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1998 Honda Integra Type R - Go With Green

500+ horsepower four-door ITR street and show terror

Joey Lee
May 28, 2013
Htup 1304 01 o+1998 honda integra type r+work meister m1 Photo 1/10   |   honda integra type r

The Honda community has produced some pretty memorable builds over the years. You could approach any of your fellow enthusiasts, bring up any particular chassis, and strike up a "hey do you remember __________'s build" conversation. These days, thanks to the Internet and ever-growing social media age, it's even easier to spot a Honda/Acura that will leave you with a lasting impression. Unlike the early days of our community, notable builds aren't just heard about through word of mouth and hearsay. The worldwide web has provided us the opportunity to see cars in great detail, whether it be through event coverage or online features. One Honda that the nation has seen a lot of over the last couple of years is Jeremy Duarte's four-door Integra. You probably remember it more when it was a dark blue shade with a host of iridescent "Neo Chrome" engine accessories under the hood. With a ton of exposure over the years came a whole lot of speculation about his ITR sedan, so we will allow Jeremy to tell you in his own words:

"My Integra is a legit, real deal, Japanese Honda Integra Type R," Jeremy proclaims. "The car was originally given to me by my friend Junior because he couldn't take it with him to Utah when he moved. I acquired it in 2005, and it was in pretty rough shape. I had to replace some body parts with U.S. Integra parts in order to finish it. It now has a mixture of JDM and U.S. parts, but it is an authentic DB8 Type R sedan."

Htup 1304 02 o+1998 honda integra type r+B18C1 engine Photo 2/10   |   1998 Honda Integra Type R - Go With Green

Another myth about Duarte's Integra Type R is that it is just a show car and doesn't ever get driven. While that may be true for some show cars, Jeremy's R is anything but your speculative "garage queen." The motor makes power, and he drives the living hell out of it. You've probably seen multiple photos of the four-door at events all over California, and he's driven it to and from every single time. The car has never seen a trailer, even when it has broken down on a long trip. "In 2008, I was on my way to the annual Eibach Honda Meet and managed to shear all the bolts on my flywheel to the crankshaft. I was stuck in the middle of central California, so I had no other option than to repair it on the side of the road by a gas station! I fixed it and made the drive the rest of the way down to SoCal."

One thing that you will never hear Jeremy deny is that his ITR is indeed a little rough around the edges. He'll be the first one to tell you that's because he puts his Honda to work. Although it has spent the last couple of years taking home multiple awards at various car shows, it hasn't stopped him from taking it down to the Port of Oakland for some "spirited competitive driving." Both the motor and chassis have seen a ton of wear and tear, so Jeremy made the decision to give his ITR a refresh in late 2011. The Neo Chrome engine bay made his Honda instantly recognizable, but it was time for an entirely new look. With the help of his fellow Bandits crew, he stripped the chassis down and sent it off to paint. Everything remained the same, including the Chargespeed front lip, but the entire shell was repainted inside and out with a bright green from a 2011 Chevy Camaro.

Under the repainted hood is a sleeved B18C1 motor. Because of his affinity to smash on the gas pedal, the motor has made its way in and out of his ITR numerous times for repairs. It is nowhere near perfect, but Jeremy is a very capable mechanic, so he's been able to maintain. The fortified GS-R engine features a catalog of Supertech Performance components, capable of handling the boost pressure from the massive Garrett GT35R turbine. Ignition spark is vastly improved via a Rywire coil-over-plug setup, while fuel delivery comes from twin fuel pumps feeding 1,200cc injectors; one an internal Walbro pump, the other an external Bosch 044 unit. Everything under the hood that was once coated in the conspicuous Neo Chrome finish has been redone in a mix of dark metallic blue and black nickel. The faces of Jeremy's rare Work Meister M1 wheels feature a matching blue hue. Behind the 17-inch wheels are custom retrofitted Porsche brakes front and rear. Inside the authentic right-hand-drive Type R is the original ITR interior, rear sedan seats and all, with additions including but not limited to a Nardi steering wheel, Takata safety harnesses, Bride Low Max seats, and a digital AIM MXL Strada display. Utilizing an AEM EMS, Jeremy's turbo ITR makes a whopping 548 whp.

Htup 1304 04 o+1998 honda integra type r+bride low max Photo 3/10   |   1998 Honda Integra Type R - Go With Green

Having owned the Honda for seven years now, you'd think that Jeremy would have an itch to build something new, but he's perfectly content with his car. "I just thoroughly enjoy driving this car," Duarte says. "My wife and I are currently building a new engine while also building her EK9 Civic Type R N1. We should be tuning by the time you guys read this, but our goal is to hit around 600 whp on pump gas. I'm excited for what the new year has to offer, so make sure to keep an eye out for my Integra and the rest of the Bandits crew. We might just be coming to an event near you."

