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JZA80 Toyota Supra Turbo - Curveball

WTF is an “Abflug,” and why does it make this Supra look so damn cool?

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Jul 29, 2011

If you like subtlety and simplicity when it comes to exterior modification, now is the time to look away. What you see on these pages is one of the most eye-catching, extreme, yet strangely attractive body conversions we’ve ever come across. Like the R35 GT-R on the cover, this white Supra is also a product of Abflug, this time in collaboration with Curve Auto Design. Their inspiration: the ’05 Super GT Supra, with its aggressive, angular aerodynamic lines. After continued development (i.e. more engine work), it, too, is planned to become a true race car for the street. It’s not quite there yet, but after talking to Amemiya-san—Curve rep and the proud owner of this totally bespoke Supra—we have faith.

Impp_1108_08_z+toyota_supra+front_view Photo 2/9   |   JZA80 Toyota Supra Turbo - Curveball

Custom design is exactly what auto salon Curve is all about, and their bespoke fitment of Abflug’s GT-inspired GT-05 Supra Kit in this case perfectly exemplifies that: stripping the front bumper of its turn signals and retrofitting BMW X5 replacements to the sides, developing a custom set of clear Perspex projector headlight assemblies, and garnishing the blistering, slab-sided front fenders and rear over-fenders with carbon-fiber accents. The side skirts have also been blended smoothly into those rear riveted over-fenders, and in the rear, things get downright crazy. We see Curve’s carbon-fiber work accentuate the arch and the whole skirt area, and there is very little in the way of a bumper, as the whole lower part has been cut away to make space for a complicated custom carbon-fiber diffuser. A massive carbon GT wing and brake cooling ducts set off the rear, while Curve added GT-style square carbon mirrors as the final touch to an impossibly unique-looking car.

Top Secret also collaborated on the car, handling the mechanics. Stance is credited to Volk Racing TE37s wearing Advan Neova rubber, Top Secret dampers fitted with custom springs, and Roberuta air cups at the front to allow a 5cm ride height lift to clear speed bumps and various obstacles. Brake calipers have been left untouched, but discs have been replaced with Endless units coupled to Top Secret-spec Project Mu pads and Endless lines for improved bite. Having blown all his spare cash on the body conversion, this Supra’s privateer owner kept engine modifications to a minimum (thus far): mainly bolt-ons and an HKS F-Con V Pro, fitted and tuned by Top Secret to pump out a respectable 461 whp in this first stage of modification. We’re told much, much more power will be coming in the near future.

Impp_1108_01_z+toyota_supra+side_view Photo 3/9   |   JZA80 Toyota Supra Turbo - Curveball

The interior, however, was definitely not forgotten. Recaros replace Toyota stock seating and perfectly match a blue-accented MOMO steering wheel, which reminds us, yes, this is still a street car, albeit a modified one. Trust water temperature and Blitz boost gauges have been neatly fitted into a Trust A-pillar panel, and the rather dull and aging Supra dash has been livened up with a carbon-look trim kit. Taking center stage is a Carrozzeria double-DIN head unit, displaying HDD-based navigation maps via its pop-out LCD screen, but also capable of reading CDs, DVDs, and MDs and sending video signal to the auxiliary Panasonic LCD screen fitted where the passenger airbag used to live. A tray table with a built-in cupholder has been thrown in for good measure. All of which might not be your cup of tea, but at least you can enjoy one while screening your favorite flick in surround sound and bombing the Wangan from inside a GT500-inspired Supra. Who else can say that? For more Abflug, check out page 52.

Impp_1108_05_z+toyota_supra+fender_flares Photo 4/9   |   JZA80 Toyota Supra Turbo - Curveball

Behind the Build


Impp_1108_06_z+toyota_supra+rear_view Photo 5/9   |   JZA80 Toyota Supra Turbo - Curveball

Tokyo, Japan


wildin’ out

Build Time.
Six months


JZA80 Toyota Supra Turbo

Output: 461 whp

Impp_1108_07_z+toyota_supra+engine_bay Photo 6/9   |   JZA80 Toyota Supra Turbo - Curveball

Engine 2JZ-GTE; HKS Super Power Flow filter, S-type intercooler, hard piping kit, F-Con V Pro; Sard No. 8 spark plugs, sports catalyst, low-temperature thermostat; Amuse titanium exhaust; Power Enterprise timing belt; Trust aluminum radiator top pipe; Samco lower radiator hose; Blitz Dual SBC; TRD oil filler cap; custom radiator diffuser panel; Nissan BNR32 fuel pump

Driveline OS Giken twin plate clutch, flywheel; TRD direct clutch line

Suspension Top Secret Super Dampers; Roberuta front air cups; TRD front and rear strut tower bars, rear hatch bar

Brakes Project Mu HC Titan brake pads; Endless 24-slot rotors, stainless steel brake lines

Wheels/Tires Volk Racing TE37 wheels (18x8.5 front, 18x9.5 rear); Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 tires (235/40-18 front, 265/35-18 rear)

Exterior Abflug Supra GT-05 front bumper, front fenders, side skirts, rear over-fenders, rear bumper, rear diffuser, modified by Curve; Sard GT Pro carbon-fiber wing; Curve Gull-Wing door conversion, headlights, custom GT side mirrors, LED taillights; TRD aero hood

Interior Recaro SP-GN driver seat, SR2 passenger seat; MOMO Command II steering wheel, quick-release boss; Trust water temperature gauge, pillar meter panel; Blitz boost gauge; custom carbon-fiber-look dash trim; Carrozzeria AVIC-ZH990MD double-DIN HDD navigation head unit; custom-mounted Panasonic TR-T09W5 LCD screen; custom passenger tray table, cupholder; Cellstar radar detector


Rays Engineering
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Top Secret USA
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Curve Auto Design
By Dino Dalle Carbonare
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