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Moving On - Spotlight

That’s it for 2011 folks.

Matt “Rodrez” Rodriguez
Dec 8, 2011
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There are a handful of you who read the title above and assumed it was just another editor on his way out of the HT office (also known as the “Honda turnstile”) forever. For once, that’s not the case. Longtime readers know there has been sort of an ongoing tradition that involved the replacement of editors from year to year, but I’m approaching the three-year mark as editor, and I have no plans to leave. I genuinely enjoy my role with Honda Tuning Magazine, and sometimes wonder how I went so many years in the corporate world without ripping my hair out. As frustrating as this job can be at times, I think back in horror at being micro-managed for years by a schmuck in a stained tie and bad haircut. His long-winded explanations about the intricate workings of the office chain of command that would ultimately end with him would cause silent fits of rage inside my bored, underwhelmed mind. Even more infuriating was having my focus and work ethic belittled as it was termed “great teamwork,” even though my “team” contributed less than 25 percent to the task at hand. While some might shake their head at the very thought of running a magazine with no associate editorial assistance or intern, I relish in it. I’m an admitted control freak, and the ability to do things my way is absolutely priceless. But that’s neither here nor there. Let me get to the subject at hand: the end of 2011. For myself, the year cycles pretty quickly due to the fact that I look at January–December as it relates to magazine issues and those pesky little deadlines. That is, I’m finishing this “winter” issue at the beginning of September, and in my eyes, the year is already over. Mix in some major personal life changes, birthdays, holidays, time with my significant other, and the year has rocketed past me once again, leaving my head in a spin.

Htup_1201_01+moving_on_spotlight+profile Photo 2/2   |   Moving On - Spotlight

More good stuff
HT is still here. As magazine sales across the entire automotive title spectrum have dropped significantly over the past few years, thanks to the loyal readers, HT is still alive and kicking. Hopefully the race fans have noticed the influx of more track cars and coverage, and people have left the East Coast/West Coast thing behind forever. I’ve also incorporated more interview-style articles with some of the most coveted Japanese tuners (that aren’t rehashed Spoon or Mugen articles) as well as the Legends series that revisits some of the founding fathers of the import performance movement. After reading far too many fluff pieces, HT is bringing you the legends themselves, their stories word for word, and unfiltered.

In other good news, as usual, there’s no shortage of quality Hondas being pieced together. Show-quality track cars, extensively customized street cars, ground-up built standouts; all being picked up for features in 2012 to bring you the latest and greatest.

Free stuff and a site upgrade
The new year will also bring a few contests and giveaways for our readers to participate in for performance parts, Honda Tuning goods, and general swag. Another thing I’m very excited about is the revamped (finally) website for the magazine. The site has kept its same outdated look for many, many years, and after much begging and pleading, an updated version is being worked on right now. After personally taking over the Facebook page earlier this year, I’ve seen a massive influx of new fans of the magazine, longtime readers, and of course anti-Honda tough guys who log on to tell us their 4-second, 1,500hp Mustang will smoke a CR-Z. If you haven’t already, be sure to stop by and “like” the page and check out the random photos I post up from around the web day in and day out. If nothing else, it’ll give you a break from your work or school day and you’ll also get exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming issues in both photo and video form.

Signing off…for now
That’s it for 2011 folks. As usual I want to thank each and every one of HT ’s subscribers and the fans who search high and low for the magazine each issue. Also, thank you to all of the freelance photogs and writers who help keep this magazine moving. Have a safe winter and stay tuned to the HT Facebook page for info on the first issue of the new year in January!

By Matt “Rodrez” Rodriguez
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