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1995 Nissan 240SX - Think Different

Intec Racing's Street Car Stunner

Joey Lee
Apr 11, 2013
Photographer: Josh Mackey
Impp 1302 01 o+1995 nissan 240SX+326 power aero kit Photo 1/11   |   1995 Nissan 240SX - Think Different

Nissan's S-chassis has long been regarded as one of the most versatile platforms in our tuner community. Enthusiasts have taken the chassis to various extremes-from full show car builds, to drift cars, to more nontraditional "VIP" styles. When the import scene was still in its early stages of popularity and Hondas dominated the market, the S13/S14 chassis was one of the first non-Honda platforms to be heavily modded. When drifting hit the United States in the early 2000s, Nissan's S-chassis shot to astronomical lengths of admiration. Everybody wanted one because they were affordable and essentially turnkey drift cars without needing any major modifications. The S14 240SX, in particular, was the Nissan rear-wheel-drive fanatics wanted. The aftermarket support was strong and they had a distinctive style that was still very current, unlike its older S13 brother. Nearly after a decade since drifting made a huge splash on American shores, the S-chassis is still as popular as ever and even serves as a blank canvas for many up-and-coming enthusiasts.

Along with the growth of drifting came many new businesses dedicated solely to the motorsport. Intec Racing was one of the original shops that catered to the drifting scene and has become recognized over the years as a trailblazer for the sport. Intec Racing has built a variety of drift cars of all different makes, but Lawrence Ojas and his team has always had a particular affinity for the S14. After building a beast of a Silvia/240SX for famed Japanese professional drifter Mitsuru Haraguchi, Lawrence decided he wanted to take on his own project. He wanted to do something a little different though and sought to create a more street-able, cruiser-friendly S14. This would also help to show that Lawrence and his team could build more than just cars that go sideways on the track.

Impp 1302 08 o+1995 nissan 240SX+weds kranze LXZ wheel Photo 2/11   |   1995 Nissan 240SX - Think Different

"I had a friend who was moving away and just happened to have a 240SX that he wanted to get rid of," Lawrence says. "I wanted to help him out so I picked up the car from him. We deal with so much drifting-related duties here at the shop every day so I wanted to step out of that box and try something new. I really liked this chassis and was very familiar with it, so I made it my new project. It wasn't meant to be anything crazy, just a simple street car that I could drive around everywhere, but still had the signature style that Intec Racing encompassed."

His vision was to build a Nissan that didn't fall into any specific genre. Lawrence wanted to incorporate elements from various styles to build something completely unique. This S14 would still make a good amount of power with enough suspension mods to help it get sideways, but would have a touch of class with a custom interior. The key was also to utilize quality products from classic Japanese tuning companies, which helped forge Intec Racing's reputation through the years.

The first order of business after acquiring the car was to rid the S-chassis of its dated KA24DE motor. Lawrence and his team instead opted for an SR20DET out of a Japanese Nissan Silvia. To give the turbocharged motor some added kick, a Tomei turbine was installed in place of the OE unit, along with the company's larger turbo manifold. Charged air is delivered through a Greddy intercooler to a Greddy intake manifold, while fuel upgrades also come via Greddy 740cc injectors supplying fuel from a Walbro pump. Processed exhaust gas then exits through a classic A'pexi N1 dual exhaust with flamboyant titanium tips. Facilitating in power delivery to the streets of Kent, WA, is a Nismo twin-disc clutch and flywheel housed inside an OE SR transmission with Viscous LSD.

Impp 1302 03 o+1995 nissan 240SX+ARC spark plug cover Photo 3/11   |   1995 Nissan 240SX - Think Different

A typical Intec Racing drift creation would usually host a myriad of aftermarket suspension products, but since this was a street car Lawrence and crew have taken on a much simpler approach. Ride-height adjustability comes courtesy of A'pexi EX-V coilovers, and the only other major additions to the suspension are rear camber and toe control arms from Silkroad. The rear arms have most likely been fitted to allow the S-chassis to accommodate the 10.5-inch-wide Weds Kranze LXZs. The Kranze line is certainly not a motorsports wheel and the 18-inch LXZ adds a Japanese "VIP" ingredient to Lawrence's build. A key attraction to Lawrence's S14, other than the custom interior, is the complete aero kit from Japanese tuning shop 326 Power. Building a drift machine for Haraguchi-san helped Intec Racing develop a close working relationship with Haraguchi's 326 Power and you will often see their aero on Intec Racing creations. 326 Power has been a mainstay in the Japanese tuning world for a couple of years now but has recently become popular here in the United States.

