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1997 Honda Integra Type-RR - Family Affair

The Ties That Bind

David Chik
Apr 23, 2012
Impp 1204 01 o+1997 honda integra type rr+side view Photo 1/14   |   1997 Honda Integra Type-RR - Family Affair

Throughout my life, I’ve been in numerous incidents where my family or close friends had to bail me out of difficult situations. The owner of this pristine DC2 presented before you can certainly agree. As I read through William Vue’s tech sheet, I had a moment of déjà vu. I knew I’d read this stuff somewhere before. His responses sounded so familiar. An appreciation and gratitude toward family and friends, devout dedication to the Honda lineage complete with the “all or nothing” attitude for the build, Mugen parts and a ginormous amount of top-tier products littering the spec sheet reminded me of someone I knew. Am I in The Matrix? In reality, William’s story sounds a lot like mine, and I’m sure many readers can also relate.

With advice from his brother-in-law, William got into the import scene in 1999 with an ’87 Supra turbo. Money was tight so he modified what he could to the Supra while attending college. He got lured into the Honda world after his wife purchased their first Integra GSR in 1999. Her GSR’s nimbleness sold him, but it was a chance encounter with someone’s trash that sparked his imagination. You know that saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? While working as a school’s grounds keeper during the summer of 2000, he stumbled across an import magazine on a pile of junk ready to be tossed. The magazine had a Champ White Top Fuel turbo EK on the cover and a variety of Honda Type-Rs in various models. He kept it and the magazine became his Type-R bible. William swears that this specific incident is what changed his life.

Impp 1204 02 o+1997 honda integra type rr+side view Photo 2/14   |   1997 Honda Integra Type-RR - Family Affair

Fast-forward to 2005, William is a veteran of the Honda game and had already owned and built multiple Hondas. The opportunist that William is, he hoarded Mugen parts from a previous job at a local tuner shop, but garnered a few hardships along the way. Being part of the Honda tuning community, William was a victim of multiple thefts, and after his latest GSR was stolen, he got bored and wanted to build something slightly different. While casually searching through the local Craigslist ads, he typed “RHD DC2” in the search box, and to his surprise, a genuine righthand-drive JDM chassis was listed. It was a little pricey, but he decided to go for broke. With the DC2 in his possession, he gathered the troops and got the ball rolling. His build plan included the Mugen parts he had stashed away as well as a turbocharger, since his Supra made him biased toward turbochargers. He turned back to the magazine that created his buzz and somehow managed to source a rare Top Fuel turbo kit. His vision was to enter and dominate the show circuit, so the build had to include quality parts made for the chassis, and no fake parts were going to be accepted.

Impp 1204 14 o+1997 honda integra type rr+mugen wheels Photo 3/14   |   1997 Honda Integra Type-RR - Family Affair

William is one lucky man. The women in my life hate my car hobby, but his wife actually helps and encourages him. The DC2 was scheduled for its first show while it was still in the paint shop, so he had to put it all back together in one day. With the car home, it was gutted and smelled like fresh paint. William reached out to his teammates for help to put it back together, but they were working on prepping their own rides for the same show. Being that it was last minute and he had no one else to turn to, William and his wife decided to tackle the assembly by themselves. What other choice did they have, besides missing the big show? Although everything was pre-fitted prior to the bodywork, they spent the entire day and night installing the body kit, full interior, rollcage, stereo system, engine dress-up, and detailing to make its first show appearance. I’ve built a few cars myself, and I can’t even imagine how difficult it was for William and his wife to accomplish this feat in one day. The results were worth it; the hard work paid off as he took home First Place in the JDM category and a check for the car’s first showing. Not too shabby, but that wasn’t the end of the story. The show didn’t end until midnight, and with their residence over two hours away, they had to make the trek home with no sleep from the night before. With their minds in full delirium, William got lost and received a speeding ticket on their six-hour trip back home. William had to take two rest stops so he could gather himself to make it home safely, and the monetary gains went straight to the state of California.

