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5 Greatest Toyota Supras

Scott Tsuneishi
Aug 13, 2010
Photographers: Staff, Owners

The fourth-generation (MKIV) Toyota Supra's oversized reputation gained significant momentum at the same time the tuning scene took off in the late '90s-just as U.S. production of the MKIV ceased in 1998. Unlike falling resale values that led to the popularity of modifying most Japanese sport compacts, even today-13 years after the final JZA80s left production-MKIV Supras have largely held their value. This is a pay-to-play platform, and once the Supra's extreme power potential and reliability were discovered by tuners (and immortalized on the silver screen), those with the means had to have them. Supras and 2JZ-powered platforms began dominating every class in which they competed during import drag racing's heyday, and continue to do so today. As drag-prepped Supras became quicker (quarter-mile E.T.) and faster (trap/top speed), six-cylinder/RWD classifications of sanctioning bodies changed constantly in an effort to level the playing field. But the Supra continued to dominate. Drivers like Vinny Ten and Craig Paisley won consistently at the track, gaining post-production fame no one could have imagined-momentum which racers like Paul Efantis, Ryan Woon and Sriyantha Weerasuria (S.W.), and shops like Titan Motorsports, Boost Logic, and Wide Open Throttle Motorsports continue today. From Tommy Bahn's original 201mph Texas Mile run in 2006 to his 247.7mph run at the 2010 event, the Supra continues to push the envelope of vehicle competition in ways not thought of a decade ago.

Impp_1010_02_o+5_greatest_supras+front_view Photo 2/12   |   5 Greatest Toyota Supras

This month, we highlight five of our favorite MKIVs to date and give you the scoop straight from their creators themselves, knowing there's a good chance their records may have fallen at the wheels of other Supras by the time you read this. The Supra has proven to be the best at many things, not the least of which is upping the ante.

1. Boost Logic
Output: 1,700 WHP
Claim to Fame: World's quickest unibody Supra
Proof: 7.59-second quarter-mile E.T.

Impp_1010_01_o+boost_logic+supra_exterior Photo 3/12   |   5 Greatest Toyota Supras

During the 2010 TX2K10 National Supra Meet held in Houston, TX, Boost Logic's drag Supra stunned the crowd as it blasted down the quarter-mile with an E.T. of 7.59 seconds at 189 mph. Boost Logic reclaimed the title from Titan Motorsports, and currently stands as the world's quickest unibody Supra.

Q: How does it feel to hold the title of the world's quickest unibody Supra?
A: We never thought our Supra would be going as quick and as fast as it is now. Competition among friends and rival shops has sparked our development, and continues to fuel the fire for us to be faster and always one-up the competition. We began racing the Supra as a shop car and were ecstatic to be of an elite few in the 9-second club. We never thought we would touch the 8-second E.T. barrier, but sure enough, we did. Then when 7-second E.T.s were deemed unattainable by a heavy unibody six-cylinder car, we went 7s. Now we are running mid 7-second E.T.s on an automatic transmission and high 7-second passes in our six-speed manual-transmission Supra, and are knocking on the 250mph barrier in the standing-mile. We have officially quit saying anything is impossible.

Boost Logic 3.3L race engine
Boost Logic-spec Headgames cylinder head
Boost Logic T6 turbo kit
Boost Logic custom intake manifold
Boost Logic custom air-to-water intercooler
AMS 1000 boost controller

Impp_1010_03_o+boost_logic+supra_engine_bay Photo 4/12   |   5 Greatest Toyota Supras

Fuel/Engine Management
Boost Logic custom fuel system

Boost Logic Stage 3 Powerglide transmission with Neal Chance torque converter
Boost Logic custom transmission cooler

Custom 25.5-spec roll cage
Strange drag race brake kit

Weld Prostar 15-inch drag wheels
29x13.5-inch Mickey Thompson slicks, skinnies

Custom sheet-metal wide body rear quarter panels
Custom drag wing and front lip
Seibon carbon fiber hatch and hood

Boost Logic

Tuning Concepts

Buy Definition

2. Ken Henderson
Output: 1,115 WHP
Claim to Fame: World's most recognized supra
Proof: Nine magazine articles, two covers, one book

Impp_1010_04_o+ken_henderson+supra_exterior Photo 5/12   |   5 Greatest Toyota Supras

Ken Henderson's Supra, nicknamed "Blackie", is known as one of the most thoroughly modified in the country. Henderson's Supra is credited with many "firsts" in the U.S., including first to sport a custom Brembo four-piston caliper big-brake kit, Greddy twin-turbo upgrade, HKS F-CON V Pro EMS, HKS 3.4L stroker kit, HKS GT3240 twin-turbo upgrade, and OS Giken quadruple-disk clutch. A lot has changed since Henderson's last appearance in Turbo magazine [cover, November '04]. Even so, the "best of the best" approach employed by Henderson and SP Engineering has made this one of the top street cars in America. It's won eight individual awards at the Supras Invade Las Vegas (SILV) national Supra meet, has been featured in nine magazine articles (including two covers), and in one book, making it what we consider the most famous MKIV Supra in the world (excluding a certain orange movie car).