As specified, the interior is definitely a highlight of Lawrence's stateside Silvia rendition. You won't find racing buckets or a fully gutted cockpit in this Nissan. Instead, he chose to upgrade the complete OEM interior. The black leather has been refinished and fabric from a Japanese kimono has been added to the upholstery. The beautiful print can be seen on both the front and rear seats, as well as in the inserts of the door panels. The contrast on the black helps create an illustrious visual and captures the attention of onlookers from the opposing white exterior aesthetic.

Impp 1302 05 o+1995 nissan 240SX+nardi deep corn steering wheel Photo 4/11   |   1995 Nissan 240SX - Think Different

What Lawrence and Intec Racing have created is truly a unique project. It is proof that you can try something different and "color outside of the lines" without doing anything overly gaudy or unsavory to the eyes. It isn't a drift car, track car, or trailer-bound show car; instead, it stands on its own and shows the world that you don't have to follow a specific theme as long as you employ a mix of quality products and flawless execution.

Behind the Build

Lawrence Ojas

Impp 1302 10 o+1995 nissan 240SX+326 power aero kit Photo 8/11   |   1995 Nissan 240SX - Think Different

Kent, WA


Build time
Too Long


Anything Fun

Pure Passion For Cars

1995 Nissan 240SX

Engine 2.0L Nissan SR20DET; Peak Performance engine mounts; Intec Racing head gasket, VVL lifters, intercooler piping, radiator hoses, hose couplers; A'pexi intake, N1 dual exhaust with titanium tips; Greddy V2 intake manifold, fuel rail, 740cc fuel injectors, intercooler, oil filter; Walbro 255-lph fuel pump; Tomei turbocharger, turbo manifold, fuel pressure regulator; Odyssey battery; ARC blow-off valve, plug wire cover; Silkroad turbo elbow, downpipe; Motul motor oil, antifreeze; Mizu radiator, radiator fans; custom white valve cover; Password: JDM valve cover bolts

Impp 1302 02 o+1995 nissan 240SX+SR20DET Photo 9/11   |   1995 Nissan 240SX - Think Different

Drivetrain Silkroad transmission mounts; Driveshaft Shop aluminum driveshafts; Nismo twin-disc clutch, flywheel; Motul transmission fluids; OEM SR20 VLSD

Suspension A'pexi EX-V coilovers; Greddy front strut bar; Silkroad rear camber control arms, rear toe control arms; Peak Performance bushings

Brakes OEM Z32 front brake calipers; Project Mu front and rear brake pads; Peak Performance brake lines; Motul brake fluids

Wheels/Tires front: 18x9.5 Weds Kranze LXZ; rear: 18x10.5 Weds Kranze LXZ; Hankook tires

Exterior 326 Power aero kit, headlights, turn signal lights, taillights; Diamon Lighting HIDs

Impp 1302 06 o+1995 nissan 240SX+custom japanese kimono wrapped interior Photo 10/11   |   1995 Nissan 240SX - Think Different

Interior Nardi Deep Corn steering wheel, shift knob, pedal set; NRG steering hub, quick release; Intec Racing custom dash; custom kimono fabric-wrapped interior

Electronics A'pexi AVC-R, PowerFC; Blackberry head unit; JL Audio component speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers

Gratitude "Olem, Masaki at A'pexi; Password: JDM; Darien at Burien Upholstery; Matty, Schmell, Eddie at Dynamic; Wayne at Phase2; Jimenez family; Quincy at Greddy; Chris Dominguez, Shane, John Nakatsu, Old Man Mike, Intec Racing staff; my family; and Lance Soma."

Impp 1302 09 o+1995 nissan 240SX+326 power aero kit Photo 11/11   |   1995 Nissan 240SX - Think Different


Intec Racing
Kent, WA 98032
Orange, CA 92868
By Joey Lee
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