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 |   |  1994 Honda Civic Sedan - Against The Grain
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1994 Honda Civic Sedan - Against The Grain

A revamp of epic proportions.

May 28, 2013
Htup 1304 07 o+1994 honda civic sedan+azect side skirts Photo 1/20   |   Htup 1304 07 O+1994 Honda Civic Sedan+Azect Side Skirts

The names “Michael Trevino” or “Mike’s Garage” might sound somewhat familiar to avid Honda Tuning readers, but the car pictured is undoubtedly foreign to most. Although this exact car was featured in the pages of HT not long ago, Trevino grew restless and felt that a major makeover was in order. Not uncommon to many hard-core Honda builders, the idea of reinventing a project crosses many a visionary and oftentimes culminates in nothing more than a fresh set of wheels and a new lip and wing. In Trevino’s case, thoughts of going with a light update never crossed his mind. Big plans were under pressure, however, as life-changing events were on the horizon and time was of the essence. He adds, “In late 2011, we decided to make a drastic change to our car before the next season. With my wife due early in the year, we knew we had to get the build done quickly.” Done quickly is an understatement as the complete transformation took place in just four short months.

The first order of business was a complete color change. The factory Phantom Grey color was retired, and a unique Orange Crush tone was selected for the chassis. To complement the bodywork, a rare set of Azect side skirts were added to the mix along with an authentic Mugen front lip. The rear wing and hood, both composed of carbon fiber, received a light coat of paint to tie them to the body. In stark contrast to the bright orange exterior, a set of staggered Blitz 01 wheels were powdercoated black and wrapped in Falken 452s with the wider wheels and tires up front. Hiding behind the old-school rollers are Rotora brakes and an ITR five-lug conversion.

Htup 1304 05 o+1994 honda civic sedan+nardi 360 deep corn steering wheel Photo 2/20   |   1994 Honda Civic Sedan - Against The Grain
2019 Honda Civic
$21,450 Base Model (MSRP) MPG Fuel Economy

Trevino’s previous powerplant consisted of an LS/VTEC setup that he eventually outfitted with a set of individual throttle bodies, and he even tinkered with the idea of pushing power further on the B-series platform. On a whim, he took a chance, contacted an industry power player, and plans changed drastically. “I had originally planned to build a 2.0L B series, but while the car was being painted, I reached out to Hybrid Racing and received a sponsorship. This meant an entirely different build than I had anticipated. I immediately started to part the B series out and put together the K24. I contacted Andrew at VEX Motorsports who sourced the block, tranny, and a bunch of miscellaneous parts for me, while the Hybrid Racing shipments started to roll in.” Like a rolling catalog, the K24 received the majority of Hybrid Racing goods from front to back, including the company’s intake, throttle body, engine mounts, fuel system, and a number of other essentials to complete the build.

There’s nothing wrong with changing direction during a project build, but in Trevino’s case, the decision to leave the B18/16 combo behind to make room for the K24 brought about a major problem. The freshly painted engine bay was going to need some additional work due to the fact that a K-series swap requires the removal of the B-series mount on one side. The idea of cutting into fresh paint doesn’t sit well with anyone, but it was necessary to keep the build on track. With the help of his friend, Mike Barron, the factory bracket was removed, a number of holes shaved, and the engine bay was resprayed. A number of tricks were implemented in order to further enhance the naked bay look, including a wire tuck, fuel line tuck, deleted headlight arms, and custom bent brake lines all performed by Trevino personally.

Trevino’s interior retained its original Bride Zeta IIIs, but he had them updated with color-matched shells. A Hybrid Racing shift kit was installed and highlighted by a precisely cut carbon-fiber plate that looks almost factory. In front of the shifter, an OEM optional audio console houses a head unit with the original radio and temperature slots filled with Prosport Performance gauges to monitor vitals.

Htup 1304 02 o+1994 honda civic sedan+prosport performance gauges Photo 3/20   |   1994 Honda Civic Sedan - Against The Grain

If you’re a parent, you know how stressful a pregnancy can be, especially when delivery time is right around the corner. Add to that a complete teardown and rebuild and you have the makings of the perfect ulcer. Trevino took the stress in stride with help from a dedicated wife and a team of friends who were willing to lend a helping hand. He adds, “I couldn’t have done this build without the dedication of a lot of my friends, working day and night. This is just the beginning! It took me four years to get the car to where it was in its previous state, so expect a lot more to come in the future. Everything gets better with age!”

