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2008 Honda Civic Si - Redrum

Godspeed Project’s daily driven, time attack, Mugen RR-inspired thoroughbred

Joey Lee
Aug 24, 2012
Htup 1209 01 o+2008 honda civic si+JDM headlights Photo 1/8   |   2008 Honda Civic Si - Redrum

One of the debates you most often hear among Honda enthusiasts is whether or not a build is truly functional. Functionality is really only relative to what the owner’s intentions were during the assembly of the vehicle in question, but you’ll frequently hear people talk about how there are too many show cars that never see an actual track time. There are individuals who care very little about racing their cars, but since they’ve installed performance upgrades, it’s assumed that their focus is the racetrack. The race enthusiasts are usually at the opposite end of the spectrum of the show car crowd, and it’s been that way for as long as anyone can remember. You either beat the crap out of your car racing it, or you want to keep it as pristine as possible for the next show. It’s a rare thing to find someone in the Honda community who is into both and willing to embrace both sides.

Ken Suen is one of those guys who loves all aspects of the tuning world. He’s often being pulled in two directions and trying to find a balance between show and go. When he first acquired his 2008 Si, he never had any intentions of doing anything crazy with it. His plans were to build a clean street cruiser that he could drive to work every day, as well as various automotive events. The Civic you see today is a far cry from his original intentions. What was supposed to be a simple, daily driven Civic has now been transformed into a full-blown time attack race car.

Htup 1209 02 o+2008 honda civic si+voltex type 4 GT wing Photo 2/8   |   HTUP-120900-FD2-026-030-
2019 Honda Civic
$21,450 Base Model (MSRP) MPG Fuel Economy

“I bought this Civic brand-new from a local dealership four years ago,” Ken explains. “Back then, it was the stock Taffeta White color and I had planned to just put some wheels on it and maybe an intake. I began doing research on the car later and often found myself looking through countless Japanese car magazines for inspiration. It was in one of these magazines when I first discovered the FD2 Civic Mugen RR. I loved how aggressive the car looked and decided that I wanted to do the conversion.”

Not long after, Suen was able to locate an RR front and rear end conversion. Many of you are probably wondering if it is an authentic kit, and Ken will admit with no hesitation that it certainly is not. The authentic Mugen RR kit is not something you can just buy at your local tuner shop. There were only 300 Mugen RRs ever produced, so you can imagine how difficult it would be to actually get your hands on a complete “real deal” conversion. The way Ken would later pound on the car, it’s probably better that he has a replica kit. (Continue reading and you will understand why.) After acquiring the kit, he made the decision to respray the car in a red hue to match the look of the Mugen RRs he saw in Japan. He didn’t want to have the RR look without some power to back it up, so he installed some bolt-on parts like an intake, exhaust, and header. With these new additions, Ken was pretty happy with his Civic. He began attending local meets and going to car shows but never had any thoughts of racing the FA5 on a closed course.

After some convincing from his friends, he agreed to take his Civic to a weekend track event—one session later, he was hooked for life. The pursuit of speed had consumed him and he found himself participating in every weekend track event he could possibly find. Ken’s Civic was also living a double-life as his daily driver during all of the action-packed weekends. The combination of harsh weekend racing and a long daily commute began taking its toll on the stock K20Z3. Luckily for Suen, he made some new friends during his racing exploits, one of them being Loi Song of Sportcar Motion. Loi was not only an expert when it came to Honda K engines, his shop had become very well known for dominating the Limited FF class at various time attack events and setting record-breaking times. If there was anyone that could help Ken find more performance from his K, it was Sportcar Motion.

Htup 1209 07 o+2008 honda civic si+gold heat wrap Photo 3/8   |   2008 Honda Civic Si - Redrum

Suen entrusted his faith in Loi and the SCM crew and wasted no time in bringing the car to their shop in San Marcos, California. Loi and his crew quickly went to work, pulling the worn-out K20 in order to refresh the powerplant. To maximize power, a bevy of Skunk2 goods were installed, and the transmission was removed and shipped to Gearspeed. Torn down and rebuilt using their signature carbon synchros and a new Kaaz LSD, Gearspeed made quick work of the process, and SCM pieced the car back together in just a few days. For tuning duties, the Civic was transported to Church Automotive Testing where it was fine-tuned using Hondata’s FlashPro.

Confident in the power of his new motor and his growing experience as a driver, Ken resolved to compete at a Global Time Attack event. He then spent time with Loi designing and creating a one-off front splitter to help plant the front end. However, the new aero package wouldn’t mean a thing without a rear wing for proper balance, so Evasive Motorsports was contacted and was able to source a Voltex GT wing and canards to complete the package.

Over the next few weeks leading up to the Global Time Attack event, Ken spent all his time trying to improve his driving skills. He even enlisted the help of longtime front-wheel-drive record breaker Clint Boisdeau. The Apollo Performance driver accompanied him on the track and taught him some time-slicing driving tactics. By the time Ken finished testing his new setup, he was pleasantly surprised to learn that his lap times had improved by over eight seconds! This is a huge, huge feat for someone with no more than a year of experience under his belt. At the Global Time Attack event, Ken managed to win the Street Front Wheel Drive class, outrunning Boisdeau, a driver who he looks up to as his mentor.

