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1992 Honda Civic - True Die-Hard

From the streets to the red carpet, here’s one enthusiast that refused to quit

Big Mike
Jun 14, 2011
Photographer: Rodrez

Old habits die hard. As clich as that saying seems, it exists for good reason. There comes a time in every man’s life when the need for change presents itself. However, once a habit and an automated routine that goes right along with it have been established, the ability to stop and change is no easy task. You may find comfort in the familiarity of it all; the repetition of the routine becomes almost second nature, so much so that breaking the habit becomes increasingly difficult. On the bright side, some people do realize when it’s time for a change. Some overcome their habits after they finally see that the path they are on is leading absolutely nowhere. Abraham Ceja, of Arleta, CA, just so happens to be one of these individuals.

Htup 1106 01+true dir hard 1992 honda civic+cover.JPG Photo 2/10   |   1992 Honda Civic - True Die-Hard

Born and raised in Southern California, Abraham was surrounded by car culture ever since he was a child. As a kid, I would hardly hang around with kids my own age. I would always chill with my cousins and their friends who were about 10 years older than me. One of his cousins was in a lowrider car club and that style became deeply rooted within Abraham, and at the tender age of 10, he started attending car shows. The outside influences finally manifested themselves with Abraham, and he began modifying lowrider bikes all the way until he began high school. But it was somewhere around his sophomore year that he found himself highly interested in the booming import community. He started working on cars with his friends, and not long after decided that he needed to save up a little money to get a car of his own.

Htup 1106 02+true dir hard 1992 honda civic+front end.JPG Photo 3/10   |   1992 Honda Civic - True Die-Hard
2019 Honda Civic
$21,450 Base Model (MSRP) MPG Fuel Economy

As time went on, Abraham saved up enough cash to pick up his first car: an EH hatchback. Just as he did with the lowrider bikes, the modifications to his new toy began almost immediately. Like so many other SoCal enthusiasts during that era, he began to get heavily involved with the street racing crowd. It was this illegal habit that would shape Abraham’s life for years to come. He’d become so engrossed in street racing that he lost interest in school, and eventually stopped going. It was his passion and his life, and he worked various jobs to fund the uncontrollable habit. Even after losing his license due to multiple tickets, Abraham continued on the path that he’d created for himself. In retrospect, it’s safe to assume that he would have made a change in his life at this point, especially after the negative effects of his lifestyle had become so real and tangible. But when you’re young and focused on something to the point of pure obsession, you rarely think or care about anyone or anything else. Your only thoughts are about youself and what you want to do. All of that began to change when Abraham met the woman who would become his wife and the mother of their child.

Htup 1106 08+true dir hard 1992 honda civic+hood.JPG Photo 4/10   |   To truly set himself apart from the massive ’92-’95 Civic movement, Ceja had a custom Hannya mask airbrushed onto the Seibon hood.

Up until this point in his life, the car world was clearly number one. But as Abraham spent more time with his soon-to-be wife, things began to change; and change for the better. He got a new job and the two moved in together. A couple of years went by; and as their relationship grew, Abraham’s focus on the street racing activities faded away. During this time he even managed to get his license back. On top of all of that, the biggest joy came when the two found out that they were going to have a child together. Things were really going well for the two of them. Unfortunately, the bliss didn’t last too much longer. There were some bumps in the road for the couple and Abraham searched for solace from his problems in the car scene, and this time, things were going to be different.

Htup 1106 06+true dir hard 1992 honda civic+engine bay.JPG Photo 5/10   |   The B16B is equipped with only the finest, including Toda individual throttle bodies and Spec B cams.

Abraham had grown up and begun to learn from his past mistakes, so he made some decisions for the better this time around. Not wanting to lose his wife, and with his son in mind, Abraham made a choice to put aside his die-hard passion for cars and focus on what was most importantbeing a father to his son. During this time, a subtle yet profound thought came to him that would lead to the creation of the hatch you see before you. Rather than build a car for himself, he decided to build a car for his son. This new train of thought grew and developed, as did the chassis he was building. His good friend asked him if he wanted to be part of the INFINIT crew, and Abraham agreed. Rather than building another car for the street races just as he had done previously, he decided this time he would build a showstopper.