Q: Did you ever expect your Supra to achieve its current status?
A: My initial expectations were relatively modest, as my frame of reference was my experiences with my custom MKII and MKIII Supras. This changed when the MKIV Supra first showed up on the cover of Car and Driver magazine, going 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds and doing the quarter in 13.1 seconds at 109 mph. I purchased mine new in 1994, so the virtually endless power possibilities with this car were not yet apparent. For example, I won the dyno competition at the inaugural SILV event in 1997 with only 405 whp. By the 2004 competition, the car almost tripled in horsepower and won with 1,110 whp.

HKS 3.4L stroker kit
HKS GT3240 dual ball-bearing turbos
HKS GT tubular equal-length exhaust manifolds
HKS 272-degree intake and exhaust cams
HKS EVC-Pro boost controller
Veilside intake manifold with fuel rail and 100mm throttle body
Ferrea valvetrain
ARP head and main studs

Impp_1010_06_o+ken_henderson+supra_engine_bay Photo 6/12   |   5 Greatest Toyota Supras

Fuel/Engine Management
SP Engineering custom fuel system
HKS F-CON V Pro engine management system
HKS dual-bank, A/F knock amplifier

OS Giken quad-disk clutch

Tein RA Circuit Master coilovers
Toyota Racing Development anti-roll bars
Brembo six-piston monoblock front calipers
Brembo four-piston F50 rear calipers
Brembo 14-inch vented and cross-drilled two-piece rotors

Work Meister S2Rs wheels
Bridgestone S-O2 Potenza tires (265/35-18 front, 295/35-18 rear)

Interior/Electronics/In-Car Entertainment
Clarion VX709 double-din DVD multimedia station
Clarion NAX980HD GPS navigation system
Clarion CK625E rear vision camera kit

Do-Luck late-model body kit
Do-Luck rear spoiler
Do-Luck rear under diffuser
Do-Luck early-model rear over fenders
Do-Luck aluminum grille mesh inserts

SP Engineering




3. Titan Motorsports
Output: 1,600 WHP
Claim to Fame: Record breaker
Proof: over a dozen E.T. and trap speed records in a decade

Impp_1010_05_o+titan_motorsports+supra_exterior Photo 7/12   |   5 Greatest Toyota Supras

This is the one that started it all for Titan Motorsports-a Supra originally purchased for the street that has been through many evolutions. This Titan Supra went from daily driver to weekend car, to occasionally tracked car, and finally to purpose-built drag monster and R&D test bed. The MKIV Toyota Supra is what ignited the passion in owner Nero Deliwala and led him to start Titan Motorsports. The car set many historical milestones, from setting the NHRA Pro Street Tire record in 2002, to claiming the long-standing 7.66@189 E.T./trap speed world record, to a BFGoodrich poster and advertising campaign. For over a decade, this has been the Supra to beat, and don't think it's retiring anytime soon.

Q: Is the Supra truly the first and only supercar manufactured by Toyota?
A: The Supra was never billed as a supercar. It was just the evolution of the previous MKIII Supra. It was not until after the MKIV ceased production that it gained cult status and became a collector's car. The Lexus LFA that will be released in 2011 will truly be the first supercar from Toyota. The only question is whether the LFA be able to live up to the cult status of the Supra, or if history will show it to be below the Supra in popularity and performance. Check back in 15 years and you'll know.

3.4L Titan Motorsports Stroker
Titan Motorsports Stage 5 cylinder head
Precision 91mm ball-bearing turbo
Titan cams
Titan half-inch head studs
Titan main caps and studs
Ferrea valvetrain

Impp_1010_07_o+titan_motorsports+supra_engine_bay Photo 8/12   |   5 Greatest Toyota Supras

Fuel/Engine Management
Motec M800 ECU
Custom fuel delivery

Titan adapter plate, flywheel, torque converter
Powerglide transmission

Titan Motorsports drag brake package
Titan Motorsports custom-built cage
Koni Electric Drag rear suspension
HKS Drag Launch front suspension

Weld front and rear wheels
28x10.5-inch Mickey Thompson drag radials, skinnies

Stock chassis and body panels

Titan Motorsports



Nitrous Express

Precision Turbo

XS Power

4. Sriyantha Weerasuria (S.W.)
Output: 1,650 WHP
Claim to Fame: World's quickest and fastest six-speed street Supra
Proof: 7.91@189.9 mph

