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My Top 10 Driving Pet Peeves - Under The Hood

Luke Munnell
Jul 15, 2011

With gas prices at an all-time high—and more vehicles on the road than ever before—drivers are bound to be more irritated as they get behind the wheel for a weekend road trip or the daily commute. Take, for example, drivers who leave their turn signals on for miles or who drive slow in the fast lane. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of people who drive like idiots and make you want to literally jump out of your car and strangle them.

I’m like a different person behind the wheel, a person who will break your nose for doing any of the things mentioned below. Otherwise, I’m a nice dude.

Here’s a Top 10 list of the most annoying driving habits that make me rage:

1 People who do really stupid things on the roads while driving, like running red lights. They come close to a near death accident and when you look at the driver to see what kind of idiot is driving, you see that he has a stupid smile on his face like it was fun.

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2 We don’t expect you to drag race at every green signal light, but think about the fact that there are about 25 cars behind you that just maybe would like to make the light and not sit there another five minutes because it takes you three blocks to get up to the posted speed limit of 30 mph!

3 You’re on a two-way street and some guy decides to make a left turn. Harmless enough, right? Wrong! Instead of trying to leave ample room for cars behind them to pass, he/she swings the vehicle to the right then stops to prepare for the left turn. WTF! You’re not driving a semitruck! There’s plenty of road for you to move further to the left so others could pass, while you wait for a break in oncoming traffic.

4 No-blinker-using jackasses who attempt a sudden lane change just as you enter their blind spot.

5 People who suffer from acute tunnel vision while talking on cell phones and driving. They are completely unaware of a lot of things that they’re not looking at directly, including traffic signs or pedestrians crossing the road.

6 Old people and/or Asian drivers. Hey, I’m not downplaying my fellow Asians or disrespecting the elderly. I’m simply stating the facts. Some people shouldn’t own drivers’ licenses or, in better judgment, a car.

7 The driver in front of you hits the gas when you hit the brake, then when you hit the gas they hit the brake. This goes on for several blocks.

8 Drivers who pull out onto the main road, cutting you off, and then don’t speed up.

9 Those who stop on a freeway on-ramp to check and see if it’s safe to merge, and/or slow down to 15 mph while approaching a green light, forcing you to slow your speed behind them.

10 Hybrid owners driving 10 mph below or 40 mph above the speed limit. The slow drivers are so engrossed in maximizing their fuel economy that they spend more time staring at their ECO gauges than the road itself.

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By Luke Munnell
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