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1992 Honda Civic - Triple Threat

K24-Powered International Sensation Tears up the Street, Circuit, and Dragstrip

Joey Lee
May 31, 2011

In all honesty, it would be a little too easy to steer this story’s focus in a direction based purely on the Civic’s geographic location. Yes, it is from Australia, and while that is impressive in itself, it most certainly isn’t the main draw of this build. We can throw all the Australian clichs at you; even title this story Thunder from Down Under or something to that degree then call it a day, but that would just take away from the car. Instead, we’ll dissect this build in an attempt to show you just how multifaceted this custom Battleship Grey hatchback truly is. At a glance, this Civic is a beautifully executed show and street vehicle. Assembled by Yonas Liu and the JDMyard crew, it has all the popular aesthetic details of the day. The Honda community has shifted towards the track look. This preferred look enthusiasts are after revolves around show cars being fitted with all the functional track performance parts, whether they are actually used for function or not. The difference between Liu’s Civic and other track-prepped show cars is that his actually performs. Dubbed the EGK24A, Liu’s ’92 hatch sees regular duty as a track car. In fact, Liu runs regularly at Wakefield Raceway, one of Australia’s premier circuits, and produces some very respectable lap times.

Htup 1106 01+triple threat 1992 honda civic+cover.JPG Photo 2/10   |   1992 Honda Civic - Triple Threat

What’s even more impressive than Liu’s 1.64-sec 60-foot time is the fact that his once ZC-powered hatchback runs consistent 11-second passes without the use of forced induction, and a stock K24 bottom end. I really wanted to see what the K24 engine was capable of, Yonas says. I intentionally left the bottom end stock so I could extract as much as I could out of it. I did a similar test with the (cylinder) head before I decided to upgrade to the Buddy Club camshafts. Liu set out to make power the old-fashioned waymore air, more fuel, and very few restrictions. With the valvetrain upgraded, he opted to improve airflow by utilizing a larger intake manifold. He wasn’t very happy with the aftermarket options that were available to him at the time, so he designed his own, based off the K20 PRB manifold. Responsible for bringing air into the custom intake manifold is an 80mm Wilson Manifolds throttle body. The exhaust side is enhanced with a custom JDMyard 4-2-1 header, connected to a 3-inch exhaust system that can easily be swapped out for a Burns stainless megaphonewhen he decides to travel down the 1320. There’s nothing special or unique about the fuel system, it’s tried and true in that there is just plenty more of it at Liu’s disposal, courtesy of a Walbro 255-lph fuel pump and Aeromotive regulator. The overall motor setup may be simple, but it’s efficient enough to squeeze out 245 horsepower to the wheels.

Htup 1106 02+triple threat 1992 honda civic+front view Photo 3/10   |   1992 Honda Civic - Triple Threat

Weight reduction is a contributing factor in making this chassis a potent circuit and drag race vehicle. No sheetmetal has been cut, so the body remains perfectly intact, but all unnecessary amenities have been removed to lighten the load. Radio, sound-deadening, carpet, and all other miscellaneous items served as fat that needed to be trimmed during the Civic’s diet. The only original remains of the cabin are the dashboard skin and some bolts to hold it in place. The OEM seats have been replaced with lighter Bride Zeta III units, and a Nardi steering wheel was installed to improve driver position. The chassis has been stripped of all bumper supports, even the sway bars have been removed. The engine bay is straight to the point, with only the essentials necessary to keep the motor running.

Htup 1106 03+triple threat 1992 honda civic+side view Photo 4/10   |   Few cars perform as well as Liu’s on both the road course and the dragstrip, all the while looking this good.

Since this Civic also served as a demo vehicle for Liu’s shop, JDMyard, he wanted the exterior to be easily recognizable. The original blue hue just wasn’t cutting it so he elected to redo the entire body, inside and out, in his own custom mix of grey. They say that a car’s build is a reflection of its owner, and this holds true in Liu’s case as well. His Civic is multifaceted and so is he. Not only does he build motors, he also taught himself how to prep and paint an entire car. He even managed to construct his own paint booth. There was no other place for Yonas to paint his car, so he temporarily converted his carport space at his apartment complex and painted his Civic there. This was no small operation. He had drop sheets to act as walls, sealed them properly, and even had fans to ventilate the small space. Complaints from neighbors were an issue, but the end result was more than worth the trouble.

Htup 1106 05+triple threat 1992 honda civic+engine bay Photo 5/10   |   The straight K24 is almost overshadowed by the JDM Yard custom intake manifold that features an 80mm Wilson throttle body.

