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2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII - Insane Speed

With a name like Insane Speed and a tuner like Mikey “Pineapple” Angel controlling the boost, we knew these guys would bring the thunder.

Aug 15, 2011

Mikey “Pineapple” Angel is almost as big a legend in the tuner scene as he is at the Las Vegas strip clubs he frequents. So when we heard he had taken his special brand of horsepower madness over to Insane Speed (a full-service shop in Las Vegas with the ability to fabricate just about anything), we had to see how its EVO VIII would stand up to the torture test that is the Tuner Shootout.

Modp 1108 01+2005 mitsubishi lancer evolution viii+cover Photo 2/3   |   2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII - Insane Speed

True to its name, Mikey and the boys from Insane Speed posted a truly insane 24,105 points in the power-under-the-curve dyno contest, shattering the dyno record set by World Racing’s nitro-huffing Scion by more than 1,200 points. Attempting to list the specs of the 2.3-liter “Crazy Spec” engine out of this EVO would be, well, insane, but suffice it to say this puppy has been tweaked to the fullest extent imaginable. The fact that a MoTeC M800 ECU controls it should give you a pretty good idea how serious this engine build is.

Of course, with astronomical horsepower comes astronomical stress on the drivetrain, and although Insane Speed busted some serious ass getting its EVO ready in time for the event, including fortifying the transmission with a TRE Stage 3 rebuild, Sheptrans Stage 3 transfer case and a Tilton twin carbon clutch, the weak link was discovered in dramatic fashion on the dragstrip. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, feast your eyes on the shattered tranny case (above) — dare we say, insane!?

Modp 1108 02+2005 mitsubishi lancer evolution viii+engine Photo 3/3   |   2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII - Insane Speed

This brought Insane Speed’s ’11 Shootout to an abrupt and disappointing end, but that doesn’t mean these Vegas horsepower freaks lost their sense of humor. As Insane Speed owner Todd Allen put it, “It’s funny how 800 ft-lbs of torque dead-hooking tends to nuke things. You might even say that we were so honored to attend the Shootout that we decided to sacrifice a $4,000 transmission to the tuner gods [laughs]. If the duct tape and super glue hold it together next time, I think we can make a better showing with our little dyno queen. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to show all the car was capable of, but like my hometown Cubs yearly motto goes: ‘Wait until next year!’”

'05 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

Engine 2-liter 4G63T inline-4
Engine Modifications Insane Speed 2.3-liter “Crazy Spec” engine; GRP pro aluminum rods; Windberg billet micropolished crankshaft; CP forged pistons, Stage 1 race head, 4” intake, T4 header, quick transition downpipe & custom fuel system; 4G64 block; Darton sleeves; ARP head studs, rod bolts & main bolts; ACL race bearings, balance shaft eliminator, Xceldyne dual SS valvesprings, titanium retainers & 1mm intake valves, titanium-coated exhaust valves & bronze valve guides; Competition Copper Alloy valve seats; GSC Stage 2 cams; AMS F1-I intake manifold; Boomba 75mm tb; K&N filter; ATI harmonic balancer; PE Kevlar timing belt; Injector Dynamics 2,000cc injectors; twin Denso fuel pumps; Design Engineering nitrous/purge system & bottle heater; GReddy Ti exhaust; Precision 6265 turbo; Turbosmart 45mm wastegate & twin Race BOVs; ETS 4” FMIC; twin Halo DEI CryO2 intercooler chiller; MoTeC M800 ECU
Drivetrain TRE Stage 3 transmission & oiling upgrade; Insane Speed billet front transmission case; Sheptrans Stage 3 transfer case; Quaife LSD (front diff); 8mm to 10mm bolt upgrade; Tilton twin carbon clutch & billet flywheel; DSS aluminum driveshaft; B&M short shifter
Suspension KW custom-valved coilovers; Insane Speed–spec KW drag springs; GReddy strut brace (f); custom strut brace system (r); Progress Suspension 3-way adjustable sway bars; Energy Suspension urethane bushings
Wheels, Tires & Brakes 18x9.5” XXR 522 wheels; Continental Grand-Am spec race tires; Volk duraluminum lug nuts; ARP wheel studs; StopTech 6-piston (f) & 4-piston (r) BBKs & SS brake lines; Hawk pads; wk pads; StopTech stainless brake lines
Interior Mitsubishi OEM MR carbon-fiber e-brake; Tyrant Carbon armrest; EVO SE leather/suede seats
Electronics Clarion in-dash nav/DVD; JL Audio W3V3 12” subwoofers, Evolution C5 midrange, Evolution C5 tweeters & XD amplifiers; STRI gauges; Innovate wideband; TurboSmart E-Boost boost controller; Motec M800 ECU
Exterior Seibon CW carbon hood; Aerocatch carbon hood pins; carbon-fiber antenna, carbon-fiber mirror covers & carbon-fiber vortex generator; Rexpeed carbon-fiber trunk wing; Chargespeed Type 1 front bumper, Type 1 rear bumper, Type 1 side skirts, carbon-fiber rear diffuser; Insane Speed smoked side markers; custom Sapphire Blue exterior by Devious Designs



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