William’s DC2 is a culmination of hard work and dedication from his family and friends. He has put together some of the most sought after parts into this genuine RHD DC2 chassis. From the full Mugen theme to the Top Fuel turbo kit, this car turned into an instant classic. The results speak for themselves as William has taken top honors in almost every show this vehicle has entered. His teammates from Team Tronics are always a source for advice and camaraderie. Not to mention that they also helped him source many hard-to-find parts you see on the vehicle. This car has brought everything together for William; it’s the centerpiece to a conversation when there’s nothing else to be said. His sons are enthusiastic and always willing to help him work on the car. This is something he would love to share with his children. He hopes his sons will pick up the hobby and wants them to come along to all the functions he attends.

Impp 1204 13 o+1997 honda integra type rr+turbo Photo 7/14   |   1997 Honda Integra Type-RR - Family Affair

Future plans call for a USDM Type-R or a four-door vehicle. I can’t wait to see what William’s got up his sleeve. Until then, enjoy this immaculate RHD DC2 presented before you. It’s the tie that binds.

Behind the Build

William Vue

Impp 1204 07 o+1997 honda integra type rr+tachometer Photo 8/14   |   1997 Honda Integra Type-RR - Family Affair


Marysville, CA

Build Time.
three years

Collecting die-cast import cars, fishing, and spending time with my wife and sons

family and friends


’97 Honda Integra Type-RR

Output: 300 whp / 220 lb-ft TQ (est.)

Engine JUN cams; Top Fuel K26 turbocharger and exhaust manifold; Blitz Intercooler, piping, wastegate, and boost controller; custom 3-inch straight pipe stainless steel exhaust; A’PEXi Power FC fuel management; Mazda FC 550cc injectors; Sard fuel regulator; NGK spark plugs; Ultra 8mm plug wires; Koyo radiator; Samco radiator hoses; Mugen valve cover, oil cap, radiator cap, thermostat, oil filter, and brake reservoir tank cover; Cusco oil catch tank; Greddy oil filter relocator; Top Fuel Power Neo; Skunk2 battery tie-down; Tein hood damper; King Motorsports extended intake manifold stud kit

Impp 1204 12 o+1997 honda integra type rr+rear Photo 12/14   |   1997 Honda Integra Type-RR - Family Affair

Drivetrain Quaife limited-slip differential; OS Giken clutch; OS Giken flywheel

Suspension ’98-spec 5x114.3 hub conversion; Tein Type HA coilovers; Mugen strut tower braces, front and rear sway bars; Next Miracle X-Bar; Cusco six-point rollcage

Wheels/Tires Mugen M7 16x7 rims and lugs; Falken Azenis RT-615 (215-45-16)

Brakes Mugen front brake kit; Cusco spin turn knob

Exterior Mugen body kit, hood, late-style rear wing; license plate bolts, and gas cap; ’98-spec rear bumper; EDM rear fog light; JDM antenna plug; Honda Access door visors

Impp 1204 11 o+1997 honda integra type rr+engine bay Photo 13/14   |   1997 Honda Integra Type-RR - Family Affair

Interior Mugen cluster, S1 bucket seats, FG360 steering wheel, shift knob, foot pedals, and rearview mirror cover; Honda Access overhead console; Takata seatbelt harnesses; ’98-spec shift boot; Pivot engine start button; Blitz monitoring gauges

Audio JDM Gathers VS-396 GA head unit, VS-296BF GA monitor, and CD changer; V12 amplifiers; Pioneer door speakers; JL Audio W6 subwoofer in custom enclosure

Gratitude First and foremost, my wife, Sheng Thao, for her support; my sons, Ethan and Jayden, for staying out late in the garage while I work on my car; Team Tronics, Brandon aka ChampWhiteBoy; Jimmy and Kevin at K’s Customs; Street Toyz Performance; Premier Auto Body; King Motorsport; ICB Motorsport; N1 Concept; James (RIP); Tou and Jerry; the Xiong brothers in Georgia (Xe, Ja, Gia, and Drong); all my friends and family who supported me and help work on the car, especially my nephews (Tommy, Danny, Kelvin, and Nathan).

Impp 1204 10 o+1997 honda integra type rr+rr logo Photo 14/14   |   1997 Honda Integra Type-RR - Family Affair


N1 Concepts
Hayward, CA 94544
ICB Motorsport
Chandler, AZ 85226
King Motorsports Unlimited
New Berlin, WI 53146
By David Chik
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