Bolts & Washers

Hondata K-Pro management
Hybrid Racing engine mounts
Hybrid Racing intake
Hybrid Racing 70mm throttle body
RBC intake manifold
Blox Racing header
Modified T1R cat-back exhaust
VEX Motorsports test pipe
VEX Motorsports oil adapter plate
Hybrid Racing radiator
Hybrid Racing radiator hoses
Hybrid Racing chain tensioner
Hybrid Racing fuel filter Hybrid Racing fuel regulator
Hybrid Racing fuel gauge Hybrid Racing fuel lines/fittings
DC5 transmission
Hybrid shifter
Hybrid shift cables
XTD 6-puck clutch
XTD 9-lb flywheel Hybrid Racing axles

Htup 1304 06 o+1994 honda civic sedan+K24A2 Photo 4/20   |   1994 Honda Civic Sedan - Against The Grain

Function/Form Type 2 coilovers
ITR 5-lug conversion
Blox front/rear camber kits
ASR rear subframe brace
BWR rear LCAs
Full Race traction bar

Rotora 4-piston calipers
Rotora discs
Rotora pads
Custom hard lines

Htup 1304 03 o+1994 honda civic sedan+blitz 01 wheels Photo 5/20   |   Staggered Blitz 01 rollers and a Rotora BBK handle the stop and go.

Wheels & Tires
Blitz 01 17x9 +35 front
Blitz 01 17x8 +35 rear
Falken 452 235/40-17 front
Falken 452 215/40-17 rear

Custom Orange Crush paint
Mugen front lip
Azect side skirts
Custom carbon-fiber wing
Carbon-fiber hood
JDM headlights
JDM corner lights
JDM side markers
JDM power folding mirrors
JDM thin moldings
OEM optional window visors
Custom pulled front fenders

RHD conversion
Bride Zeta III seats
Color-matched seat backs
EDM rear seats
EDM door panels
Custom suede headliner
Custom suede side pillars
GForce 4-pt harnesses
VEX Motorsports harness bar
Nardi 360 Deep Corn steering wheel
NRG quick-release and hub
SRR pedals
Password:JDM shift knob
Gathers armrest
Prosport Performance gauges

Htup 1304 04 o+1994 honda civic sedan+bride zeta III seats Photo 6/20   |   1994 Honda Civic Sedan - Against The Grain

Thank you goes out to my wife Renee and our kids for putting up with me constantly being in the garage, Bandits crew (Danny and Heather, Jeremy and Nisa, Jimmy and Rachel, Pablo, Raymond, Raul), Mike, Lepe, Captain Jack, Marie, Dave, Oliver and crew at Macco Auto Body, Andrew and Phoung at VEX Motorsports, David at Hybrid Racing, and all of the photographers for the great coverage over the years

Owner Specs

Daily grind

Htup 1304 01 o+1994 honda civic sedan+mugen front lip Photo 7/20   |   1994 Honda Civic Sedan - Against The Grain

Favorite site

Screen name

Building Hondas
12 years

Dream car

Inspiration for this build
Just for fun

Future builds
None at this time

What Is “Mike’s Garage?”

The Mike’s Garage vinyl that sits upon the window of a few select cars is actually Trevino’s home garage where he helps friends to build their projects. A do-it-yourselfer who specializes in everything from swaps to brake line bending and wire tucks. It’s the small space that served as the operating table for Trevino’s ’94 sedan as he spent many a late night piecing the car back together and ironing out the details of this epic redo.

1994 honda civic sedan engine bay 02 Photo 8/20   |   1994 Honda Civic Sedan Engine Bay 02
1994 honda civic sedan nardi steering wheel 13 Photo 15/20   |   1994 Honda Civic Sedan Nardi Steering Wheel 13
1994 honda civic sedan password jdm shift knob 16 Photo 16/20   |   1994 Honda Civic Sedan Password Jdm Shift Knob 16
1994 honda civic sedan K24A2 01 Photo 20/20   |   1994 Honda Civic Sedan K24A2 01


Hybrid Racing
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Falken Tire
Fontana, CA 92335
Blackworks Racing
VEX Motorsports
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