1998 Honda PreludeOwner: Tommy & Karen Nguyen; Salisbury, Md.Without the patience of girlfriend Karen and the help of friend John Palmer, Tommy feels that his Prelude project would not be where it is today. As it stands, the engine is a 2.2-liter DOHC VTEC with a Racing Sport Akimoto intake helping breathing duties and a Focuz 2.25-in. cat-back exhaust ushering the spent fumes out. Other items residing in the engine bay are an Aerospeed breather filter and a Tenzo oil cap. Tommy's Prelude rolls on 17-in. Racing Seneka's wrapped with Nitto NT-501s. The suspension is enhanced by way of a set of Skunkworks coil-overs and an AC Auto Design strut bar. On the exterior, Tommy added a Wings West Big Mouth front, Wings West rear valence and hood cowl, V.I.S. sides and a Saleen spoiler. Future plans include a DC Sports header, a set of Tokico shocks and once the warranty expires, thisPrelude should see forced induction in one form or another.