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Mosport International Raceway - Track Review

Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

Jul 5, 2011

If speed is the drug that hooks drivers on the go-fast crack pipe, then Mosport International Raceway is one of the world’s most persuasive drug dealers. Less than 50 miles from downtown Toronto, Mosport is one of the fastest road courses in North America, with ALMS cars averaging 135 mph during a lap and corner speeds of 165 mph in turn 8. If that’s not fast enough to scratch your go-fast itch, time to join the Air Force and hope you’ve got the right stuff to make it as a fighter pilot.

Modp 1107 01+mosport international raceway+cover Photo 1/4   |   For in-car video of our trusty old Lime Green EG turning a quick lap at Mosport, search YouTube for “Mosport Civic EG K20 Hotlap.”

Widely regarded as one of the most daunting and challenging circuits in the world, Mosport often ranks at the top of professional racing drivers’ favorite tracks list, partly because of its high speeds, but even more so because of its dramatic elevation changes and blind apexes. As a result, very few circuits test a driver’s commitment and skill more than Mosport, a fact made all the more real when you factor in the limited runoff areas and hard barriers lining the track, making the cost of too much corner entry speed very high indeed. We’ve been to countless races and lapping days at Mosport, and it’s a rare day when at least a couple of cars aren’t wadded up by an unplanned encounter with a barrier.

The Mosport experience is made even more special if you’re a motorsports history buff, since you’ll be aware of the fact that you’re driving on one of the few road courses in the world to have hosted a Formula 1 event (the Canadian Grand Prix being hosted there from 1967 to 1977) as well as IndyCar, Can-Am, IMSA, ALMS and World Challenge. The knowledge that you’re driving on the same piece of undulating and hair-raising tarmac as racing legends like Stirling Moss, Gilles Villeneuve, Mario Andretti and even stock car king Richard Petty makes it all the more special.

Modp 1107 02+mosport international raceway+overhead view Photo 2/4   |   Mosport International Raceway - Track Review

Personally, it’s corner 2 and corner 4 that keeps us coming back for more — the blind high-speed entry and rapid drop in elevation making both these sweeping lefthanders a hair-raising and grin-inducing experience. For an impressive joy ride inside SG-Motorsport’s all-motor Nissan 350Z, including a dramatic spin in corner 2, fire up your Internet machine and search YouTube for the video entitled “SG-Motorsport — 350Z Test at Mosport Suspension Failure.” Or just type this URL into your browser and enjoy:

Modp 1107 04+mosport international raceway+u turn Photo 3/4   |   Mosport International Raceway - Track Review

Mosport International Raceway

Location Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
Track Configuration 2.459 miles, 10-turn international raceway or “Big Track”
Elevation Change 166 feet (corner 5 at 937 feet, front straightaway at 1,103 feet)
Longest Straight Three-quarter-mile Mario Andretti Straightaway
Other Facilities 750 acres, camping, restaurant, 0.5-mile Mosport Speedway paved oval, 1.5-mile Driver Development Track and Bridgestone Racing Academy, 0.9-mile kart track, 0.25-mile skidpad

Modp 1107 03+mosport international raceway+track map Photo 4/4   |   Mosport International Raceway - Track Review



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