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Honda Fit - Going  Postal

Apr 20, 2012

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Hissy Fit
What the hell guys? I thought the January issue was bagged with a calendar? My excitement turned to utter disappointment when I opened my mailbox to find only the magazine. Why didn’t your loyal subscriber get one with their January issue? Do I have to go pay you guys a visit and demand my calendar?

Yes, it’s true we don’t include the calendar with the subscription version. Sorry, but if look at the editorial letter that month, you’ll see Charles explaining that for the $2 you pay per issue you don’t get the added bonus. There aren’t too many magazines that include freebies with subscriptions due to cost. The cost of just shipping it would exceed the cost you pay for the magazine. But if you read the editorial or one of the previous Going Postal responses you’ll notice we ordered a box of calendars from our printing press and decided to send them out to our subscribers at our own expense. If you missed one shot us an email at and if we have any left we’ll send you one. Include your name, address, and subscriber number (found above your name on the address label).

Why Ask Why?
In my car, you can turn the A/C on whether the temperature is set on hot or cold. Is there a difference between “normal” heat and “A/C” heat? I’ve always wondered why the A/C came on when I hit the defrost button. I was always thinking, “No, stupid car, it is winter; I don’t want it cold in here, I want it hot.” I was convinced it was electrical problems or something.

As much as we would like to roast you for asking this question, this might prove to be a beneficial question for any vehicle owner. So here we go! Plenty of newer-model cars have the A/C come on automatically when you turn the fan knob to the circulate option. The idea is that whenever you need the windshield cleared, the air conditioner will come on to help get the job done. The A/C not only provides cool air when it’s hot outside, but it also dehumidifies the air. Dehumidified air is much less likely to cause the windshield to fog up and is done out of safety considerations in order to provide the maximum dehumidification possible so that the windshield may clear as quickly as possible. Many cars have this feature without their drivers even knowing about it. Some people even contend that the primary purpose of the A/C is to dehumidify the air, and cooling is a happy side effect. In any case, if the conditioned air is too cold for you, just add a little heat by sliding the temperature lever to the right a bit.

Fit for Autocross
Here is a shot of my Honda Fit stanced and HDR’ed in Houghton, MI. Mind you this Fit has a knack for taking the podium at autocrosses.
-Evald Liaugudas Houghton, MI

It’s hard to imagine your Fit as the dominant autocross machine you claim it to be, but regardless of its cone-handling prowess, we offer you much props on keeping the theme of your ride simple and clean.

Auto Newb
This may be a stupid question, but when my low coolant light comes on in my car, does that mean that I need to add antifreeze? It’s happened on more than one occasion but the car seems to drive fine for the most part.

Seriously? The big question is how long do you plan to keep driving your overheating car before it finally craps out on the side of the road? You seem to lack any automotive knowledge or common sense, so our advice would be to take your car to a local mechanic to inspect your car before something minor becomes a major repair job. Don’t wait for that ticking time bomb to go off!



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