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Inspire USA Honda S2000 - JDM Everything

Nothing but proper Spoon Sports & JDM goodies.

Mar 17, 2015
Photographer: Patrick Lauder

It doesn't matter which corner of the world you call home, Spoon Sports is a household name and the premiere JDM tuning company for all things Honda. And a Honda that certainly attracts all the Spoon fanatics is the Honda S2000. Although discontinued for five years, the S2K is still the weapon of choice for track racers, street cruisers, and everything in between. While the aero of Spoon is hardly considered contemporary, it still remains as one of the most astonishing exteriors you can fit on an S2K - this Inspire USA 2002 Honda S2000 being the perfect example.

2002 honda s2000 spoon sports s tai side skirts 04 Photo 2/44   |   Inspire USA Honda S2000 - JDM Everything

Eric Tsoi is the owner of NorCal tuning shop Inspire USA, and this AP1 is his tribute to everything awesome about JDM tuning. Eric tells us, "I've always wanted a Spooned-out S2000. I started collecting parts even before I bought the car." The melange of Honda's Spa Yellow Pearl, Spoon S-Tai components, and VIS carbon-fiber parts exudes a Japanese giant hornet ready to strike. His choice of wheels was a no-brainer since Advan Racing's RZ are lightweight and durable.

2002 honda s2000 airbox 05 Photo 3/44   |   Immaculate engine bay with nothing but Spoon parts and accessories.

The Spoon inspiration goes beyond what the eyes can see. To stiffen the chassis, Eric installed almost every part you can buy for the S2000. Yes, it's borderline catalog car, but anything Spoon Sports will always be a timeless tuning paradigm. The Spoon Full Spec damper kit, strut bars, cross beam bars, and stabilizer bars made for a much more nimble S2K compared to its stock counterpart.

Make all the VTEC jokes you want but truth of the matter is that this technology is one of the greatest inventions Honda has given to gearheads. It's unfortunate a great majority of Honda owners will install a fart can and just call it a day—project complete and ready to race on the streets. Eric's S2000 is far from that. Apart from the A'PEXi exhaust (Eric previously had a louder Spoon N1 after-cat but had to switch due to local law enforcement), you'll only find exceptional Spoon parts under the hood from the thermostat to the beautifully made Kevlar intake. Rather than decimating the fine-tuning of a naturally aspirated engine with gobs of power, the Spoon philosophy improves only the essentials.

Inspire usa jdm 2002 honda s2000 1 Photo 7/44   |   Inspire Usa Jdm 2002 Honda S2000 1

The interior wasn't left alone either as it's covered with the Gucci of JDM interiors—Bride seats with Takata harnesses.

2002 honda s2000 spoon sports exhaust manifold 08 Photo 8/44   |   Inspire USA Honda S2000 - JDM Everything

Eric's recipe for his Honda S2000 has race pedigree written all over it, but he admits that it hasn't seen a track day once. He has a Spoon DC5 and CL7 that he drives every day and on the track. The AP1 is his pride and joy, his prized possession, his big spoon.

2002 honda s2000 spoon sports s tai rear over fender 02 Photo 9/44   |   Swiggity swooty, I’m comin’ for that booty!
2002 honda s2000 bride vio3 bucket seats 06 Photo 10/44   |   Inspire USA Honda S2000 - JDM Everything
2002 honda s2000 advan RZ wheels 10 Photo 11/44   |   2002 Honda S2000 Advan RZ Wheels 10
2002 honda s2000 bride gradation fabric 11 Photo 12/44   |   2002 Honda S2000 Bride Gradation Fabric 11
Inspire usa jdm 2002 honda s2000 5 Photo 13/44   |   Inspire Usa Jdm 2002 Honda S2000 5
Inspire usa jdm 2002 honda s2000 8 Photo 14/44   |   Inspire Usa Jdm 2002 Honda S2000 8
Inspire usa jdm 2002 honda s2000 33 Photo 42/44   |   Inspire Usa Jdm 2002 Honda S2000 33
Inspire usa jdm 2002 honda s2000 22 Photo 43/44   |   Inspire Usa Jdm 2002 Honda S2000 22
Inspire usa jdm 2002 honda s2000 14 Photo 44/44   |   Inspire Usa Jdm 2002 Honda S2000 14
Jofel Tolosa
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Inspire USA Honda S2000 - JDM Everything
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Owner: Eric Tsoi
Location: San Francisco, CA
Occupation: Owner of Inspire USA
Engine: A'PEXi WS exhaust; anodized blue valve cover; AP2 CR gold spark plug cover; Spoon Sports oil cap, 4-2-1 exhaust manifold, carbon-Kevlar intake, air filter, aluminum radiator, radiator hoses, radiator cap, radiator stay, thermostat, fan switch, direct shift lever
Drivetrain: Spoon Sports lightweight flywheel, clutch cover, clutch disc, release bearing, clutch line, reservoir covers
Footwork & Chassis Spoon Sports four-point rollcage (custom polished), Full Spec damper kit with springs, front upper strut tower bar, front and rear lower cross beam bars, center brace tunnel bar, front and rear stabilizer bars, engine transmission mount set, differential mount set, subframe rigid collar kit, steering rack rigid bushing kit, zero bumpsteer kit, driveshaft spacer kit
Brakes: Spoon Sports steel braided lines, pads; Motul brake fluid
Wheels & Tires: 18x10" +25 Advan RZ wheels; 225/40R18 front, 255/35R18 rear Bridgestone Potenza RE760 tires
Exterior: Spoon Sports S-Tai front and rear bumper bumpers, side skirts, front fenders, rear over fender, rear diffuser, hard top; VIS Racing Spoon-style carbon-fiber hood, GT Wing; AP2 CR headlights, taillights; Inspire USA aluminum washers, bolts
Interior: Bride Vio3 black graduation bucket seats, rails, gradation fabric on door panels; Takata harnesses; MOMO steering wheel, hub; Defi gauges; Spoon Sports rear view mirror; AP2 CR radio door, shift knob; Alpine head unit, speakers
Thanks You: my wife, Amy, for always putting up with me in everything that I do; everyone in the #inspireusa family; Pat for the amazing pictures; Jofel for the great article



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