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Auto Select Nissan BNR34 Skyline GT-R - Yellow Shark

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Oct 12, 2011

With a name like Yellow Shark you can pretty much imagine the fierce performance this particular R34 demo car offers. When we heard from Sawa-san, the man behind Auto Select, that his GT-R development car had just gotten a hell of a lot faster thanks to a recently rebuilt engine, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to drop by his shop in Osaka to take a closer look at what is one of the most extreme R34s in Japan. Sawa-san has been in this game since the early ’80s. He started off by tuning his friend’s cars and quickly became a master with setting up carburetors. When he opened up Auto Select with his brother in the mid ’80s he was known as the go-to man for the local hashiriya (street racers). Today, Auto Select is one of the most respected shops out there, having tuned pretty much every Japanese sports car ever made. But it’s the GT-R that has won them countless accolades, and they have just stepped their game up with this updated version of their original R34 GT-R R&D machine.

Impp 1111 02 o+auto select r34 gtr+side Photo 2/12   |   Auto Select Nissan BNR34 Skyline GT-R - Yellow Shark

Sawa-san is a very knowledgeable guy; he understands cars inside out and has very strong beliefs when it comes to improving their performance. In his own words, “Power is nothing without control.” He always suggests his customers first improve their braking and suspension before even beginning to extract more horses. This is especially true when shooting for the best possible times out on track, where each area of the car is asked to deliver its best. The R34 perfectly represents this school of thought, with every component taken to the absolute limit, in particular the engine. The 2.7L stroked RB26 that was under the hood until last year has been ditched in favor of a very special and unique OS Giken RB3.15, the recently updated version of OS’ famous RB30 kit. Based around a stronger N1 Taikyu block the capacity has now been increased to 3,138 cc thanks to the use of a slightly longer stroke and fully counterbalanced crankshaft, stronger connecting rods, and 86.5mm forged pistons. To contain the increased stroke, now up to 89 mm, the block is extended by a precisely machined 26mm spacer (increased 3 mm from the older RB30 kit) and bolted down in place with special head bolts. Sawa-san jumped on the idea of this new engine as he is always in search of increasing lower-rpm torque to match the powerful top end. But he didn’t stop there, after porting and polishing the head and going for larger-diameter intake valves he fitted an HKS V-Cam Pro variable cam timing system to the intake side of the engine. This maximizes torque response and smooths out the delivery, allowing the driver to make better use of the performance when out on track. A massive Trust T88-33D turbine, delivering 850 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque, churns out close to the 8,500 rpm. An N1 water pump and Tomei oil pump keep vital fluids circulating through the engine, while cooling is handled by the ARC radiator and the twin Trust oil coolers. Keeping the engine’s thirst for high-octane juice quenched are the six Sard 1,000cc/min injectors, which are fed by two Bosch fuel pumps. Sawa-san has preferred not to upgrade the gearbox and still employs the stock six-speed Getrag transmission mated to an Exedy triple-plate carbon clutch and a shorter 4.1 final drive. The rest of the driveline has been beefed up with an OS Giken Super Lock LSD at the rear and an ATS carbon one up front. Engine management is handled by the HKS F-Con V Pro, which is joined by a host of other gadgets like the V-Cam controller and EVC boost controller.

Impp 1111 03 o+auto select r34 gtr+engine Photo 3/12   |   Auto Select Nissan BNR34 Skyline GT-R - Yellow Shark

A detailed look under the chassis reveals fully upgraded adjustable Ikeya Formula top and lower links. Rubber bushings have been replaced with metal counterparts to make the chassis as precise and communicative as possible when out on track. At the center of all the suspension work are the custom Auto Select race dampers mated to 17kg/mm Eibach springs front and rear. Sawa-san decided to employ Alcon racing calipers, six-pots up front and four-pots to stabilize the rearend. Front to rear braking balance was also carefully calculated, using 380mm rotors up front joined by 355mm ones in the rear. Brake balance can be varied thanks to the AP Racing bias adjuster in the interior while the Auto Select larger capacity master cylinder gets the most out of the upgraded components. Special attention has been given to front brake cooling using two separate air guides on each side feeding the inside of the front discs.

