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Grab The Wheel And Drive - Editorialisms

There are very few things in life that will provide you with such an adrenaline rush and high.

Peter Tarach
Dec 13, 2011

It’s time to stop daydreaming and start doing. Experiencing the thrill of driving on a racetrack is a one-of-a-kind feeling that any automotive junkie will tell you is worth its weight in gold. There are very few things in life that will provide you with such an adrenaline rush and high.

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Driving on the track can be intimidating at first, but there are many great schools, events and associations across the county to help you through that hurdle, and once you get comfortable behind the wheel at speed, you’ll never look back. I didn’t.

When I first got into this scene, all I knew was drag racing. It was fun for a while, but eventually I got bored of driving in a straight line. That’s when some friends introduced me to racing on track. After countless track days and completing six racing schools, I still love it as much as I did my first time out.

I didn’t know much when I first got started and my car was ill prepared, to say the least. That’s why we’ve put together this issue — to give you valuable information, including pointers on suspension setup, tire choice, tips from the pros and some worthy track car examples all in the hopes of making it a smooth and easy experience.

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For those of you, such as myself, who’ve been doing the grip thing for a while and are looking for the next challenge, I suggest you give rally racing a try. Thanks to Subaru and BFGoodrich, I recently had the opportunity to drive some rally prepped STIs, and even though it was on wet tarmac, the experience of flicking an AWD car into some wicked slides has got me itching to try the real thing on dirt. Programs like DirtFish Rally School provide people like you and me the opportunity to try rally racing without a big investment in cars and parts. You can bet you’ll find me at one of their spring programs, and I hope to see you out there as well.

By Peter Tarach
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