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1993 Honda Civic CX - Juice Is Worth The Squeeze

Giggle-gassing into the 11-second club

Sep 18, 2012
Htup 1209 04 o+1993 honda civic CX+weldpro stars Photo 1/6   |   1993 Honda Civic CX - Juice Is Worth The Squeeze

It’s the stuff of legends. Long misrepresented, often exaggerated, and comprised of tall tales that are typically embellished far beyond the laws of physics. It’s the colorless chemical compound with a distinct scent that draws as many frowns as it does all-out praise. Nitrous oxide, for all of its inherent strengths, in the hands of the less than knowledgeable has proven to cause catastrophic engine failure. On the flip side, it has been used as the great equalizer, serving as sort of a “middle man” between naturally aspirated and forced-induction enthusiasts. Its reach spans generations, and knows no boundaries between import and domestic; it even played a part in some of Hollywood’s cheesiest lines from an even cheesier action/automotive movie franchise.

While nitrous oxide saw a jump in popularity among the performance-driven import community during the ’90s, it has since died down considerably. Some might argue that the massive amount of misinformation and scare tactics by the naysayers may have been the driving force behind the power-adders demise within the Honda market. Others, like Mike Oliveira of Brampton, Ontario, Canada, ignore the rumors and focus solely on improving time slips.

2019 Honda Civic
$21,450 Base Model (MSRP) MPG Fuel Economy

Working as an automotive technician at Maxwell Auto, Mike didn’t have to look far for his initial powerplant. Craig, his friend and coworker, was selling a B18C1 motor and LSD-equipped transmission along with a five-lug conversion and GS-R seats. All of which were perfect for Mike’s ’93 CX. He immediately began tearing down the motor for a complete rebuild that included Wiseco pistons, Eagle rods, and a Wildgoose Racing custom port and polish that was topped off with Skunk2 cams and valvetrain. On the rollers, the hatchback pounded out an impressive 205/145 at the wheels. Although the car would serve as a daily driver, it also made for some fun track days that resulted in a very respectable personal best of 12.6 at 108 mph in naturally aspirated trim.

Htup 1209 08 o+1993 honda civic CX+racepak cluster Photo 2/6   |   1993 Honda Civic CX - Juice Is Worth The Squeeze

Satisfied with the performance factor, Mike couldn’t ignore the fact that the car’s exterior had seen better days. The following summer he dropped the car off to A1 Fix Auto Collision in Mississauga, Ontario. He adds, “They’re the shop that we always recommend our customers to when they need bodywork. They prepped the car and actually replaced the front fenders, doors, hood, and the hatch for new or better condition panels. The end result was great, and I couldn’t be happier.”

With the car back home and winter looming, Mike took the time to do a tedious wire tuck in his garage before stepping things up in the performance department. Installation of a four-fogger nitrous system would increase power significantly. Right out of the box, his first drag event was an eventful one that quickly convinced him nitrous was the way to go. He states, “It ran 11.48 on eight-year-old slicks! It didn’t work quite as planned but was very impressive considering the plugs were melted by half track, and I let off at the 1,000-foot mark. I knew I wanted to stick with the nitrous route.”

Wanting to build on his momentum, Mike laid out a new plan of attack with a new engine build that would make more usable power. Another B18C1 was sourced, sleeved, and fitted with half-inch head studs that would help hold everything together. A custom CNC-machined one-piece main girdle was installed, and a few conversations with Ferrea convinced Mike that roller-rocker cams and arms would be a step in the right direction. If you’ve never heard this combination on a four-cylinder, you might mistaken it for a muscle car what with its aggressive, lumpy idle characteristics that simply don’t sound Honda-esque at all. With the same exact 120 shot of nitrous, the new engine made 100 additional horsepower after tuning. “I couldn’t believe the results that the roller-rocker cams made. It really paid off to talk to Ferrea and just sit down and decide what cam profile would be right for me. Boy, were they right! I have no doubt that with a clean pass the car is capable of running a mid-10-second pass.” While he understands that his first mission is to conquer the 10-second mark, Oliveira’s long-term goals are no secret. “My ultimate goal is to run a 9-second pass on nitrous! As far as I know this has never been done, and I’m positive I have a setup capable of doing this.”

