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2006 Honda Civic FD1 - The Air Up There

Baguio City's Finest

Jun 18, 2012
Htup 1207 01 o+2006 honda civic FD1+FD2R bodykit.JPG Photo 1/7   |   2006 Honda Civic FD1 - The Air Up There

Standing proudly some 1,500 meters above sea level lies what locals refer to as the “summer capital of the Philippines.” Well known for its mild weather patterns that, on average, hover approximately 8 degrees cooler than the rest of the country, the 57 or so square kilometers that make up the hilly terrain of Baguio City serve as a destination stop for tourists and countrymen alike. While it may serve as the “great escape” for many visitors, this region is simply known as home to one Ralph Mendoza, owner of this well-built FD1.

Five years ago, Mendoza purchased this sedan with a very specific plan in mind. He adds, “Initially, I just wanted to install a few bolt-on parts, drop it, and put on some decent wheels and tires. But just like every other Honda enthusiast, the mods never really stop once they start!” Additional upgrades soon made their way to the Civic, and the natural act of progression continued. However, just like any other part of the Philippine islands, rain and scattered puddles are a constant threat. One fateful rain-filled afternoon, Mendoza’s cousin borrowed the car to head to a local performance shop, and while passing through a puddle deep enough to submerge the cold-air intake’s filter, the car completely shut down. He recalls, “I remember it rained really hard that day, and when the filter took in some water, sure enough, the motor was blown.” Correcting the carnage caused by Mother Nature’s wrath would have put quite a strain on Mendoza’s bank account. In fact, at the end of the day, the monetary total was almost equivalent to that of a used K-series ITR motor from the legendary DC5. Not one to stand still and mull things over, the eager builder decided to progress and sourced the “R” motor after selling off the majority of his car’s earlier upgrades.

Htup 1207 03 o+2006 honda civic FD1+js racing rear diffuser.JPG Photo 2/7   |   2006 Honda Civic FD1 - The Air Up There

With the new motor on its way to the Philippines, Mendoza and a few close friends completely stripped the car down to begin the rebuild process. The chassis was transported to FM Garage, where it was treated to multiple layers of PPG Deltron blue, inside and out. To freshen up the look, a very rare Max Racing front lip, Mugen Type R rear wing, and Spoon aero mirrors were added to the paint booth for a perfect match. Once the fresh paint had cured, a carbon-fiber hood, trunk, and J’s Racing rear diffuser were added for a bit of contrast. Rolling stock was also addressed in the form of 18-inch Volk Racing CE28s with 225/40-18 Advan Neova AD08 tires. Put quite simply, the overall look is deadly. But as we all know, appearance doesn’t mean much without the power to back it up—fortunately Mendoza was already working on the power portion.

In stock form, the DC5’s K20 is quite the performer, and Mendoza was already well aware of its attributes. He turned a blind eye to any thoughts of a stock motor, and instead, compiled an inventory of go-fast goods to make his K motor perform even better. With the help of H3 Autoworks, the motor was torn down and reassembled. A Skunk2 throttle body, cams, valvesprings, and retainers spit fire through a Toda header and HKS titanium exhaust system at the direction of Hondata’s K-Pro management system. The combination is good for over 230 whp, and more than enough to keep Mendoza satisfied when he feels the urge to stab the gas pedal. Keeping with a balanced theme of performance and appearance, a color-matched valve cover laced with Circuit Hero’s coil pack cover was added for visual effect.

Htup 1207 07 o+2006 honda civic FD1+carbon fiber trim.JPG Photo 3/7   |   FD2 interior, Bride seats, J's Racing steering wheel, and Defi gauges make for a stunning pilot's quarters.

The interior of Mendoza’s sedan is nothing short of perfection. A complete FD2R interior conversion was performed and highlighted by big-ticket items like a set of Bride Low Max Stradia bucket seats, J’s Racing carbon-fiber/leather steering wheel, and a number of Defi gauges that string elegantly across the car’s dash. Before you point the finger and assume this car is only parked in the garage and taken out for a local car show or perhaps a quick photo shoot, think again. This enthusiast daily drives this car, and yes, he attends car shows, but also puts the car to the test on the track as well. Both circuit and drag racing events have served as playgrounds for Mendoza to put his FD1 to work, with very pleasing results. Killer appearance, a healthy powerplant, daily driving, and track day adventures all rolled into one complete package—that’s how it’s done in Baguio City.

Bolts & Washers

K20 Type R
Hondata K-Pro
HaSport engine mounts
H3 Autoworks assembly
Skunk2 Stage 2 cams
Skunk2 valves
Skunk2 retainers
Skunk2 valvesprings
H3 Autoworks headwork
Skunk2 fuel rail
Skunk2 70mm throttle body
Toda 4-2-1 header
HKS mid-pipe
HKS titanium exhaust
DC5R transmission
Skunk2 short shift kit
Exedy Hyper Single clutch
OEM ITR flywheel
Mishimoto radiator
Circuit Hero plug cover
Skunk2 battery tiedown
Juran ground kit

Htup 1207 02 o+2006 honda civic FD1+mugen type R wing.JPG Photo 4/7   |   2006 Honda Civic FD1 - The Air Up There

235 whp and 156 lb-ft torque

Dynamic coilovers
Custom spring rates
Cusco front/rear antiroll bars
Skunk2 rear camber kit
Beaks Limited tie-bar

Htup 1207 05 o+2006 honda civic FD1+k20 type r.JPG Photo 5/7   |   Adding even more grunt to his "R" motor, Mendoza enlisted a number of Skunk2 upgrades for a healthy 235 whp.

Tanabe brake pads
Endless fluid
Endless brake lines

Wheels and Tires
Volk CE28 18x7.5 +43
Advan Neova AD08 225/40-18
R40 Ti lug nuts

PPG Deltron blue by FM Garage
Spoon Sports Aero mirrors
FD2R body kit
FD2R headlights
Max Racing front lip
Mugen Type R wing
J’s Racing rear diffuser
Carbon-fiber hood
Carbon-fiber trunk

Bride Low Max Strada II
Bride seat rails
FD2R push start
FD2R gauge cluster
FD2R shift boot/collar
J’s Racing steering wheel
Mugen pedals
ARC Ti shift knob
Carbon/Kevlar rearview mirror
Carbon-fiber trim
Defi fuel pressure gauge
Defi oil pressure gauge
Defi water temp gauge
Defi Advance ZD gauge
GReddy water temp sensor

Htup 1207 06 o+2006 honda civic FD1+bride low max strada II.JPG Photo 6/7   |   2006 Honda Civic FD1 - The Air Up There

Thank you to the whole Mendoza family, God, my friends and sponsors, H3 Autoworks,, Autocircuit, FM Garage, Nosrac Wheel Restoration, ECW/Dynamics Performance, Lg2 auto detailing, Ding Quinto Photography

Owner Specs

Favorite sites,

Htup 1207 04 o+2006 honda civic FD1+volk CE28.JPG Photo 7/7   |   2006 Honda Civic FD1 - The Air Up There

Screen name

Building Hondas 10 years

Dream car
Fully built show/go Subaru STi

Inspiration for this build
Cars that go from car shows to the track

Future build
I’m working on a boosted, K-powered Fit!


Skunk2 Racing
Norco, CA 92860
HASport Performance
Phoenix, AZ 85040
Circuit Hero
San Diego, CA 92111
Torrance, CA 90503
By Rodrez
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