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An Extended Break from Honda Builds Results in this K20 ITB 1995 Civic DX

Luxury cars, sports cars and even a current Porsche GT3 all take a backseat to this K-swap hatch.

Jun 5, 2020
Photographer: Ed Guerrero

The circumstances surrounding Tony Salcedo, owner of this K20-swapped ITB 1995 Honda Civic DX, and why he built the car are becoming increasingly common within the enthusiast circle—especially with 30-plus year olds. A reemergence of sorts, it's not at all uncommon for us to see long-time Honda builders moving away from these types of projects in order to focus on life, family, maybe even grab a luxury sedan or sports car, but eventually they find their way back to a Honda build for a rematch—this time equipped with far more patience, a more stout bank account, and a clear path to the finish line rather than building paycheck to paycheck as they did in their younger years.

1995 Honda Civic DX Spoon Sports Front Lip Photo 30/30   |   An Extended Break from Honda Builds Results in this K20 ITB 1995 Civic DX

Boosted Beginning

At 16, once Tony got his license, he wasted no time in modifying his '94 EX coupe that he'd lowered with Ground Control suspension and added an A'PEXi exhaust to. Like most, it would satisfy him for a short period of time, but eventually he ditched the single cam for a GS-R swap and not long after, bolted on a turbo kit for "street activities" of that era. While some leaned more toward style and expensive appearance parts, Tony's focus was always centered on going faster.

A little later he'd move on to a sixth gen. hatchback and things got far more serious. Tony adds, "Not many were doing it then - everything was so new. This was before boost-by-gear or anything with traction was big. Car made 520hp at 27psi spinning 1st gear to 5th, lol!" The hefty power output and lack of traction would come back to bite him, and after crashing that car he was lucky to come out unscathed and even luckier that the salvageable parts helped recoup the money lost.

1995 Honda Civic DX Spoon Sports Roof Spoiler Photo 30/30   |   An Extended Break from Honda Builds Results in this K20 ITB 1995 Civic DX

Pulled Back In

Over time, Tony decided to venture out and try something other than Honda once he began making more money. "As I got older, I started trying different cars; Audi's, Infiniti, BMWs ... but I missed the Hondas and ended up back in an S2000." That S2K was soon boosted but didn't last very long, so a stock engine was sourced, the car sold, and Tony decided to jump into a newer model. "I picked up a 2018 Civic Type R and I really liked the car but wasn't in love with it. I wanted something pure and raw, so I decided to do one more hatch with all the authentic parts I couldn't afford when I was younger."

The hatch search led to this '95 EH2 that was originally blue and in decent condition, but Tony wanted to put his spin on it, so he brought the car to Mike's Autobody in Malden, Mass., where the car's exterior was sprayed BMW Laguna Seca Blue. Once returned, the car was brought to Jorgie and Steven of Bamboosted Garage who would swap in a K20 Type R engine and transmission.

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1995 Honda Civic DX Spoon Kevlar Seats Photo 30/30   |   An Extended Break from Honda Builds Results in this K20 ITB 1995 Civic DX

While that was underway, Tony reached out to Gotuning Unlimited and ICB Motorsport for a list of Spoon goods that included their iconic carbon fiber roof spoiler, front lip and mirrors and a set of Volk TE37s. He also made the drive to New York's VRaceworks to pick up a set of Spoon Kevlar bucket seats—a move that he made just prior to the original bucket seats being discontinued.

Better the Second Time

Tony's hatchback had modern power and those quality aftermarket exterior and interior pieces that he was never able to fit into the budget in his younger days. Along the way, he joined forces with Team Emotion, and with so many high caliber builds within the group, felt he needed to step things up. "I decided I really wanted to perfect the car and take it above and beyond what I originally wanted. A well-rounded, well executed build, but different."

The Civic went back to Bamboosted Garage for complete disassembly in order to start from scratch. The chassis was delivered, once again, to Mike's Autobody so that the engine bay and the interior would match the recently painted exterior to complete the color change. To capitalize on the car's new finish, Tony sourced brand-new headlights from Checkerd Sports and as many factory fresh parts as he could from the OEM parts specialists at Looking for a mix of Spoon and Mugen parts, the re-release of Mugen's MF10 in more modern sizing was the ideal choice and the textured anodized bronze finish plays well with the LSB paint.

1995 Honda Civic DX K20 Engine Swap Photo 30/30   |   An Extended Break from Honda Builds Results in this K20 ITB 1995 Civic DX

As the car was reassembled, Tony opted for a Myers Competition header and J's Racing muffler for the exhaust and 55mm Hayword ITBs on the intake side. A chat with Dominic of Chasing Js resulted in a unique set of titanium velocity stacks to customize the set up. TracTuff's signature swirl pot and Speedfactory Racing's tucked radiator handle the cooling and help further the clean and very functional engine bay.

Tony Salcedo certainly fits the profile of the life-long Honda enthusiast who sometimes takes a break, handles life, then comes back stronger with a better understanding of what they want and the means to make it happen. The builds of his teenage years compared to his current DX are worlds apart and sure, much of that is due to available funds, but more can be attributed to his maturity. Today, Tony reserves his hatchback for weekend adventures while daily drive duties are designated to his Porsche 911.1 GT3—further proof he's as diehard as it gets and will no doubt be sticking around for years to come.

1995 Honda Civic DX Spoon Sports Hood Photo 30/30   |   An Extended Break from Honda Builds Results in this K20 ITB 1995 Civic DX
By Rodrez
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An Extended Break from Honda Builds Results in this K20 ITB 1995 Civic DX
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Car: 1995 Honda Civic DX
Owner: Tony Salcedo
Instagram: @boosted_tony_tipico
Engine: K20A ITR swap; Hasport 70a mounts; Hayward Performance 55mm ITBs; Chasing J's titanium throttle stacks; Myers Competition header; Js Racing exhaust; Aeromotive FPR; Walbro 255lph fuel pump; Injector Dynamics 1,000cc injectors; K-Tuned fuel rail, side mount pulley, V2 billet thermostat; TracTuff swirl pot; SpeedFactory titanium intake/exhaust manifold and valvecover hardware, tucked radiator; Downstar engine bay hardware; Mugen oil cap, coil pack cover; Rywire Motorsport Electronics engine harness; AEM Infinity ECU
Drivetrain: K20a ITR transmission; DriveShaft Shop swap axles; Insane Shaft intermediate shaft; Clutchmasters FX200 clutch, flywheel
Suspension: JRZ 2-way suspension; Swift springs; Karcepts billet hats; Skunk2 camber kit; Spoon Sports front shock tower bar, rear lower tie bar; Cusco 6-pt. roll cage; Miracle X bar; ASR subframe brace, sway bars; Function7 LCAs
Brakes: Spoon Sports mono-block calipers, brake lines; Stop Tech cross-drilled rotors, Tech pads; Wilwood booster delete; tucked brake lines
Wheels & Tires: Mugen MF10 16x7.5+43; Falken Azenis 215/45-16; Amuse Powerhouse titanium lug nuts
Exterior: Laguna Seca Blue paint; Spoon Sports carbon fiber front lip, mirrors, roof spoiler, hood; OEM window visors, EG6 headlights, corner lights, taillights, thin moldings, DC2 side markers
Interior: Spoon Sports gen. 2 steering wheel, titanium shift knob, kevlar bucket seats; Buddy Club rails; Works Bell hub, Ss1 quick-release; Takata harnesses; OEM EG6 gauge cluster; K-Tuned no-cut shift box, race shift cables; Race Bred floor panels



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