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2005 Mitsubishi Evolution IX - Emperor Of Evolutions

Algier Redoloza’s wicked white EVO

Jun 15, 2012
Impp 1206 01 o+2005 mitsubishi evolution IX+side Photo 1/8   |   2005 Mitsubishi Evolution IX - Emperor Of Evolutions

Grocery getter is a very loose term, especially in the case of this wicked white EVO, gracing the pages before you and terrorizing the streets of San Jose, CA. Rolling hard with the boys of Emperor Motorsports USA, a division of the original Philippines-based car crew, is Algier Redoloza. He is the builder and the brains behind this all-wheel-drive menace with flush fitment, usable power, and an always progressive look.

Algier’s story, however, didn’t start with Mitsubishis. Instead, his first chapter began with Integra Type-R engines with Jun valvetrains and about every bit of JDM accessory that could be had. For most, the Honda scene can wear thin. Among the risk of theft, nut riding, and saturation of cheap parts allowing non-purists to fake the funk, Algier chose to sell his ’92 Honda Civic. The 200 hp in the early days of serious engine builds and owning the streets of NorCal just weren’t enough. After moving on from the ever so popular and common stomping grounds of the Honda scene, the $10,000 selling price of the hatch made for a hefty down payment for the EVO IX you’re drooling over right now.

Impp 1206 02 o+2005 mitsubishi evolution IX+rear Photo 2/8   |   2005 Mitsubishi Evolution IX - Emperor Of Evolutions

Most people know that the Philippines breeds many fast and stylish cars. Regardless of the deemed Rotaland you think of, their originality and method of modifying is up there with the big dogs, as you can see with this EVO. Since high school Algier’s uncle had a very big role in influencing his builds. While Redoloza senior was more of a Toyota/Mazda, lightweight all-motor drag guy, it didn’t stop him from lending his two cents when it came to contemporary import auto parts and install options. Algier’s Honda build could be said to have followed the footsteps of his uncle, just with the natural power being delivered to the wrong wheels. This is part of the reasoning Algier decided to switch to what he calls his grocery getter. “I wanted something I could really drive, with no serious turbo lag and a car that didn’t break every other time I drove it,” he says. His day job as a Mercedes-Benz tech was certainly the large motivating factor for this mentality. Who really wants gobs of power when it can’t be used half the time? Many lose sight of this when modifying cars, and it’s refreshing to see enthusiasts like Algier.

I like that I mismatched these parts and still made it flow.

The factory-upgraded Tommi Makinen 6.5 turbine is one the best bolt-on turbos for the power goals—all while requiring literally no modification. An interesting tidbit: This turbo is equipped with a titanium wheel—nice bragging rights for those EVO owners who most commonly have engine bays riddled with titanium add-ons. Along with the factory exhaust manifold and BOV, a precise port job was performed on both to keep up with the slightly increased ingestion and exhaustion of gases. To add to the remembrance of his once hot hatch days, reliability was retained through choice aftermarket upgrades. Cusco, HKS, and many other small-time shops were chosen, ensuring longevity and power while keeping up with added track time abuse. Adversely on the spectrum, every point changed up for off-the-shelf key parts that work together. What’s the point of having a car built for the street that can only do one of three very important things really well?

This said, you can see this Japan tuner-esque philosophy applied here. The supporting mods put in place do just enough to allow for nearly 400 whp, running on pump gas, winning “Best Of . . .”, and still having the ability to maul the competitors on track. A few hang-ups at customs prevented an immediate change of display—although, Weksos came through for most of the top-tier parts found on the EVO today. “I always try new looks for the car and every time that people copy it I’m inspired to be even more different,” Algier says. From Do-Luck to Chargespeed to Cwest and to currently settle for an Ings+1 front bumper, which makes for long, combined wait times from Japan. This patience is something to be taken from the years it takes to complete a project like this. Algier will be first to tell you the lesson he learned. You think love hurts? Try the waiting game from Voltex.

Impp 1206 03 o+2005 mitsubishi evolution IX+interior Photo 3/8   |   2005 Mitsubishi Evolution IX - Emperor Of Evolutions

Final contemporary touches were made to this car that were enough to take the car to a bit of a different level. “I wanted something mild, but that kind of got out of hand,” Algier says. I think way too many of us have a similar story. He took this fine machine under the knife, nearly literally. The rear fenders needed some more beef after cowering the Touge Factory front wide fenders. Algier and a close friend of his proceeded to cut off the factory rear flares, extend, and smooth her right back up. This subtle, yet effective, change allows for him to squeeze the ultraserious Advan RG-Ds on in Shaq-like sizing—18x10.5 +15 all around. Unnecessary movement is restricted due to the Buddy Club dampers, and on-the-dime stops are provided by Endless race pads and StopTech braided lines, topped off with Motul fluid.

