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Ultimate Forum Street Car Challenge - Editorialisms

Read this month's Editorialisms featuring some the best built and fastest street cars.

Peter Tarach
Jun 23, 2010

An End To The Trash Talk? Having just wrapped up our annual Modified Tuner Shootout (check out next month's issue for the full story), it got me thinking again about the Ultimate Street Car Challenge and how Modified was supposed to take over the event from Sport Compact Car.

Modp_1007_01_o+ultimate street car challenge+peter_t Photo 2/2   |   Ultimate Forum Street Car Challenge - Editorialisms

I never abandoned the notion of doing another USCC, but one thing led to another (I'll partially blame the economy) and all of a sudden the funding to put a high-status event together has become very hard to secure. Nevertheless, it's been sitting quietly and patiently on my back burner waiting for me to get to it.

After watching all the fastest race cars compete at our shootout, I'm more determined than ever to bring USCC back to be an event for some of the fastest street cars in the nation. However, I want to take it up a notch. Instead of just picking 10 to 12 of the fastest cars from submissions, I want to up the stakes and have online forums participate and pick their best cars to compete against each other. It's time for all the keyboard racers who've been claiming they have the fastest cars out there to man up and put their money where their mouths are.

My goal is to reach out to all the major car forums -,,,,,, and many more - in hopes of finding the best built and fastest street cars to compete in what will now be known as the Ultimate Forum Street Car Challenge.

It's been too long since a real event has brought the most popular platforms in our market together to test them against each other. I'm not talking about race cars, that's what our Tuner Shootout is for - this event has to be legit road-legal cars that can and will be driven on the street.

Before I start getting hate mail about how a GT-R will crush a Civic, remember that we'll be factoring in elements such as cost into the equation, but who wouldn't want to see a Civic beat a GT-R anyway? It's possible, and there's only one way to find out.

In the coming months, you will hopefully see a post on your car forum about this competition; if you think we may miss you, then by all means email me directly ( and provide the name and link of your forum. Please don't include local forums - I realize there are plenty of extremely fast cars on those forums, but if we include one then we have to include them all.

Ideally, it will be up to the users on the forums to choose the car that will represent them, but we reserve the right to reject cars that we think aren't true street cars. I hope the response for this challenge will be favorable rather than lacking. There's too much bench racing online - now there will be a venue to lay it all to rest and prove it in the driver seat and a heavy foot rather than behind a computer.

A Sneak Peek At Excerpts From This Issue
Enhanced performance is accomplished in the second-generation tC with an all-new 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine with dual VVT-i that generates 180 hp, 19 more than the previous model, and 11 additional ft-lbs of torque. Spinout P.20

To produce competitive time attack horsepower, Jacob went in search of a high-quality turbo kit that was complete and easy to install. Tuned To Perfection P.36

The aftermarket industry is evolving and we'll all be there for the ride while our ideals and preferences change along the way. Can't Stop,Won't Stop P.58

Tomei has seen the need for an affordable, lightweight, purpose-built performance exhaust system in the market, and after long periods of testing and development, its ExpremeTi exhaust is finally here. Proving Grounds P.92

By Peter Tarach
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