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Major Penalty - 1994 Toyota Supra

Building Cars Is For Everyone, Even A Professional Athlete From Finland, With His '94 Toyota Supra

RC Faderoga
Dec 1, 2008
Photographer: Andy Bui
Impp_0812_01_z+1994_toyota_supra_740whp_single_turbo+back_right_view Photo 1/13   |   Major Penalty - 1994 Toyota Supra

It's often a hard fact, a truth we can't go without, much like the fact that the sky is blue and the grass is green, we go through life profiling each other through the senseless stereotypes we've either inherited from our parents or learned from watching Chappelle's Show. It's just the way we're hard wired. Either we accept it, or we live in denial. I accepted this fact about myself many years ago, driving around town assuming that the kid with the Nike Dunks and BAPE shirt might be listening to Lupe Fiasco on his iPod, or that the guy with the bald head, red suspenders, and Doc Martens might want to kick my ass because of the color of my skin. But all this done changed when I met Alex Hudspeth, owner of this '94 Toyota Supra.

Alex is a 22-year-old college grad from Hagerstown, Md., a small city 75 miles away from Baltimore and hours from any form of tuning life. He loves to party and is way into slop tarts, but it's what he does as a profession that makes him unique from anybody who's ever driven on coilovers. Alex plays forward for the Varkaus Eagles, a professional hockey team in Eastern Finland. He isn't a benchwarmer, either: Alex won player of the week honors for his team early this year. Sure, anyone can be a tuner, but a professional hockey player dippin' inside a Supra to the ice rink? It's almost as believable as a chupacabra sighting.

Impp_0812_03_z+1994_toyota_supra_740whp_single_turbo+front_right_side Photo 2/13   |   Major Penalty - 1994 Toyota Supra

What's even more unbelievable is that he's managed to churn out a pretty sexy ride-this Supra, reminiscent of the gold one from Top Secret, except this is red and lives in America. "I actually used the gold Top Secret Supra as inspiration," Alex explained, "But I built this vehicle because I've always wanted to own a Japanese supercar capable of making high numbers reliably, plus I wanted to start a new project after my Honda S2000 was done." The S2000 was actually the car Alex was known for among his circle of friends and show spectators up and down the Atlantic coast.

His S2000 was a popular car in the East Coast scene; a Team Emotion show car, which was a Hot Import Nights Best of Show winner and touted as the first 600whp S2000 in the world. It was the car that made Alex the veteran tuner he is today. But he finished the S2 to the core and wanted something to really challenge him. Enter the Toyota Supra, a car that still has many around the world perplexed as they try to perfect its engine and chassis.

Though Alex is still attempting to accomplish that feat of Supra perfection, he's managed to come close enough for an Import Tuner feature. "I purchased this car during the summer of '05. I found it stock on AutoTrader in Texas with 130,000 miles," he says, "I started buying parts for it the day it arrived, like an exhaust, downpipe, boost controller, and usual Supra bolt-ons. The first engine blew up on stock twins, followed up by the transmission and differential. That's when I closely inspected the car and found out that it had been abused as a former drag car with stock parts replaced. I was duped, but it gave me the motivation to make sure it was done right this time around."

Impp_0812_04_z+1994_toyota_supra_740whp_single_turbo+motor_view Photo 3/13   |   Major Penalty - 1994 Toyota Supra

His first stop was at Atlantic Motorsports, where he put in the HKS cams, HKS cam gears, Virtual Works intake manifold, GReddy oil cooler, and polishing and dressing up of the engine bay. He then took the Supra to 1320Motoring where he decided that "twin turbo" meant one too many snails. So 1320 upgraded the inline-six motor to a single turbo. They opted for the Precision T-76 turbocharger, coupled with an HKS manifold, GReddy blow-off valve, Tial wastegate, and Precision custom-made 4-inch intercooler piping. The exhaust system features a 4-inch titanium piece from HKS and a 90mm throttle body from Virtual Works. 1320Motoring performed all the tuning with an AEM EMS, making sure all the parts worked harmoniously to the tune of 740 dyno-proven whp.

