, your mirrors don't flow, or that your bay isn't empty enough. Also, you don't have enough Mugen or Spoon parts, and your intake manifold is going to ruin your motor because it wasn't made in Japan. Don't believe them. If you really did build your car for yourself, and it's running strong, then you did it right; and I'm saying that without ever taking a glance at your car. There's no set of rules to all of this, that's what used to make it fun, remember?

They want you to believe your car needs to be a hardcore track car...
Some guys love to track their cars, some don't. Some have the time and money to get out there every single weekend, and that's commendable. Some guys have a job, family, and everything else that comes with being an adult, including the deterioration of every ounce of free time. And others have absolutely no interest in ever tracking their cars. They say that if you don't track your Honda, it's just a waste. Don't believe them. They don't know how many hours you put into your car, how many boring Top Ramen meals you suffered through in order to get that shiny new upgrade, or how big the grin on your face is every time you smash the throttle and your pride and joy gives you a VTEC-enhanced high-five. On a side note, if you don't plan to track your car, don't brag about how you're planning to turn it into a full race car. Be proud of what you've built.

They want you to believe your forward thinking will never work...
Going against the grain is always a gamble. There's a wave of doubt and ridicule just itching to come crashing down on you, and any thoughts you might have about doing something that isn't already certified as acceptable. They're absolutely positive you're wasting your time and efforts. Don't believe them. If everyone thought that way, we'd have no K series swaps, no V6 swaps, no boosted Hondas. You'll never know until you give it a shot.

They want you to believe they were the first to do it...
Custom coated engine bay and suspension parts, wild modified exhaust routing, even OEM color codes applied to different makes and models; whatever it is you do to stand out, they're waiting to burst your bubble and remind you that they did it first. Don't believe them. Everything goes in cycles, and it's almost guaranteed that anything we're doing today, especially when dealing with paint hues, has been done already. It may not show up on every forum on the web, but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened. Of course, I did say "almost guaranteed." That means there's always room for something ground-breaking and maybe you'll be the guy to do it. Refer to the last comment about forward thinkers.

They want you to believe their region is superior to yours...
You hear that their coast is the best, that their state trumps yours, or that they are above everyone else because their cars are driven more often. Don't believe them. There are show cars built in every corner of the nation that see little to no actual road time, just as there are hardcore track cars assembled in small towns all over the map. It's foolish to think that an area code will determine whether or not you build a car for track, show, or just to enjoy on the street. Rappers used to get shot over what part of the country was better. It was pointless then, and it's pointless now. Building a quality car has nothing to do with geography.

This wakeup call brought to you by painful truth and grim reality.

On a side note
The issue you're holding concludes the 2010 schedule for Honda Tuning. Once again, thank you very much to everyone who has supported the magazine this year, especially to the subscribers, and the fans who search high and low every month to find us on the newsstand. As usual, HT will be gone for the rest of the year, but we'll be back in mid to late January 2011, so keep an eye out. Also, you can keep an eye on things through the Honda Tuning Facebook page, so join us there, and don't forget about See you next year!

By Matt “Rodrez” Rodriguez
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