Impp_1010_08_o+sriyantha_weerasuria+supra_exterior Photo 9/12   |   5 Greatest Toyota Supras

Sriyantha Weerasuria, otherwise known as S.W., has become legendary in the Supra community with his ultra-rare '96 black hardtop Supra (one of five black hardtops manufactured that year). With an engine built by Boost Logic and tuned by Tuning Concepts, it rightfully owns the title of world's quickest and fastest six-speed street car, with a 189.9mph quarter-mile trap speed, and a 7.91-second E.T. In 2009, S.W. also took top honors in the Unlimited Street class at the Texas Mile with a 246.24mph run. The best part: it's a plated, registered, insured, no-bullshit, street-driven car. No full cage, methanol, tubbed rear, or solid rear end here.

Q: Why is the 2JZ-GTE such a versatile engine? Are there any engines that can compare?
A: The 2JZ has been able to accomplish so much because it came overbuilt from the factory. Every facet of the stock engine, from the short block to its bearings, is capable of matching the Bugatti Veyron's 1,000 hp with 10 fewer cylinders and less than half as much displacement, and today we can build the engines to make double that amount. It's amazing in stock form, and is one of the most modification-friendly engines in existence, period. There are very few engines that share the potential of the 2JZ, and they are either in a much more expensive vehicle or in one that lacks the drivetrain and aerodynamics to perform on the level of the Supra.

Boost Logic 3.3L race engine
Boost Logic-spec Headgames cylinder head
Boost Logic T6 turbo kit
Boost Logic custom intake manifold
AMS 1000 boost controller

Impp_1010_10_o+sriyantha_weerasuria+supra_engine_bay Photo 10/12   |   5 Greatest Toyota Supras

Fuel/Engine Management
Motec ECU
Custom fuel system

Factory six-speed Transmission (Getrag V160)
Tilton quad-disk clutch

HKS drag suspension
Custom 25.5 spec roll cage
Strange drag race brake kit

Weld Prostar 15-inch drag wheels
29.5x10.5-inch Mickey Thompson slicks, skinnies


Boost Logic

Tuning Concepts

5. Autobahn Motorsports
Output: 1,528 WHP
Claim to Fame: World's fastest standing-mile Supra
Proof: 247.7 mph

Impp_1010_09_o+autobahn_motorsports+supra_exterior Photo 11/12   |   5 Greatest Toyota Supras

The Autobahn Motorsports (ABM) Supra, piloted by Tommy Bahn, stunned a field of predominately domestic competitors-including an SVS twin-turbo Viper and Heffner twin-turbo Ford GT-with a record-setting 228.7mph Texas Mile run in October of 2007. The following year, the Supra ran a personal best of 242.2 mph, as a fellow Supra took top honors in the Unlimited Street category, running 243.6 mph. In October of 2010, the Autobahn Supra returned to Texas with additional upgrades, making over 1,500 whp and 1,000 lb-ft of torque, and managed a 247.7mph standing-mile run that's currently recognized as the world's fastest.

Q: Are there any import cars lately that can compare to the Supra's aerodynamics and potent 2JZ-GTE power plant?
A: Not in my opinion. The Supra has an uncommon combination of aerodynamics, gearing, the ability to make stupendous power, and the ability to hold it. This has been shown both in drag racing (even with the Supra's independent rear suspension) and in standing-mile racing. And until big-powered Supras came along, no one in their right mind ever thought a car could actually beat super cars or bikes from a roll. It's this combination of aero, gearing, power, and the manner in which that power is delivered that makes the Supra the straight-line racing king it has become.

ABM 3.4L stroker motor
ABM custom rod and main bearings
Titan Billet main caps
ARP half-inch head studs
ABM custom head gasket
ABM ported and polished cylinder head
ABM custom 300 camshafts
Ferrea valvetrain
Garrett GT9133R turbo Kit
Full-race T6 manifold

Impp_1010_11_o+autobahn_motorsports+supra_engine_bay Photo 12/12   |   5 Greatest Toyota Supras

Fuel/Engine Management
ABM custom fuel system
ABM fuel system

Factory six-speed transmission (Getrag V160)
Tilton quad-disk clutch

Custom 10-point cage
Stock brakes

HRE Competition C95 wheels (18x8.5 front, 18x11 rear)
Yokohama Advan Sport 245/35-18 front tires
Dunlop 310/40-18 rear slicks

RMM wing
Paisley front lip

Autobahn Motorsports

HRE Wheels

Turbos Direct


By Scott Tsuneishi
247 Articles



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