Impp_0812_05_z+1994_toyota_supra_740whp_single_turbo+turbo_view Photo 4/13   |   Major Penalty - 1994 Toyota Supra

Of course, this would be all for naught if the Supra looked as dingy as the day he bought it. So Alex went really smooth with the exterior changes. He added a major Seibon carbon-fiber lip, Stout hood, Top Secret rear diffuser with vortex generators, and a set of Ganador carbon-fiber mirrors. If looks could give hip checks, this would be it. Underneath the chassis is a set of HKS Hyper Max Drag II coilovers, governing the set of 18-inch Volk Racing GT-V Top Secret gold wheels, wrapped with gooey fun in some BFGoodrich KDW tires.

Inside features two Bride XAX leather seats, a Top Secret limited edition all-black steering wheel, Project Mu pedals, and a carbon-fiber custom-made dash kit to make all the hypebeasts drool. Alex also didn't forget about the interior sounds, installing a Kenwood head unit and a set of Alpine speakers to make your inner ears deaf. All of which is a testament to the hard work Alex put into the car.

Impp_0812_06_z+1994_toyota_supra_740whp_single_turbo+interior_view Photo 5/13   |   Major Penalty - 1994 Toyota Supra

Despite the fact that he's making it big as a professional athlete overseas and that he comes from a small town, Alex makes it known that his real passions lie in turbos, exhausts, and wheels. Just Google his name and the first results will reveal his true love, the tuning life, followed up by his other gig, pro hockey. "I don't want to be like anyone else," he said, "I never stopped building this car even through many setbacks. Besides, all that makes me really smile is blowing the doors off any V-8."

Behind The BuildHead to the message boards at to chat about this feature Vehicle

Name.Alex Hudspeth


Hometown.Hagerstown, MD

Occupation.Professional Hockey Player

Hobbies.Hockey, Partying, Slop Tarts

Build time.Three Years

Quote."I wanted to own a Japanese super car capable of making high horsepower reliably"

'94 Toyota SupraOutput 740 whp, 617 lb-ft of torque, 10.5 @ 117Engine HKS 280 camshafts, 4-inch titanium exhaust, tubular turbo manifold, cam gears, heat shield, velocity stack, timing belt, twin power ignition; AEM EMS; Aeromotive fuel regulator; Blitz turbo timer; Virtual Works intake manifold, 90mm throttle body; IPT carbon-fiber valve cover; GReddy oil cap, ProFec B boost controller, Type R blow-off valve, 16-row oil coolers (x2); Precision T-76 turbocharger, custom 4-inch intercooler piping; Koyo radiator; PWR radiator hoses; pulley kit; Top Secret radiator diversion panels; SP Engineering intercooler temp sensor; Walbro fuel pump; Titan Motorsports fuel rail

Drivetrain TRD limited slip differential; Exedy triple carbon clutch; RMS flywheel

Suspension HKS Hyper Max Drag II coilovers

Wheels/Tires 18x9.5 Volk Racing GT-V Top Secret gold with BFGoodrich KDW tires (front); 18x11 Volk Racing GT-V with BFGoodrich KDW tires (rear)

Brakes Top Secret pads; Fusion brake fluid

Exterior Seibon carbon-fiber lip; Stout carbon-fiber hood; Top Secret rear diffuser with vortex generators; Tial Japan HID lighting; Ganador carbon fiber mirrors; C-West taillight covers; Competition graphics

Interior Bride XAX 2 leather seats; custom dash kit; Top Secret limited edition all-black steering wheel, shifter knob; Project Mu pedals; carbon-fiber side airbag gauge pod

Electronics Defi gauges, link display; Kenwood Excelon; Alpine Type R speakers


Team Emotion
Bulletproof Automotive
Hawthorne, CA 90250
By RC Faderoga
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