Impp 1111 10 o+auto select r34 gtr+front Photo 10/12   |   Auto Select Nissan BNR34 Skyline GT-R - Yellow Shark

The raw carbon-fiber theme of the exterior has also been updated with the addition of a few new parts. The dry carbon front bumper made in collaboration with C-West remains but is joined by more extreme side canards and an updated lower lip spoiler. The hood is now a custom Auto Select dry carbon part, very similar to the Nismo R-tune version price, but weighing much less thanks to its single skin construction. The Nismo look continues with Z-tune–style front widened carbon fenders, which help Sawa-san run the massive 18x11 SSR wheels. The side skirts are made by Sard while the rear fenders are fitted with Nismo over-fender strips. Keeping the rear end planted is a “Devil” carbon-Kevlar GT-wing mounted on the carbon trunk lid, both from Auto Select. The carbon treatment continues with lightweight doors and Craft Square mirrors helping shave off precious weight from the porky BNR34. The interior is very focused and you can easily see the meticulous work that has gone into spot welding and riveting the shell prior to the build, as well as the intricate welded and braced racing rollcage. The driver sits on a Bride TTM-C carbon-Kevlar bucket seat, safely strapped down via the Takata harnesses. From here he can see the race car–like LCD display and have access to the various gadgets fitted to the custom carbon center console. Front to rear torque split can be varied via the Field ET-S controller and the A/F ratio viewed via the HKS A/F knock amp meter. The driver can even enrich or lean out the fuel mixture by a turn of the HKS mixture controllers. The transmission and rear LSD coolers can be activated via their relative switches, making this R34 more race car than street car.

The new Yellow Shark proved its capabilities at the 2011 HKS Premium Day in Fuji Speedway managing to grab Third Place in the all-wheel-drive class of the Option Speed Max time-attack event with a best lap of 1’46”484. The Yellow Shark is predominately set up for fast tracks like Fuji and Okayama, but we would love to see what it can achieve at Tsukuba with its new OS Giken stroked engine. Thanks to Sawa-san’s attention to detail, we are sure the Shark has the potential to impress, so we really count on seeing it once again at the Rev Speed Lap Battle!

Behind the Build

Eiichiro Sawa

Impp 1111 11 o+auto select r34 gtr+trunk Photo 11/12   |   Auto Select Nissan BNR34 Skyline GT-R - Yellow Shark

Osaka, Japan

Big boss

Build Time.
8 years


Building old-school cars, High-speed driving, circuit racing, traveling

Providing our customers with fast and reliable cars

Nissan BNR34 Skyline GT-R

Output: 850 hp & 650 lb-ft

Impp 1111 01 o+auto select r34 gtr+rear Photo 12/12   |   Auto Select Nissan BNR34 Skyline GT-R - Yellow Shark

Engine OS Giken 3.15L stroker kit (3,138 cc), ø 86.5mm forged pistons, H-section connecting rods, full counter balanced crank (89mm stroke), 1.2mm metal head gasket; ATS crank damper pulley kit; N1 racing block, water pump; Tomei-powered oil pump; HKS-strengthened valvesprings, V-Cam Pro variable intake cam system, 272-degree EX cam, Twin Power ignition system F-Con V Pro; Auto Select custom polished and ported head, big valve kit for intake, custom titanium front pipes and exhaust system, custom titanium intake pipe, custom piping, FPR, fuel delivery pipe, oil catch tank, leopard cam covers; Trust exhaust manifold, T88-33D turbine kit, external wastegate and screamer pipe, twin oil coolers; Blitz SUS filter; ARC intercooler, side-flow racing radiator; racing fuel cell; Bosch Motorsport fuel pumps (x2); Sard 1,000cc/min injectors; Apex air separator tank

Drivetrain Exedy triple-plate carbon clutch, lightweight flywheel; 4.1 final drive, OS Giken Super Lock rear LSD; ATS front carbon LSD; Auto Select gearbox and LSD coolers

Suspension Auto Select racing adjustable dampers, full pillow ball kit, billet strut tower bar; Eibach 17 kg/mm springs; Ikeya Formula adjustable suspension arms and links

Brakes Alcon six-pot front calipers and 380mm slotted two-piece rotors, four-pot rear calipers and 355mm slotted two-piece rotors; Auto Select big capacity master cylinder kit; AP Racing brake balance adjuster

Wheels & Tires 18x11 SSR Type F wheels; 295/30ZR18 Hankook Ventus TD tires

Exterior Auto Select carbon-fiber front bumper, carbon-fiber front diffuser, carbon front canards, carbon hood, carbon front wide fenders, carbon doors with mechanical window winder, carbon trunk lid, Devil carbon GT wing, LED taillights; Craft Square carbon mirrors; Nismo rear over-fender strips, Sard side skirts

Interior Fully spot-welded chassis; custom welded-in racing rollcage; Bride TTM-C carbon-Kevlar racing bucket seat; Takata racing harness; Personal racing steering wheel and snap-off boss; LCD race dash kit; custom center console; HKS EVC Pro boost controller; Field Electronic torque split controller; HKS fuel mixture controllers, boost gauge, A/F knock amp mete.


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OS Giken USA
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Exedy Clutch
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Ikeya Formula
By Dino Dalle Carbonare
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