Htup 1209 03 o+2008 honda civic si+voltex front canards Photo 4/8   |   2008 Honda Civic Si - Redrum

It is wild to see how much of a transformation Ken and his Civic have made in just a short amount of time. He went from a young kid who barely knew anything about cars, to a very formidable driver in the road racing community. Although he’s experienced a significant amount of personal success, he’s quick to point out that it is all in good fun. And in case you’re wondering, he still makes that lengthy commute every single day from Ontario to El Monte, California, in his RR-converted Civic. And when he’s not chasing down lap times or daily driving, you’ll find his Civic at various car shows throughout the Southern California region, albeit with a few more battle scars. Ken Suen is a true enthusiast who does it all, and we’ve got nothing but the utmost respect for a guy like that.

Bolts & Washers

Innovative 95A engine mounts
Skunk2 Stage 2 camshafts
Skunk2 valves
Skunk2 valvesprings
Skunk2 retainers
JDM FD2 oil pump
Sportcar Motion oil cooler kit
RRC intake manifold
Godspeed Project 3.5-inch custom cold-air intake
Vibrant velocity stack
Acura TL-S throttle body
Skunk2 Alpha exhaust manifold
Go Power 3-inch cat-back exhaust
OEM Acura RDX 410cc fuel injectors
Skunk2 fuel rail
Forged Racing radiator
Spoon Sports oil cap
Spoon Sports radiator cap
Gearspeed-built OEM transmission
Competition clutch
Fidanza flywheel
Kaaz limited-slip differential
Hondata Flash Pro

Htup 1209 06 o+2008 honda civic si+K20Z3 motor Photo 5/8   |   With the help of Sportcar Motion, Suen’s sedan spins the Dynapack to 270hp.

270hp and 186 lb-ft torque

Tein Mono-Flex coilovers
Ultra Racing antiroll bar
Ultra Racing braces
Godspeed Project V2 rear camber kit

Htup 1209 04 o+2008 honda civic si+volk racing CE28N Photo 6/8   |   2008 Honda Civic Si - Redrum

Centric brake rotors
Project Mu Club Racer front brake pads
OEM Acura TL-S Brembo front brake calipers
Goodridge stainless brake lines
Motul 660 brake fluids

Wheels & Tires
Front: 17x9 +15 Volk Racing RE30, 255/40-17 Hankook RS3
Rear: 17x9 +38 Volk Racing CE28N, 215/45-17 Hankook RS3

Custom Lotus Red paint from DTM Autobody
JDM OEM FD2 headlights
JDM OEM FD2 taillights
Mugen FD2 RR replica conversion kit
Godspeed custom front splitter
Seibon Mugen RR-style carbon-fiber hood, color-matched
Seibon FD2-style carbon fiber trunk, color-matched
Voltex Type 4 GT wing
Voltex front canards
Aerocatch hood latches

Bride Zeta III driver seat
Bride Euro II passenger seat
Schroth racing harnesses
Personal Fitti E3 350mm suede steering wheel
NSX Type S Zero shift knob
S2000 CR shifter boot
AEM wideband air/fuel gauge

Htup 1209 05 o+2008 honda civic si+beta zeta iii Photo 7/8   |   2008 Honda Civic Si - Redrum

Godspeed Project
Sportcar Motion
DTM Autobody
Temple City Tire
Tein USA
Loi Song
Renzo Marsano
Clint Boisdeau
Chris “POW” Billedo
My family (even though they don’t really like what I’m doing—lol)

Owner Specs

Daily grind
Working my tail off at Godspeed Project

Htup 1209 08 o+2008 honda civic si+mugen FD2 RR replica rear bumper Photo 8/8   |   2008 Honda Civic Si - Redrum

Favorite sites and

Screen name
Big Red

Building Hondas
4 years

Dream car
BMW E90 M3

Inspiration for this build
My boss at Godspeed Project

Future build
CL9 TSX daily driver

Classic Overachiever

We first spotted Ken Suen and his Mugen RR replica a little over a year ago. His Civic was in the parking lot of a car show in Anaheim, and we knew we had to check it out. At that time it was just a JDM Mugen RR conversion on Volk wheels with little to no engine modifications. Contact info was exchanged because we had an interest in doing a story on his car after he made some changes, but we had no idea how much it would change in just one year. At this point, it’s a full-blown time attack vehicle/daily driver with a well-tuned motor, and Ken has grown into an excellent driver. At first it seemed like such a random encounter, but we’re happy to have been witness to Ken’s driving progression and his Civic’s massive transformation over the last year. At the rate he’s going, the future looks bright.


Skunk2 Racing
Norco, CA 92860
Hankook Tire
Wayne, NJ 07470
Sportcar Motion
San Marcos, CA
GearSpeed Parts & Performance
Ranco Cucamonga, CA 91730
By Joey Lee
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