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 |   |  2008 Honda Civic FD1 - Globe-Trotting
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2008 Honda Civic FD1 - Globe-Trotting

Pulling inspiration from various parts of the world.

Aug 7, 2012
Photographer: Patrick Lauder
Htup 1208 01 o+2008 honda civic FD1+spoon sports s tai front bumper Photo 1/5   |   2008 Honda Civic FD1 - Globe-Trotting

Also hailing from Quezon City is Jay DeGuzman, owner of this immaculate FD1. Though we didn’t get much more than a spec list from Jay in regards to this beautiful sedan, it’s quite obvious that he’s left no stone unturned. Jay has managed to amass an incredible mix of high-end performance and appearance goods that most can only dream of. The only problem with that thought is that oftentimes too much of a good thing can result in sloppy execution and an overdone project. The owner might have great connections and deep pockets, but lacks the sense to know when enough is enough. Fortunately for us, this is not the case with Jay’s sedan. The inspiration comes from multiple outlets, and the end result is spot-on.

At first glance, eighth-gen Civic aficionados will no doubt recognize a number of Civic Type R body parts, including fenders, side skirts, and rear bumper with diffuser. However, Jay didn’t simply outfit the entire car with OEM goods, he also raided the Spoon catalog for a long list of goods as well. Up front, a Spoon S-Tai front bumper lends deadly sharp lines to a set of streamlined Spoon side mirrors. To lighten the curb weight of the sedan, a Spoon carbon-fiber hood, trunk lid, and dry carbon roof replace the bloated stockers, while a Spoon S-Tai GT rear wing adds downforce to keep the rear in check. A fresh slathering of Championship White paint provides intense contrast to the carbon bits.

Htup 1208 06 o+2008 honda civic FD1+spoon sports mirrors Photo 2/5   |   2008 Honda Civic FD1 - Globe-Trotting
2019 Honda Civic
$21,450 Base Model (MSRP) MPG Fuel Economy

The K20Z3 powerplant that motivates this four-door is capable of keeping most enthusiasts smiling to ear to ear in stock form, but that didn’t stop Jay from making some changes under the hood that would yield more power without going overboard. The basic intake, header, exhaust formula was addressed by a GruppeM intake with carbon-fiber shroud, Toda exhaust manifold, and a CTR exhaust piping/Spoon N1 muffler combo respectively. To wring out a bit more power, a Toda-ported intake manifold was bolted on, as was a Brodeth test pipe, and all fuel and timing actions are overseen and delegated by Hondata’s FlashPro system. As great a performer as the K20Z3 is, the transmission has caused more than its fair share of headaches. Jay opted to circumvent any issues by sourcing a DC5 transmission instead. To offset the stout performance upgrades, a number of aesthetic changes were made as well. A Zworks coil-pack cover and intake manifold cover flank the bright yellow Spoon valve cover, and Spoon oil and radiator caps are the finishing touch.

Under all four arches you’ll find Tein Superstreet coilovers and 18-inch Volk RE30s straddled by Advan Neova rubber, while Spoon calipers hide behind the front wheels. Though 18-inch wheels were considered comical with Civic generations of the past, they’ve become almost standard on eighth-gen builds as the wheelwells and overall chassis size has increased substantially over the years.

Htup 1208 08 o+2008 honda civic FD1+bride low max gias seats Photo 3/5   |   2008 Honda Civic FD1 - Globe-Trotting

With an exterior and engine bay that takes the best from OEM and aftermarket parts counters, Jay applied the same train of thought to his interior. From the OEM side you’ll find a CTR gauge cluster, steering wheel, and rear seats, while from the aftermarket are Bride Low Max Gias buckets, Mugen shift knob, and carbon-fiber dash panel.

Bolts & Washers

Hondata FlashPro
GruppeM intake
Toda ported intake manifold
Toda exhaust manifold
OEM CTR exhaust piping
Spoon N1 muffler
Brodeth test pipe
Spoon valve cover
Zworks coil-pack cover
Zworks intake manifold cover
Zworks radiator cover
Spoon Sports engine damper
Spoon Sports radiator cap
Spoon Sports oil cap
Skunk2 battery tie-down
DC5 transmission

Htup 1208 04 o+2008 honda civic FD1+K20Z3 engine Photo 4/5   |   2008 Honda Civic FD1 - Globe-Trotting

Tein Superstreet coilovers
Cusco shock tower bar
Buddy Club camber kit

Spoon Sports calipers
Endless slotted rotors
Project MU brake lines

Wheels and Tires
Volk RE30 18x8 +40
Advan Neova 225/40-18

Championship White paint
JDM CTR fenders
JDM CTR side skirts
JDM CTR rear bumper
JDM CTR rear diffuser
Spoon Sports S-Tai front bumper
Spoon Sports S-Tai GT wing
Spoon Sports carbon-fiber hood
Spoon Sports carbon-fiber roof
Spoon Sports carbon-fiber trunk
Spoon Sports side mirrors

Htup 1208 02 o+2008 honda civic FD1+JDM CTR rear bumper Photo 5/5   |   2008 Honda Civic FD1 - Globe-Trotting

Bride Low Max Gias seats
JDM CTR rear seats
JDM CTR gauge cluster
JDM CTR steering wheel
JDM CTR pedals
Mugen shift knob and boot
Carbon-fiber gauge panel
JDM CTR push start

Big Jay’s Auto Detailing,, Team FD, Autobots, Autoworks, Rox Const., SOF Air, my family, my fiancée Clarissa, Playgrounds finest, Mondragon Bros

Owner Specs

Favorite sites,,,

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8 years

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