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The Yogurt Connection - Road Rage

I won’t comment on what I think of a particular car if I don’t have first-hand experience with it.

Aaron Bonk
May 10, 2012
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I don’t like yogurt. Never have. But it turns out that all of those people who do like yogurt really don’t care. Despite whatever decidedly tempting flavor combinations or gimmicks the yogurt companies come up with, I still don’t like it. It also turns out that yogurt eaters, by and large, are a reasonable bunch. Upon hearing my dislike for their bacterial fermentation of cream, they didn’t take to the yogurt-lover forums to express their disapproval of me. They didn’t attempt to pool their resources with those from adjacent dairy product message boards in an effort to shame me. No, as it turns out, people who eat yogurt are a pretty rational bunch.

I don’t like everybody’s car, either. Sorry. And I’m willing to bet that neither do you. You might surmise that that makes us all a bunch of haters but, before jumping to conclusions, let’s calm down and thoughtfully examine that word. Webster tells us that to hate something is to dislike it intensely or passionately, to feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward it, to detest it. I’m pretty sure I don’t care enough about your car to do any of that. I might dislike it, but I don’t hate it. Call me a disliker if you’re really into labels.

If you think that my not liking your car is anything personal, well, you couldn’t be more wrong. We may not get along on other grounds, but be assured it has nothing to do with whatever it is that you drive, how low or not low your car is, or what lip you’ve got. Like most adults, I’m pretty good at distinguishing bad cars from good people. A good friend of mine owns a Prius. We still talk. And the rest of my friends, well, most of them eat yogurt.

I’ve tried yogurt. Several times, in fact, most of which occurred when I was but a tot and then again when I was older just to make sure I wasn’t missing out. I wasn’t. My opinions of your car are based off of similar logic. I won’t comment on what I think of a particular car if I don’t have first-hand experience with it. If I’m reviewing it, then I’ve either owned it, borrowed it, raced it, broken it, taken it apart, or put it back together. One way or another, though, my opinions are always based off of experience.

I’m also willing to bet that my opinions aren’t all that off-base. Take a look around at the next Honda-based event—the Eibach meet, Import Alliance, Honda Day…it doesn’t matter. Did whatever car, trend, or modification I’ve publicly denounced make a predominant appearance? Hmm, didn’t think so. The truth is, there’s a reason some cars and some modifications aren’t all that popular.

If you’ve been reading my gibberish long enough, then you know taking it too seriously isn’t always in your best interest. We’re talking about our cars, our pastimes—hobbies for most of us. It doesn’t always have to be serious business. Spare the Kleenex for more pressing matters.

By Aaron Bonk
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