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Revolfe S.A. BNR32 Skyline GT-R

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Feb 1, 2011

Since the R35's release, two very distinct schools of thought have formed in Japan. Those who follow trends maniacally have bought into the new-generation GT-R, accepting the prohibitive costs of ownership and tuning that come as part of the package. Others have chosen to completely ignore it. The owner of the purple BNR32 you see here belongs to the latter.

Impp_1103_01_o+bnr32_nissan_skyline+front_view Photo 2/13   |   Revolfe S.A. BNR32 Skyline GT-R

There's no knocking the R35's achievements; it's an incredibly impressive and capable supercar right out of the box. But it has met some resistance from longtime aficionados of the GT-R badge, for the simple fact that it just doesn't entice the driver as much as the previous three generations. It's an unavoidable aspect of modern vehicles, where electronics and roboticized transmissions suck the soul out of a car's character, but that means little to the unimpressed. They, like Mizota-san of Revolfe S.A., just tear into yesterday's platforms even harder.

Mizota-san is known in the industry for giving a unique flavor to the cars he builds. Power and style truly go hand in hand with all the cars that come out of his Yokohama-based shop, but none in recent memory more so than this latest creation. With 780 hp at his disposal, this R32 has no problem keeping up with modern exotica. A true wangan shop, one can always trust Revolfe to put together incredible engines, but what rests under the Varis lightweight carbon-fiber hood of this beast truly impresses.

Impp_1103_02_o+bnr32_nissan_skyline+engine_bay Photo 3/13   |   Revolfe S.A. BNR32 Skyline GT-R

HKS Kansai Service carbon-fiber covers hide a custom-balanced HKS Step-2 2.8L bottom end, fitted inside a honed and prepped N1 block. A JUN oil pump was deemed necessary to supply a higher flow of oil through the engine; oil that is efficiently cooled by the Trust cooler. Porting and polishing ensures optimal flow and was achieved in the head, which has also benefitted from upgraded HKS 272-degree cams and HKS adjustable pulleys. The Trust T88-34D turbocharger is Revolfe's weapon of choice for this engine, and is fitted to a Trust stainless steel manifold and external wastegate, supplying that unmistakable scream as it juggles boost at high rpm. Its Amuse R-1 titanium exhaust is as loud as they get, due to its large bore and limited silencing capabilities, which is perfectly acceptable on the streets of Japan. In front of it all, a large Trust intercooler is linked to the intake tract via large-diameter custom piping that matches up to a 90mm Q45 throttle body, joined to a JUN intake manifold.

Impp_1103_03_o+bnr32_nissan_skyline+race_fuel_tank Photo 4/13   |   Revolfe S.A. BNR32 Skyline GT-R

And if you thought the engine bay looked menacing, check out the trunk. Taking center stage is a custom surge tank connected to a one-off cooler, while an extractor fan keeps air flowing to drastically lower fuel temperatures-an easy way to boost power. Fuel pressure is maintained by a pair of Power Enterprise pumps fed by a third Nismo pump inside the tank, and everything is neatly arranged with custom cut and bent aluminum piping, joined by Earl's fittings and custom bracing onto a one-off, in-trunk subframe. This intricate system feeds six 800cc/min Power Enterprise injectors, lined up on a Tomei billet rail. High-voltage TM-Works ignition coils make sure the best possible spark is obtained throughout the rev range, and an F-Con V Pro has been fine-tuned to develop a very progressive delivery, yet still retain that addictive surge of torque that makes highly tuned GT-Rs so much more exciting than flat-curved modern machinery.

Impp_1103_04_o+bnr32_nissan_skyline+engine_damper Photo 5/13   |   Revolfe S.A. BNR32 Skyline GT-R

A 5,600rpm torque peak of 470 lb-ft makes this R32 very usable on tight mountain roads, without the need for sky-high revs (but should they be wanted, 780 whp is available at 7,500 rpm). An HKS six-speed transmission and OS Giken clutch were fitted for lightning-quick manual gear changes. Boosting traction at both ends are Nismo LSDs, the rear diff housing benefiting from increased oil capacity, thanks to a Trust extended cover plate.

Impp_1103_05_o+bnr32_nissan_skyline+greddy_turbo Photo 6/13   |   Revolfe S.A. BNR32 Skyline GT-R

Revolfe-tuned Bilstein dampers are perfectly matched to the car's weight and power, and are joined by a series of aftermarket links to tighten up the feel of the handling and steering. Midori, which is located very close to Revolfe, supplied the adjustable front upper links and HICAS cancelling rods. Nismo lower links and Ikeya Formula adjustable upper arms provide plenty of adjustability to the geometry, in place of the stock rear arms. Great importance was given to the stiffness (or lack thereof, in stock form) of the aging R32 chassis; spot-welding around the door sills and glass, a Cusco 13-point rollcage, front Revolfe strut tower bracing, and that intricate in-trunk subframe were all added to this extent. On the braking front, Trust four-piston calipers were fitted at the front and rear, complete with two-piece slotted discs, for a reassuring feel with virtually fade-free performance.