Htup 1209 01 o+1993 honda civic CX+B18C1 Photo 3/6   |   Meaty slicks help corral the 400 whp that pull the CX down the 1320.

Beyond the outstanding power figures, Oliveira has installed a custom-made chromoly subframe and traction bars, and managed to shave off 140 pounds! He’s also added a bevy of sensors and a Racepak to keep tabs on the vitals and avoid anymore plug meltdowns. The diet plan combined with the bulk-up program landed Oliveira on the verge of the 10-second club with an impressive 11.15. With the company he keeps and his constant progression, we don’t expect his new record to last long—soon enough he’ll be on to the next one.

Bolts & Washers

Hondata S300
Tite Engineering mounts
Custom rear trans mount
CNC-machined main girdle
Half-inch head studs
Wiseco 12:1 pistons
Eagle I-beam rods
Two-stage nitrous system
Custom intake
Velocity stack
Magnus intake manifold
Blox 72mm throttle body
RMF race header
Toda oil pump gear
Canadian Cylinder port/polish
Ferrea keepers/valve locks
Ferrea roller rockers
Skunk2 valvesprings
Skunk2 retainers
Dual Walbro fuel pumps
Accel injectors
Edelbrock -6 fuel filter
Magnafuel external regulator
FCS 5-gallon fuel cell
Mishimoto radiator
JDM GS-R transmission
ITR flywheel
S2000 clutch master cylinder
Custom scatter shield

Htup 1209 05 o+1993 honda civic CX+B18C Photo 4/6   |   A well-built, nitrous-injected B18C1 lurks under the hood.

400 whp

Omni Power coilovers
Omni Power camber kit
Custom Heim joints
Custom front traction bars
Custom subframe
Custom control arms

Htup 1209 02 o+1993 honda civic CX+carbon fiber rear wing Photo 5/6   |   HTUP-120900-EH-086-089r1-

ITR brakes
Custom braided lines
Rywire booster delete

Wheels & Tires
Weld Pro Stars, 15x8 front; 15x4 rear
MT slicks, 24.5/8.5-15 front
M&H skinnies, 24/3.6-15 rear

Resprayed Milano red
Carbon-fiber rear wing
Spoon-style mirrors

GS-R seats
Custom rollcage
RJS 5-pt harnesses
Racepak cluster
Nardi “deep corn” wheel
CTR center console
AEM fuel pressure gauge
AEM wideband gauge
Braille carbon-fiber battery
AEM injector driver

My boss Sean Devine at Maxwell Auto, Mike Diflorio aka Flowers for all the fab work on the car, Bruno and Tito @ Evolution, A1 Auto, Dino K @ Threedirty for the amazing photos, Fukenricen, Worked905, friends and family, and last but not least, a very understanding and supportive fiancée, Sandra!

Owner Specs

Daily grind
Automotive service technician

Favorite site

Screen name
civic eg

Building Hondas
8 years

Dream car
Ferrari F430

Inspiration for this build
Build a high-quality vehicle

Future builds
My new house—lol

On the Bottle

While the use of nitrous in the Honda market has faltered considerably over the years, there’s no denying its long-proven ability. Movies and hearsay fool many into assuming that the gas actually “makes” horsepower, when in reality, it doesn’t. Another misconception is that nitrous is cold, and automatically cold air means horsepower—also incorrect. The reality is that nitrous is comprised of two parts nitrogen, one part oxygen. As you already know, when we introduce more oxygen and more fuel to a combustion cycle, more power is produced as a by-product. To reap the benefits of nitrous, the gas must reach approximately 570 degrees Fahrenheit, at which point it breaks down and releases oxygen that can be met with a proper amount of fuel to increase power output. Oliveira utilizes a two-stage layout that includes a four-fogger system that fires proper atomization by delivering a very precise measurement of nitrous and fuel to each individual cylinder on demand.

Htup 1209 07 o+1993 honda civic CX+custom rollcage Photo 6/6   |   1993 Honda Civic CX - Juice Is Worth The Squeeze


Hawthorne, CA 90250
Torrance, CA 90503
Ferrea Racing Components
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Wiseco Piston Co. Inc
Mentor, OH
By Rodrez
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