Bolts & Washers

Innovative engine mounts
Bored to 2.0L
RS Machine sleeves
Supertech pistons
Supertech piston rings
Supertech valves
Supertech valvesprings
Supertech retainers
Eagle connecting rods
ITR oil pump
Skunk2 Stage 2 Tuner camshafts
Walbro 255lph in-tank fuel pump
Bosch 044 external fuel pump
1,200cc fuel injectors
Skunk2 Composite fuel rail
Trick Flow fuel filter
Trick Flow fuel regulator
FJO injector driver
Custom fuel lines and fittings
Garrett GT35R turbocharger
Custom intake piping
Spoolin Performance top-mount turbo manifold
Ported Venom intake manifold
Skunk2 74mm throttle body
TiAL blow-off valve
Custom 4-inch V-band exhaust
TiAL wastegate
NGK 4554 spark plugs
Rywire C.O.P. ignition setup
OEM K20 coil packs
Custom oil catch can
Moroso crankcase filter
Rywire custom tucked radiator
All In Fab radiator overflow tank
Skunk2 oil cap
Skunk2 radiator cap
S80 manual transmission
Custom 4-puck non-sprung clutch
Competition Clutch flywheel
Kaaz limited-slip differential
DSS axles

Htup 1304 07 o+1998 honda integra type r+B18C1 Photo 4/10   |   1998 Honda Integra Type R - Go With Green

548 whp and 342 lb-ft torque

Htup 1304 08 o+1998 honda integra type r+work meister m1 Photo 5/10   |   17-inch Work Meister M1 wheels.

Function/Form Type 2.5 coilovers
Benen rear lower tie-bar
Polyurethane bushings

Custom-mounted brake rotors
OEM Porsche front brake calipers
Brembo Porsche rear brake calipers
Super Blue brake fluids

Wheels & Tires
17x7 +35 Work Meister M1
215/45-17 Zexius Xi427

2011 Camaro Synergy Green paint
Chargespeed front lip

AEM MXL Strada instrument display
AEM engine management system
Bride Gias Low Max seats
Takata safety harnesses
NRG harness bar
NRG shift knob
Nardi steering wheel
SRR pedals

My beautiful wife Nisa Duarte, my awesome kids Kory Duarte, Donovyn Duarte, Alexyss Duarte, Leilani Duarte, Lysha, TeaJhey, Tiger, Junior, Craig, the entire Bandits family! Pete, Josh, and crew at MBO Autobody, Cesar Gil and NorCal Auto Stylez, Gavin, Zach and Lepe! Charlie and Sal At CNS Custom Works, Phil and Spoolin Performance, Tony Shagday and Skunk2, Derek and All In Fab, Ryan and Rywire, Preston and Function/Form, Andrew Wu and VEX Motorsports, Willy and Martin Supertech Performance, Brandon at JDM Decals, Joey Lee of the Chronicles, Matt Rodrez of Honda Tuning, Aron Hardy, and last but not least everyone in this scene!!!

Owner Specs

Daily grind
Audio/video technician

Htup 1304 05 o+1998 honda integra type r+garrett turbo Photo 9/10   |   1998 Honda Integra Type R - Go With Green

Favorite site

Screen name
RedZoneDB8 or SydeEffects

Building Hondas
Since 1994

Dream car
1996 Toyota Supra or 1995 Mazda RX-7

Inspiration for this build
The love of the hobby

Future builds
My wife's EK9 CTR N1-spec

From Throwaway To Award-Winner

Many of you may be wondering why Jeremy's Integra Type R has a GS-R motor in it instead of an ITR. After all, what's a Type R without its infamous engine, right? Well his reasoning was simple: When he first acquired the shell, it was literally just that-a shell. The four-door chassis had made its way to the United States as a parts car and was basically left for dead. It had been completely stripped out, so it took some time for Jeremy to piece the car back together. Putting an ITR motor back into the chassis was never something that Jeremy had planned to do. He was building multiple cars for customers at the now-defunct RedZone Performance back in mid-2000s, and it was just easier for him to piece together a B18C1. Now that the motor has been sleeved and built to a 2.0L 500hp beast, the thought of having a "complete" Integra Type R is nowhere on his list of priorities.

Htup 1304 03 o+1998 honda integra type r+chargespeed front lip Photo 10/10   |  
An aggressive OEM front end plays host to an intercooler and Chargespeed lip.


Supertech Performance
San Jose, CA 95136
Garden Grove, CA 92843
By Joey Lee
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