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What’s Old Is New - Editorialisms

I invite you to join me and take a look at some interesting machines.

Peter Tarach
Oct 12, 2011

There’s no denying it, a new era of old school cars has recently been ushered into the spotlight. It’s been a long time coming, but Japanese cars of yesteryear are becoming more sought after than Honda Civics or Nissan 240SXs. Is it because most of us are growing older and want to drive cars that we grew up idolizing as kids? Or could it be the raw, pure and simple nature of these vintage automobiles that attracts us?

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Personally, pre-’80s Japanese cars remind me of an era that didn’t need to rely on electronics as their predominant way of being. Cars weren’t regulated with safety standards that required eight airbags stuffed in their cabin or minimum front-end heights for pedestrian collisions. They were born free of all these constrictions and therefore have a style and driving experience that will most likely never be replicated. Sure, today’s automobiles are the safest and most technologically advanced pieces of transportation human kind has ever built, but to me they lack the character and nostalgia that an old car brings to the table.

As I continue to immerse myself deeper into the classic Japanese car culture, I invite you to join me and take a look at some interesting machines we’ve found for this issue. Most of them have been restored and modified with modern-day performance, making them an ideal fit for Modified. Who knows, it may just inspire you to take on such a project yourself. I know it has for me, and I can’t wait to park one of these early examples of nostalgic Japanese automotive bliss in my driveway.

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By Peter Tarach
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