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1992 Honda Civic CX - Writing’s On The Wall

Sportcar Motion adds to its unprecedented stable.

Matt “Rodrez” Rodriguez
Oct 13, 2011

Whenever you reach any amount of success in life, it’s usually hard to shy away from the formula that got you there. You discover that you have a particular method of doing things and you stick to it. People, for the most part, don’t really like change. That’s why you wake up in the same bed every morning (hopefully), have a set rotation of clothes that you enjoy wearing, and develop lasting relationships with people. Human beings are creatures of habit and prefer to attach themselves to objects of familiarity. With change typically comes opposition and challenges, and at times, a drastic deviation from the norm is all too necessary when trying to alter your current state.

Htup 1110 01+1992 honda civic cx+cover Photo 2/11   |   1992 Honda Civic CX - Writing’s On The Wall

Enthusiasts as a whole don’t exactly favor major changes. Anybody who has ever built a car understands that each individual has a particular methodology behind his or her vision. They develop a certain look or style that usually translates into their next build, and the one after that, and so on. The old adage states: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and that saying definitely holds true in the automotive community. For a guy like Loi Song, owner of Sportcar Motion in San Marcos, California, his approach to building Hondas is quite simple. Every project that he’s ever built has been built for just one thing: speed. He’s achieved quite a bit of success over the years in the drag racing world, and has since transferred his talents to the road race/Time Attack genre. He’s been instrumental in the further development of aftermarket power-adders for the K series, and his achievements reflect that. One thing, however, has always remained a constant in almost all of his builds throughout the years: Almost every single Honda he’s owned has been a colorless, boring shade of white. Barring his very first foray into the Honda world with a blue Del Sol, and that one instance when he stepped out of his comfort zone and built a black Integra. But in both cases, he didn’t hold onto them for very long.
“White is right,” Loi says jokingly.

2019 Honda Civic
$21,450 Base Model (MSRP) MPG Fuel Economy

The man loves his white cars, but we can all agree that Loi could use some pigment in his stable. Variety is the spice of life, after all, and with so many Hondas on his résumé, you would expect him to have an extensive color palette to match. The notion of building a non-white Honda has just never crossed Song’s mind. He has always built for function, and function is color-blind. Friend and newly appointed Sportcar Motion VP, Morgan Jade, felt that change would be good for business. After some coercion, Loi finally caved, and decided to experiment with a little color.

Htup 1110 02+1992 honda civic cx+catch can Photo 3/11   |   1992 Honda Civic CX - Writing’s On The Wall

“Loi and I decided to do this project because both our roots are in drag racing,” Morgan explains. “Drag racing is the reason we met nine years ago, and why we are both involved with Sportcar Motion today. We’ve been so involved with Time Attack events for the last five years, and building a drag car helps us get back in touch with our roots. We went with the Milano Red paint because I personally have had a pretty crazy past with red cars. Tossing a red car into the mix helped to stir the pot and change things up.”

“We picked up this Civic hatchback from an acquaintance of mine for $1,500,” Loi adds. “It had a really cheap paint job that was peeling and cracking everywhere, but the body was straight, no accidents or anything. The paint was so bad that you could see the original paint under it! We stripped the car down and immediately had it resprayed by Giovanni, our in-house painter.”

The freshly painted Civic saw the additions of both a custom Sportcar Motion front bumper and Seibon carbon-fiber rear wing, but sat for almost nine months after that. Time Attack season was in full swing, and the Sportcar staff was busy working on their other race cars, lacking the necessary time to build the K24A4 for their red drag car. Eventually the motor was completed and installed, but a series of setbacks caused further delays, and a mountain of headaches.

Htup 1110 03+1992 honda civic cx+engine Photo 4/11   |   1992 Honda Civic CX - Writing’s On The Wall

“Morgan and I spent literally 16 hours one week at Church Automotive while tuning the Civic. The car broke on the dyno, and we bent some valves and blew the head gasket. So the time spent at Church ended up being a total waste. Maybe painting the Civic red was bad luck because we’ve never had this many issues before. It probably would have worked out fine if I had just sprayed the car white—lol!”