The paint finish and overall stance is what evidently made it such an international Internet sensation. Pictures began to surface on Honda forums all over the world and people were instantly drawn to the ever-popular Battleship Grey tone and aggressive sizing of the 15-inch 949 Racing wheels. It’s not every day that a build pops up like this and is so unique that it touches every aspect of the tuning community. We often get asked what it takes to be deserving of a feature in Honda Tuning and our answer has always been the same: we search for groundbreaking, well-rounded builds. Liu’s Civic is the epitome of a well-built, multi-purpose Honda that touches on every characteristic that our community strives for. Above all, the owner has all of the knowledge and drive to constantly take this project to the next level.

Htup 1106 06+triple threat 1992 honda civic+catch can Photo 6/10   |   1992 Honda Civic - Triple Threat

What’s even more impressive than Liu’s 1.64-sec 60-foot time is the fact that his once ZC-powered hatchback runs consistent 11-second passes without the any use of forced induction, and a stock K24 bottom end.

Htup 1106 09+triple threat 1992 honda civic+full car Photo 7/10   |   1992 Honda Civic - Triple Threat

Bolts & Washers

Hasport EGK1 engine mounts
Buddy Club N+ camshafts
Buddy Club dual valvesprings
Buddy Club titanium valve retainers
K20A 50-degree VTC
JDMyard custom intake manifold
Wilson Manifolds 80mm throttle body
Ford calibrated TPS
K&N air filter
JDMyard custom 4-2-1 exhaust header
Custom 3-inch exhaust
Metal catalytic converter
Walbro 255-lph GSS342 fuel pump
Golden Eagle fuel rail
Earl’s fuel lines and fittings
Earl’s fuel filter
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
NGK Iridium iX spark plugs
Koyo half-sized radiator
Mugen fan switch
JDM Y2M3 6-speed transmission w/ LSD
JDMyard lightened flywheel
4.7 final drive
R Crew K-swap shifter box
Exedy 3-puck race clutch kit
JDM EP3 Type R flywheel
DC5 Type R driveshafts
DC5 Type R midshaft
A/C deleted
P/S deleted
Complete engine wiring harness tuck

Tein Super Racing coilovers
DC2R OEM front and rear antiroll bars (removed for drag racing)
Assorted Mugen suspension bushings
Assorted Spoon suspension bushings
Buddy Club rear camber kit
Skunk2 front camber kit
Skunk2 front cBenen Industries 3-point strut bar
ASR subframe brace
Function7 rear lower control armamber kit

282mm slotted front brake rotors
262mm slotted rear brake rotors
Project My HC+ front brake pads
NSX front brake calipers
DC2 rear brake calipers
APP brake lines
DC2R brake master cylinder
DC2R brake booster

Wheels & Tires
15x9 949 Racing 6UL (+36 offset) front
15x8 949 Racing 6UL (+36 offset) rear
225/50-15 Yokohama A048

J’s Racing front lip
Livesports rear wing
Vision Technica Type DC side mirrors
Vision Technica smoked amber corner lenses

Bride Zeta III seats
Bride seat rails
Bride reupholstered door trim
Nardi Deep Corn 350mm steering wheel
HKB 80mm steering boss kit
Mugen shift knob
OEM Honda radio block-off plate
Bonds 5-point bolt-on half cage

Hondata K-Pro
Defi tachometer
Defi Link Display
Defi Link Control Unit II

JDMyard, Top One Automotive, Westside Mufflers, Pulse Racing, Beau, Zico, Philip Nguyen Photography, Jason MJ Digital, Matt Mead

Owner Specs

Favorite Website
Screen Name or Nickname
Building Hondas for How Long
10 years
Your Dream Car
Mercedes C63 AMG
Build Inspiration
Current Stable
2009 Honda Jazz
What’s Playing In Your iPod/CD/ MP3 Player Right Now
Pop and R&B
Greatest movie of all time
The A-Team

JDMyard is one of Australia’s premier Japanese tuning parts suppliers. They have cemented their reputation down under over the years and are known to be one of the fastest and most reliable importers of Japanese goods. Certain parts are sometimes hard to source on the other side of the world, but they help to bridge the gap between Australia, Japan, and even the U.S. They carry everything from Spoon Sports and other popular Japanese companies, to American products like Skunk2 and Hasport, and even custom engine harnesses from our very own Exhaust Notes Honda expert, Ryan Basseri of fame. Check out their website at


Buddy Club
Hasport Performance
949 Racing


Buddy Club USA
Ontario, CA 91761
HASport Performance
Phoenix, AZ 85040
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