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2000 Acura Integra GS-R - Unique Technique

The B-series underdog returns…with a vengeance

Aug 31, 2012
Photographer: Henry Z. DeKuyper
Htup 1209 01 o+2000 acura integra gs r+TB motorworx bumper Photo 1/7   |   2000 Acura Integra GS-R - Unique Technique

A barrage of quick, sharp revs followed by an unmistakably nasty idle—one that occasionally flirts with stalling, all but begging to be prodded at will. Twin inlet tubes jut from the hood like a pair of futuristic periscopes, lending to the notion that this 2000 GS-R is purpose-built for battle. Fresh paint and carefully placed sponsor decals adorn paper-thin doors and fiberglass bits that dramatically drop excess weight from the iconic chassis. As clean as the exterior appears, the car’s mission is quite clear: tear into the tarmac when the green lights glow and take orders from one Aweis Adde, or as his friends refer to him, “TB.”

The age-old tradition of competitive drag racing, specifically import drag racing, carries with it a number of unspoken guidelines. From sportsmanship to intimidation, and even powerplant selection, most avoid straying from these unwritten laws. For example, it’s a well-established fact that you should always choose the largest motor in the lightest chassis, right? Although it sounds logical to most, TB disagrees wholeheartedly. After appearing in the pages of Honda Tuning Magazine last year with a lightning-fast CRX, TB and his crew have been hard at work prepping a new chassis for competition and have managed to establish a new personal best. Unwavering loyalty insures that they have absolutely no thoughts of abandoning their trusty B-series powerplant.

Htup 1209 05 o+2000 acura integra GS R+kinsler fuel rail Photo 2/7   |   The same tall block, 2.3L, 16.5:1 LS/VTEC used in TB’s previous CRX drag car now powers this GS-R.

When we featured TB Motorworx’ previous drag car, it had already set a new record for a naturally aspirated B series with a stunning 10.48. After finding a little more horsepower, TB began to realize that an inherent shortcoming with the classic CRX chassis might be holding him back. He adds, “The CRX was lightweight and we were making good power, but for this level of competition, we thought that the wheelbase might be too short. I started looking around for an Integra to see if it would hook better and hopefully run a little faster.” A San Diego shop owner, TB contacted local friend and HT alumnus Loi Song of Sportcar Motion. “Loi had this GS-R just sitting at his shop that he hadn’t even touched yet. It already had an ITR front end, but there were no doors, no hood, and no interior—not even any wires. It was a completely bare shell with a fiberglass front end. It was perfect!”

With the new chassis at his shop, TB and his crew began welding in a custom rollcage but ran into some clearance issues with the GS-R’s sunroof. To remedy the situation while dropping some additional weight, they grafted an RS roof skin onto the GS-R chassis and completed the cage. Due to the similarities between the Civic/CRX and Integra chassis, suspension and other miscellaneous parts were “borrowed” from the previous project and used to complete the new build. With the car up and running, a visit to the scale revealed that the GS-R was actually 10 pounds lighter than the CRX, and extremely close to the 1,900-pound weight restriction for the All-Motor Pro class.

Htup 1209 02 o+2000 acura integra GS R+strange engineering coilover Photo 3/7   |   2000 Acura Integra GS-R - Unique Technique

The same tall deck, 2.3L, 16.5:1 compression B18/B16 combo remains as the workhouse that brings the pain in TB’s drag car, but with a longer wheelbase, the Integra was able to improve upon its already impressive time. Not only would he set a new world record for naturally aspirated B-series motors, but TB also placed himself among the elite in competitive all-motor drag racing with a blistering 10.13 at 133 mph!

Always in search of more, TB decided to try a custom exhaust manifold from Myers Competition, hoping to pull more power out of the Frankenstein mill. He recalls, “The car was making a little over 320 to the wheels, but after we bolted on the Myers header and retuned, the car is now making over 345 whp!” The jump in power is a welcome addition, but one that hasn’t been completely cooperative. “We really needed the extra power, but now it’s sort of like learning to drive the car all over again. Hooking up is still an issue, even with the longer wheelbase, and that’s why seat time is so important. Problem is, because they’ve closed all of the tracks around here, the closest place to practice is over five hours away. Also, if we were to hit a record-breaking time during a practice run, it doesn’t count officially. It’s got to be done during competition, and that’s what we’re shooting for.” When asked what it’s going to take to reach that elusive 9-second mark, he quickly replies, “Everything needs to be absolutely perfect. The car needs to be running strong, the track conditions solid, even the weather will play into it. We’re going to run at Sactown this summer, but the event that I think it can happen will be Engishtown in October. That’s the perfect track, and I really believe that’s where the record will fall.”

Htup 1209 06 o+2000 acura integra GS R+FCS tank Photo 4/7   |   2000 Acura Integra GS-R - Unique Technique

With a progressive approach to competition and numbers that simply don’t lie, TB Motorworx is poised to set the drag world on fire in 2012, and if nothing else, serves as a reminder to never underestimate the power of the B-series family.

Bolts & Washers

B18B block (2.3)
86.5mm bore
101mm stroke
Tall deck conversion
Crower crank, TB spec
16.5:1 Wiseco pistons, TB spec
Crower Maxi-lite rods, TB spec
B16A head
Kinsler ITBs
TB Motorworx plenum
TB Motorworx inlet piping
TB Motorworx port/polish
Custom Rev valves, TB spec
TB Motorworx valvesprings
Crower retainers
TB Motorworx roller cams
Ferrea rocker arms
Myers Competition header
Fuelab fuel pump
Injector Dynamics 600cc
Kinsler fuel rail
Aeromotive fuel regulator
Earl’s fittings and lines
G-Force transmission
Quaife differential
Exedy twin disc
Exedy flywheel
Prodrive axles

Htup 1209 04 o+2000 acura integra GS R+B18B engine block Photo 5/7   |   2000 Acura Integra GS-R - Unique Technique

345 whp

Htup 1209 07 o+2000 acura integra GS R+sparco seat Photo 6/7   |   2000 Acura Integra GS-R - Unique Technique

Strange Engineering coilovers
TB Motorworx anti-roll bars
Skunk2 alignment kit


Wheels & Tires
Exospeed wheels 13x9 front
Mickey Thompson 24x5-9 front
Exospeed wheels 15x4 rear
Mickey Thompson 15x4 rear

Baco paint/body respray
JDM ITR conversion
TB Motorworx front bumper

Sparco seat
G-Force harness
TB Motorworx cage

Owner Specs

Favorite site

Htup 1209 03 o+2000 acura integra GS R+drag spoiler Photo 7/7   |   2000 Acura Integra GS-R - Unique Technique

Screen name

Building Hondas
15 years

Dream Car
Nissan GTR

Inspiration for this Build
Love of drag racing

Future builds
Only one mission—9s!

Come at Me Bro

The company TB keeps is armed to the teeth with H, F, and K-series motors sporting displacement that runs north of 2.7 liters in some cases. When asked why he’s so dead set on keeping his B series, TB reminds us of just how much money is involved. To start with, a B18 block and B16 head are extremely cheap in comparison to more powerful stock motors. After so many years in existence, the B-series family has an unparalleled number of aftermarket parts available in both off-the-shelf and custom spec options. With the requirement of a basic teardown and inspection after every few events, as well as a complete rebuild every year, TB is quite comfortable with the “investment x results” equation that he’s developed through hands-on experience and trial and error. Save the B!


Wiseco Performance Products
Mentor, OH 44060
Pann Auto Performance
San Diego, CA 92111
Crower Cams
San Diego, CA 92154
Rev Racing Engine Valves
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
By Rodrez
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