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1994 Acura Integra GS-R - Hands-On Approach

The race car driver who’s the owner who’s the mechanic.

Aaron Bonk
Aug 30, 2011

“At every single race, I learn something new. I’m not just some driver who hops into the car and expects everyone else to figure out how to make it go faster,” Central California club racer Krishneel Chand says as he manages to acutely disconnect himself from his opposition. Krishneel whetted his Honda appetite while in high school, taking on an after-school job as he set aside money for his first car—an Integra that did little to keep him away from the street races and out of trouble. Illicit late-night antics and a knack for getting caught one too many times paved the way for a forgotten-about Integra and an altogether different sort of daily driver, this time a full-size truck. Despite his selling his Integra, drag racing still managed to capture Krishneel’s attention, so much so that by the end of high school he’d managed to assemble yet another Honda, this time a 10-second Civic hatchback.

Htup 1109 01+1994 acura integra gsr+cover Photo 2/9   |   1994 Acura Integra GS-R - Hands-On Approach

Following graduation, Krishneel parted with his Civic along with all interest in organized quarter-mile outbreaks. Several years would pass before he’d once again be in search of another Honda, when road racing began calling his name. The auto shop where Krishneel found himself employed campaigned its own club racing Honda and is precisely what helped pique his interest. Soon enough, he found himself amidst his latest transaction—one where he’d walk away $1,300 poorer but with a reasonably complete second-generation Integra GS-R. Luckily for Krishneel, the Integra’s former owner couldn’t spot the difference between an obliterated engine and a faulty head gasket. A bit of wrench time to Krishneel’s credit and the GS-R was up and running.

As is often the case, Krishneel’s Integra buildup faced periodic standstills as funds began to diminish. By the end of 2008, though, it was finished—just in time for the fledgling driver to make an appearance at his first SCCA driver’s school where the car, predictably, had issues but managed to finish third among his peers. Properly seasoned, Krishneel went on to nab first-, second-, and third-place finishes throughout a number of regional events over the course of the following two years, including an all Integra Type R class and later GTO class at renowned Infineon Raceway.

Krishneel’s recipe is not an unusual one, and is arguably just about all that class rules allow for. The blueprinted and balanced B18C hangs under the hood by factory mounts stuffed with Energy Suspension polyurethane inserts. Inside sit PR3 pistons that yield a slightly higher 11.5:1 compression ratio, connecting rods that have been shot-peened for durability, and Civic Type R cams paired with Honda’s OEM valvetrain. An Integra Type R oil pump and slightly higher-flowing fuel injectors ensure that fluid shortages of any kind remain a nonissue. A Hytech header, Blox intake manifold, JG Engine Dynamics throttle body, and Top1 muffler are among the few remaining power adders. What the B-series lacks for in terms of torque, though, it makes up for with gearing. A shorter-ratio Civic Type R gearbox was swapped into place along with its 4.9:1 final-drive gear that allows Krishneel to more easily remain within his desired powerband. Outside, Krishneel’s track car makes use of Omni Power coilovers fitted with Skunk2 springs, although he admits higher-dollar, more race-orientated Motons are in the car’s near future. A medley of ASR antiroll bars and braces along with a Buddy Club alignment kit help dial in the Integra’s suspension to Krishneel’s liking.

Despite the lofty number of victories in such a short period of time, it’s apparent that Krishneel has grown somewhat weary of club-style racing—one where modifications remain restrictive and participation is scant. “There’s not much more I can do to the car; it’s already at its minimum weight,” Krishneel says as he reflects upon SCCA regulations. “I’m looking into competing in time attack events very soon.”