Impp_1103_07_o+bnr32_nissan_skyline+defi_gauge Photo 7/13   |   Revolfe S.A. BNR32 Skyline GT-R

The exterior oozes simplicity, enhanced up front with a Trust front bumper and that Varis aero hood. The rear was left stock, if not for an Abflug diffuser and ARC adjustable wing to aid high-speed stability, while Trust side skirts and Ganador side mirrors tie everything together nicely.

Bronze 18-inch TE37s complement the looks to no end, fitted with 265/35-18 Yokohama Advan Sport rubber. Being an almost daily driven car (No B.S. alert!) the interior had to remain comfortable-nothing gutted here. Comfortable Recaro seats, reclineable for the passenger, replace the unsupportive factory seats, injecting a bit of color into the cabin thanks to their braided red center sections. Red stitching on the Momo leather steering wheel is a nice touch, and all of it meshes well with Nismo and Defi hardware about the cabin. Finishing things off is an HKS EVC programmed by Mizota-san to offer a series of boost levels easily selectable via an LCD display.

Impp_1103_08_o+bnr32_nissan_skyline+gauge_pod Photo 8/13   |   Revolfe S.A. BNR32 Skyline GT-R

Projects like Mizota-san's R32 continue to capture the soul of the enthusiast. Technology continues to refine cars, making them safer, more comfortable, and thus more palatable to the public, while old-school enthusiasm continues to do the opposite, sating the hunger of the rare few of us crave the opposite. Possibly what makes the GT-R such a timeless platform is that it can do both at once.

Behind The Build

Impp_1103_11_o+bnr32_nissan_skyline+side_view Photo 9/13   |   Revolfe S.A. BNR32 Skyline GT-R

Revolfe S.A.


Midori Ward, Tokyo, Japan


Build time.
8 months


Street driving

"High power & save energy"

BNR32 Nissan Skyline GT-R

Output: 780 whp / 470 lb-ft Of Torque

Engine N1 block; Nismo engine mounts, bearings, fuel pump; HKS Step-2 2.8L stroker kit; Dynamic balanced bottom end, ported cylinder head; JUN oil pump, intake manifold; Trust stainless steel exhaust manifold, T88-34D turbocharger, external wastegate, front pipe, triple-core intercooler, oil cooler, oil filter relocation kit, engine damper; Amuse R1 titanium exhaust system, 100mm intake pipe; Greddy blow-off valve; Revolfe custom piping kit, custom surge tanks, custom fuel cooler with extractor fan, oil catch tank; Infiniti Q45 throttle; HKS 272-degree cams, adjustable cam gears, valve stem seals, head studs, Kansai Service carbon-fiber cam cover, head center plate, F-Con V Pro ECU version 3.3; Naprec cam cap bolts; Power Enterprise 255lph fuel pump (x2); Tomei billet fuel rail; Power Enterprise 800cc/min injectors; TM-Works ignition coils; ARC SMC55 side-flow racing radiator; Samco radiator hoses; Garage Defend carbon radiator shroud

Impp_1103_06_o+bnr32_nissan_skyline+rear_view Photo 10/13   |   Revolfe S.A. BNR32 Skyline GT-R

Drivetrain OS Giken triple-plate clutch; HKS six-speed transmission; Nismo GT front and rear LSDs, 3.90:1 final drive; Trust large-capacity rear diff housing cover

Suspension Revolfe custom-valved Bilstein dampers, front strut bar, rear strut bar, custom trunk bracing; Midori front upper links, HICAS cancelling rods; Nismo rear lower arms; Ikeya Formula rear upper link

Wheels/tires 18x9.5 +12mm offset Volk Racing TE37 wheels; 265/35-18 Yokohama Advan Sport tires

Brakes Trust four-piston calipers, 355mm two-piece grooved discs (front), four-piston calipers, 315mm two-piece grooved discs (rear)

Exterior Trust front bumper, side skirts; Varis carbon-fiber bonnet; custom purple chameleon paint, rear tow hook, front diffuser; Abflug rear diffuser; ARC aluminum rear wing; Ganador mirrors

Interior Fully spot-welded chassis; Cusco 13-point rollcage; Recaro SPGTII driver seat, SRIII Tomcat passenger seat; Momo steering wheel; HKS shift knob

Electronics Nismo combination meters; Defi tachometer with shift light, gauges (exhaust temp., water temp., oil temp., fuel pressure), control Unit II; HKS EVC boost controller; PWR-Speed D-ETS-M torque split controller; Addzest CD/MD double DIN head unit

By Dino Dalle Carbonare
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