Htup 1106 07+true dir hard 1992 honda civic+intake.JPG Photo 6/10   |   1992 Honda Civic - True Die-Hard

With the help and input of his wife and son on various aspects of the build, the car was pieced together and debuted in 2009. With as much passion and dedication as Abraham has, it was only a matter of time before his hard work was recognized by otherseventually winning 2nd Place in the Best Honda category at the prestigious Spocom car show. It wasn’t too long ago that Abraham said he should build a car for my son so that when he gets older, he’ll know what I was like before he was around. Mission accomplished. The three of them continue to build the car together even to this day. Abraham’s son, now three and a half years old, is destined to follow in his father’s die-hard steps.

Htup 1106 09+true dir hard 1992 honda civic+strut supports.JPG Photo 7/10   |   1992 Honda Civic - True Die-Hard

Owner Specs

Favorite Website
Screen Name or Nickname
Building Hondas For How Long
10 years
Your Dream Car
’68 Pontiac GTO
Build Inspiration
My son
Current Stable
’93 SiR II, ’05 Ford F350 dually
What’s Playing In Your iPod/CD/MP3 Player Right Now
Too Short
Greatest Movie Of All Time
The Little Rascals

Bolts & Washers

B16B engine
Toda 45mm ITBs
Toda Spec B camshafts
Crower valves
Crower valvesprings
Crower retainers
RMF header
JDM EG6 catalytic converter
Spoon exhaust street version
Innovative motor mounts
Mugen oil cap
Koyo radiator
JHPusa hose kit
Toda fuel rail
Earl’s fuel filter
RC 550cc injectors
Sard fuel pressure regulator
Walbro 255-lph fuel pump
HKS spark plugs
NGK spark plug wires
C’s short shifter
Toda flywheel
ACT clutch

Civic Type R 5-lug suspension
D2 coilovers
Skunk2 front and rear camber kits
Chrome-dipped Carbing 3-point strut bar
ASR rear brace
Beaks lower tie-bar
Function 7 rear LCAs
ASR sway bar

OEM Civic Type R

Wheels & Tires
SSR EXC Mesh with 24K gold-plated bolts
15x7.5 (-5mm offset) front
15x8 (-9mm offset) rear
Yokohama Parada 175/50-15

Honda Ridgeline Dark Cherry Pearl
Custom airbrushed Seibon carbon-fiber hood
BYS carbon-fiber front lip
Seibon carbon-fiber rear wing
Seibon carbon-fiber hatch
Carbon-fiber roof cap
JDM Stanley headlights, corners, foglights, side markers, taillights
JDM EG6 bronze glass all around
JDM EG6 window visors
JDM EG6 power folding mirrors
New OEM weatherstripping, moldings, mud guards

Recaro Speed front seats
SiR rear interior with long armrest
Nardi black suede with red-stitching steering wheel
Boss hub

JDM Pioneer Carrozzeria double DIN head unit and speakers
Custom 2-way pager alarm

My wife, Laury; my son Abraham III; Mark; Mom; Dad; and sisters
Jose Rivas & Luis Rodriguez for helping on body and paint
Anthony & Danny @
Steve @
Red @
Bubba & Anthony (Baby Boy) @ Do it Dyno
Mikey @
Riche @ Riche Werks Electronics
Jimmy @ Fat Cat Graphics
Frank @ Boltboys/
Coco @ Super Tuning Performance Exhaust
Joey @ (The Chronicles)
Antonio @
Arnel Low Offset King (Spanky)
Pablo Rodriguez (Cholko)
Phase2 Crew

Being a collector of old-school Japanese wheels and parts, Southern California native Anthony Do decided in September of 2008 that he wanted to help other enthusiasts locate highly sought-after overseas goods. Using his passion and savvy, a new business was born. Initially a side gig, the amount of interest that came as a result was almost overwhelming, and Anthony decided that he needed a partner. Chance led him to a young man named Danny, and after realizing the amount of knowledge and enthusiasm he had, the two teamed up together to give birth to Beyond offering tough-to-source rollers, the team can also repair, refinish, and rebarrel wheels to custom specs. The possibilities are, well, infinite.

With as much passion and dedication as Abraham has, it was only a matter of time before his hard work was recognized by otherseventually winning 2nd Place in the Best Honda category at the prestigious Spocom car show.

Toda USA

By Big Mike
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