Htup 1109 05+1994 acura integra gsr+seats Photo 6/9   |   1994 Acura Integra GS-R - Hands-On Approach

When asked about what goes through his mind at the track, Krishneel simply says: “Safety is everything.” Of course, he’s also quick to point out that improving his times, making the car easier to work on, and speeding up repairs during downtime are all close followers. An auto technician by trade, it’s no surprise that Krishneel is as hands-on with the car on race day as he is in the garage. “I built the car. I’m the best person when it comes to making any changes at the track. Before every race I ‘nut and bolt’ everything,” he says as he warns of the importance of checking just about every pertinent fastener prior to hitting the pavement.

“Some drivers just drive to drive, not knowing much about what’s going on with their cars. I like to prep the car myself,” Krishneel says. “I know what’s going on with my car at all times.”

Honda Hodgepodge
One of the things that makes Hondas so popular among enthusiasts is their versatility. Engine internals, chassis components, and interior bits among higher-dollar chassis are, more often than not, readily compatible with older, less expensive models. Take Honda’s B-series engines, for example. Like Krishneel, B-series builders have a variety of pistons, rods, crankshafts, and top end components to choose from—all courtesy of Honda and all OEM quality. The combinations really are limitless. Want more compression? Swap your B18A/B/C’s pistons for a higher-compression set found inside most any B16A engine block. Need more cubic inches? Trade out your GS-R’s rotating assembly for a non-VTEC engine’s. The possibilities don’t end there: Cylinder heads, camshafts, valvetrain, oil pumps, water pumps, fuel pumps, fuel injectors, and more can all be sourced from higher-dollar VTEC engines for easy, factory-reliable upgrades.

Bolts & Washers

B18C1 engine
Energy Suspension engine mount bushings
Blueprinted and balanced assembly
PR3 pistons
Integra non-VTEC shot-peened connecting rods
Integra Type R oil pump
Canton Racing oil pan
CX Racing radiator
Civic Type R camshafts
Bosch in-tank fuel pump
Honda 310cc/min fuel injectors
STR Competition fuel rail
B&M fuel pressure regulator
Earl’s AN fittings and lines
Comptech Ice Box intake
JG Engine Dynamics throttle body
Blox intake manifold
Hytech header
Custom exhaust piping
Top1 muffler
NGK spark plugs
Civic Type R transmission
Integra Type R shift linkage
Exedy Stage 1 clutch
Chromoly flywheel
HaSport Stage 1 axles
204hp and 176 lb-ft
Omni Power coilovers
Skunk2 springs
ASR front and rear antiroll bars
Energy Suspension bushings
Buddy Club alignment kit
ASR rear subframe brace
11.1-inch Power Slot rotors, front
10.2-inch EBC slotted rotors, rear
Hawk Blue pads
Integra Type R calipers
Goodridge steel-braided lines
Wheels and Tires
16x7 Enkei SC03, +43 offset
225/45-16 Toyo R888
JDM Integra front-end conversion
Integra Type R rear spoiler
Top1 carbon-fiber splitter
Top1 carbon-fiber canards
Top1 front towhook
Top1 rear towhook
David’s Racing rollcage
Sparco Evo 2 seat
Schroth 6-pt harness
Sabelt fire suppression system
MOMO steering wheel
Spoon Sports Duracon shift knob
AiM Sports MXL data logger
Julian at Top1, Stanislaus Smog, Mike at Tokenphoto, Matt at HA Motorsports, Mike at Fine Touch Detail, Spencer at Fantasy Junction, family and friends

Despite the lofty number of victories in such a short period of time, it’s apparent that Krishneel has grown somewhat weary of club-style racing—one where modifications remain restrictive and participation is scant. “There’s not much more I can do to the car; it’s already at its minimum weight”

Owner Specs

Favorite Website
Screen Name Or Nickname
Top One
Building Hondas For How Long
11 years
Your Dream Car
Porsche 911 GT3 RS
Build Inspiration
Aggressive track cars
Current Stable
’92 Porsche 911
What’s In Your iPod/CD/MP3 Player Right Now
Wiz Khalifa
Greatest Movie Of All Time


Top One USA
Energy Suspension
HaSport Performance
Power Slot

By Aaron Bonk
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