“I like that I mismatched these parts and still made it flow,” he says. Algier did not take one style and go with it, replicating others and infamous shop builds. Instead, his build is one to be remembered for its simple, clean style amongst a sea of absolute mayhem. When Algier isn’t swiping Air Jordans on eBay you might catch him dipping out of your local show with trophies, thinking about his next build to shame the rest. A full track car dedication is in the mix or maybe a Japanese Integra Type R? While he misses some of rawness he had with his Honda, he created a whole different beast capable of catering to many needs.

Impp 1206 06 o+2005 mitsubishi evolution ix+voltex wing Photo 4/8   |   2005 Mitsubishi Evolution IX - Emperor Of Evolutions

Behind the Build

Algier Redoloza

Impp 1206 04 o+2005 mitsubishi evolution IX+bride takata seats Photo 5/8   |   2005 Mitsubishi Evolution IX - Emperor Of Evolutions


San Jose, CA

Mercedes-Benz technician

Playing basketball, working out, playing PS3, working on cars, collecting Jordans, and traveling

Build time
five years


I wanted a car that can be a “grocery getter” and a crazy street/track car.

2005 Mitsubishi Evolution IX

Engine Stock-block and head; Tommi Makinen EVO 6.5 turbo; custom ported exhaust manifold, BOV, and O2 housing; HKS 272/272 camshafts, head gasket, 770cc injectors, turbo elbow, downpipe, ground kit, oil cap, and radiator cap; ARP head studs; Toda timing belt; A’PEXi air intake, SAFC fuel controller; Greddy V-Spec intercooler, electronic boost controller; Cusco exhaust shield, CF radiator shroud; Samco turbo hoses, radiator hoses; Koyo race radiator; custom slim fan; water wetter; Mobil1 10W40 oil; Walbro 255-lph fuel pump; Garage HRS titanium catback exhaust; RRE rally catalytic convertor; NGK iridium spark plugs; Ralliart spark plug wires, low temp thermostat; Splitfire ignition coils, grounding kit; Hyper Voltage ignition amplifier; custom powdercoated gold; Odyssey race battery

Impp 1206 05 o+2005 mitsubishi evolution ix+tommi makinen exhaust manifold Photo 6/8   |   2005 Mitsubishi Evolution IX - Emperor Of Evolutions

Drivetrain Cusco twin-plate clutch and flywheel; Works short shifter; Redline trans fluid

Suspension Buddy Club racing-spec dampers; Cusco rear sway bar, titanium front strut bar, carbon-fiber rear strut bar with V-brace, front bumper bar, front lower type half-bars, rear trunk bar; Perrin rear endlinks; alignment by Robispec

Wheels/Tires 18x10.5 +15 (all around) Advan RG-D in gold; Nitto Invo 255/35/18; 18x9.5 +12 (all around); Volk Racing TE37 in black (for track); Project Kics R40 Neo chrome lug nuts

Brakes Custom powdercoated OEM Brembo calipers in Porsche Yellow; Endless race compound pads; StopTech front/rear two-piece rotors, brake lines; Motul DOT5 race fluid

Exterior Ings+1 front bumper with custom CF canards; Rexpeed CF side skirts; Voltex rear diffuser, V-mount 1,500mm wing; Touge Factory front fenders +10mm; custom rear wide fenders; Seibon CF hood and trunk; CF-wrapped roof; JDM OEM rear bumper, headlights; 20 percent tint all around

Impp 1206 08 o+2005 mitsubishi evolution ix+advan RG D wheels Photo 7/8   |   2005 Mitsubishi Evolution IX - Emperor Of Evolutions

Interior Bride Zeta III driver, Ergo II passenger, seat rails, wrapped rear seats, armrest, and door panels; Takata harnesses; Cusco six-point ’cage welded in; MOMO suede racing steering wheel; NRG hub and quick release; A’PEXi boost gauge, exhaust temp gauge; Zeitronix wideband meter; Greddy counterweight shift knob; Sparco pedals; Pioneer speakers, DVD, GPS, and AVIC-N4 head unit

Gratitude Before everything I would like to thank my wife, Regina Nguyen-Redoloza, for always being there for me no matter what: “I’m done babe, here’s the feature I wanted. LOL.”; Adam Luong, founder of Weksos Industries, “thanks for everything buddy . . . wanna run?”; Devin Hui of Speed Element, “thanks, bro”; my teammates from Emperor Motorsports, “thanks for all the support guys”; and I want to say hi to the Emperor guys at the Philippines . . . “Mabuhay!”

Impp 1206 07 o+2005 mitsubishi evolution ix+ings front bumper Photo 8/8   |   2005 Mitsubishi Evolution IX - Emperor Of Evolutions


Weak Sos Parts
San Jose, CA 95131
Emperor Motorsports USA



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