Htup 1110 04+1992 honda civic cx+fuel pressure Photo 5/11   |   1992 Honda Civic CX - Writing’s On The Wall

In just a month’s time, the K24 was torn down and rebuilt completely. With the bottom end getting the tried-and-true combo of CP pistons and Crower rods, SCM raided the Skunk2 shelves and loaded its Type S head with very best that S2 offers. Rather than go the traditional route of an RBC or RRC intake manifold and filter on a stick, or even individual throttle bodies, the crew elected to try out AFI’s unique intake manifold that features a center-mount 75mm throttle body. With all of the pieces of the puzzle now back together, Morgan and Loi headed to Church Automotive where the Sportcar Motion–built K24/K20 was able to produce 320 whp and 230 lb-ft of torque. “Despite some minor hurdles, we’re very happy with the numbers,” Morgan states. “Now we can send the car out to get a full rollcage, and then we’re off for a full season of drag racing.” During a recent shakedown run, the Sportcar Motion Civic was able to clock a very respectable 11.20 at 112 mph. Not too shabby for having taken a five-year hiatus from hitting the 1320.

SCM Renaissance
Sportcar Motion has most certainly made its mark in the Honda Time Attack/road racing community. Many of you probably know of Sportcar Motion because of the success of its Time Attack ITR and Kraftwerks– supercharged Civic. What many of you may not know is that Sportcar Motion was once one of San Diego’s premier aftermarket parts suppliers. It was one of the first to stock many of the rare JDM Honda parts in Southern California, including Spoon and Cusco goods. When Loi Song dove headfirst into developing his own Time Attack vehicles, the storefront took a backseat to his racing exploits. Recently, he’s appointed Morgan Jade as his new vice president, and she has re-devoted the company’s attention toward being a parts supplier. Now it is once again the premier spot to get ahold of many of the most popular aftermarket parts in the industry, as well as rare Japanese Honda products. Check it out at for all your Honda/Acura needs!

Bolts & Washers

Propulsion K24A4
HaSport engine mounts
Balanced crankshaft
CP pistons and rings
Crower connecting rods
12.5:1 compression ratio
Skunk2 Stage III camshaft
Skunk2 high-compression oversize valves
Skunk2 Pro Series valvesprings
Skunk2 retainers
Skunk2 spring base
Portflow Type S ported and polished cylinder head
OEM Type S rocker arms
Sportcar Motion 3-inch custom intake with K&N filter
AFI intake manifold with 75mm throttle body
DTR race header
Walbro 255 lph fuel pump
RC Engineering 750cc fuel injectors
AFI fuel rail
Earl’s fuel lines and fittings
Fuel Lap fuel pressure regulator
Mishimoto radiator
Sportcar Motion custom oil cooler
Custom modified OEM Type S oil pump
OEM Type S transmission
OEM Type S C/V half shafts
MFactory 4.78 final drive
MFactory limited-slip differential
Buddy Club shifter box
Competition Stage 5 clutch
Competition lightweight flywheel
320 whp and 230 lb-ft of torque
Buddy Club racing-spec coilovers, 12K front, 8K rear springs
ITR front sway bar
ITR rear sway bar
ASR lower subframe brace
Sportcar Motion solid bushings
Skunk2 Pro Plus front and rear camber kit
Wilwood front brake rotors
Wilwood front brake pads
Wilwood 4-piston big brake caliper
Torco brake fluids
Sportcar Motion stainless brake lines
Integra GSR rear disc brakes
Wheels And Tires
Street: 15x9 949 Racing 6UL +36 front, 15x8 949 Racing 6UL +36 rear; 205/50-15 BFGoodrich G-Force R1
Race: 15x8 Exospeed Star 8 front, 24.5x9-15 slicks, 15x7 Exospeed Star 8 rear, 15x3.5 MT tires
PPG Milano Red paint
Sportcar Motion custom front bumper
Seibon carbon-fiber rear wing
Seibon carbon-fiber hood
Seibon carbon-fiber trunk
Spoon-style side mirrors
Buddy Club P1 racing seat
MOMO steering wheel
Skunk2 shift knob
Hondata K-Pro
Hondata data logger
Tony Shagday at Skunk2 Racing, Mike at AFI, Kevin at Buddy Club USA, Ernie at Torco, Conn at Competition Clutch, Oscar Jackson Sr. and Jr., Giovanni, Tristan Workman, Soleil, Ghavyn, Kai Kai, Mom and Dad

Owner Specs

Favorite websites,
Screen name or nickname
The Tea Father and I am Jade
Building Hondas for how long
Both have been building over 10 years
Current Stable
’98 ITR, ’96 CTR, ’02 S2000
Your dream car
We own them!
Build inspiration
Our past history in drag racing
What’s playing in your iPod/CD/MP3 player right now
The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”
Greatest movie of all time
The Godfather


Wilwood Engineering
Buddy Club USA
Skunk2 Racing


Skunk2 Racing
Norco, CA 92860
Wilwood Engineering
Camarillo, CA 93012
Buddy Club USA
Ontario, CA 91761
Torrance, CA 90503
By Matt “Rodrez” Rodriguez
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