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Industry Insider: J's Racing Shop Tour

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Jun 25, 2012
Impp 1206 01 o+js racing shop tour+shop Photo 1/12   |   Industry Insider: J's Racing Shop Tour

When it comes to extracting performance out of a Honda, J’s Racing certainly knows a thing or two. They have created some of the most powerful naturally aspirated engines to come out of Japan, as well as having had countless successful stints in the motorsports world. Their shop is literally filled to the brim with all sorts of Hondas. There is no specific car they limit themselves on; they like to offer the enthusiast a broad choice of original products as well as an endless possibility of custom-made solutions.

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One step into their workshop, walking by a couple of mouthwatering full-tune S2000 project cars, and it’s evident that some of their customers really like to go all out. An ex-Super Taikyu FD2 Civic Type R race car sits on the far side of the garage, gutted down to the bare chassis for a few minor upgrades, ready to be shipped off for an endurance race somewhere in Southeast Asia. Two more S2000s take the rest of the available space, one particular 300hp widebody version you may have seen blasting around the touge course at Gunsai on some Hot Version DVDs.

While most of their business is centered around the AP1 and various generations of Integra and Civic Type Rs, the latest crop of affordable Honda cars have exploded an all-new and unexpected popularity. As Umehara-san of J’s tells us, “We have never ignored the small and affordable car, starting years ago with the Fit.” The smaller and more eco-friendly package is something that J’s customers have come to appreciate—the Fit and new CR-Z, grabbing an ever-increasing slice of the Honda enthusiast market.

One look inside their shop and on top of the intricate exhaust systems for TypeRs there is a vast lineup of exciting parts for both the Fit and CR-Z. J’s has just finished putting the final touches to their CR-Z demo car, a first round of modifications that have injected much-needed aggression into the car thanks to an original aero package, as well as adjustable suspension and numerous dress-up parts. With Japan currently going crazy over the CR-Z, J’s Racing plans to extract much more performance from the little sports hybrid, but will obviously never stop the development of cars and engines that over the last two decades have made Honda such a loved and recognized sports car brand.

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J's Racing Japan
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By Dino Dalle Carbonare
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