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Inside Toyota's Calty Design Center

Charles Trieu
Jun 22, 2011
Photographer: Courtesy Of Scion

Ever wondered how cars were designed? Well luckily for me Scion invited us to their Calty Design Research facility in Newport Beach. Here at Calty all the magic happens. Many of your favorite Toyota, Lexus, and Scion cars have been designed right here on the premises of Calty. Usually closed to non-Toyota employees, but we had a rare glimpse inside of what it takes to design a car. The facility is equipped with everything type of machinery such as the a five axis mill and vacuum molding to create an entire car. Everything from 3D drawings, to full size clay sculptures is here made in house. Bob Mochizuki, designer of the 2011 Scion tC was on hand to tell us how he designed the new generation of tC. One my favorite characteristics of the car is the black a-pillars. Bob said he did this to mimic the look of a racing helmet's visor. For more info on Bob and him designing the tC check this out,

What looks like a concept version of the Lexus CT.

Impp 1106 01 o+toyota calty design center+lexus CT concept Photo 4/19   |   What Moves Them

The FT-HS, led to the FT-86, which then became the FR-S. I can't decide which one I like best. Google FT-HS to see how the platform started out.

Impp 1106 02 o+toyota calty design center+FT HS evolution Photo 5/19   |   What Moves Them

Full 1:1 scale car completely carved out of clay by hand.

Impp 1106 03 o+toyota calty design center+scale model Photo 6/19   |   What Moves Them

Calty is full of cool toys like this five axis mill. This can cut out anything you can imagine.

Impp 1106 04 o+toyota calty design center+five axis mill Photo 7/19   |   What Moves Them

The 2011 Scion tC was designed by Bob Mochizuki at Calty.

Impp 1106 05 o+toyota calty design center+2011 scion tc Photo 8/19   |   What Moves Them

Super Street Jon is going to make a wallet size photo of this for himself.

Impp 1106 06 o+toyota calty design center+super street jon Photo 9/19   |   What Moves Them

Vacuum molded wheel cover for mock up designs.

Impp 1106 07 o+toyota calty design center+vacuum molded wheel cover Photo 10/19   |   What Moves Them

Tooling for clay sculptures.

Impp 1106 08 o+toyota calty design center+clay tools Photo 11/19   |   What Moves Them

I suck at sculpting.

Impp 1106 09 o+toyota calty design center+charles trieu Photo 12/19   |   What Moves Them

Craig from Scion showing us how it's done.

Impp 1106 10 o+toyota calty design center+craig from scion Photo 13/19   |   What Moves Them


Torrance, CA 90509
By Charles Trieu
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