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 |   |  1988 Chrysler Conquest TSi - Dale Myers
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1988 Chrysler Conquest TSi - Dale Myers

In Dale’s case, he actually started this project with the notion of doing a stock restoration.

May 7, 2012
Modp 1205 01+1988 chrysler conquest tsi+cover Photo 1/4   |   1988 Chrysler Conquest TSi - Dale Myers

You might say Dale Myers is on a conquest. Of course, if you said that you’d be a huge douchebag, but we’d forgive you if only because the funky ’80s sports coupe you see here is Dale’s third Chrysler Conquest. We’d actually like to meet Dale, because it takes a pretty special person to own just one Conquest, so owning three of them would suggest he’s downright coo coo for Cocoa Puffs or at least hooked on the wedge-shaped madness that is this Diamond Star bastard child.

Not that the Conquest is a car only a nutter would find appealing — truth be told, these flared and boosted RWD coupes have a ton of tuning potential (not to mention a big enough engine bay to accept a V-8, something John Lazorack proved in our Dec ’11 issue). Sure, the interior may be a little (OK, a lot) too ’80s retro for our taste, but any time you combine RWD with a turbo and “fatty” fenders, you know there’s a lot of giggle potential once you get the wrenches spinning.

In Dale’s case, he actually started this project with the notion of doing a stock restoration, having bought the car as a “parts only” wreck on eBay. But after spending a year collecting the parts required to graft a fresh front end on it, the stock restoration idea began to morph into what you see here.

Sure, the interior may be a little (OK, a lot) too ’80s retro for our taste, but any time you combine RWD with a turbo and “fatty” fenders
Modp 1205 02+1988 chrysler conquest tsi+interior Photo 2/4   |   1988 Chrysler Conquest TSi - Dale Myers

Not that Dale has gone buck wild on the mods — yet. The stock wheels are still in play, though the fronts are the SHP 16x8-inch +18 type, while the rears are the standard 16x8-inch -10 fitment. The ride height has been sensibly lowered using Cosmo coilover sleeves along with Mookeeh struts, while the exterior has been subtly tweaked with a ’83 Starion hood and taillights, tinted foglights by Burton’s Customs and a handmade LED third brake light by D_Venable.

Dale has also kept things relatively restrained under the hood, choosing to maximize output from the stock long-block and turbo (though he plans to upgrade to a larger turbo so he can take a run at 300 whp). Using the onboard AEM wideband and 3-inch GM MAS and MAF Translator, he has street-tuned the air/fuel mix to ~11.5:1 at 18 psi of boost. That’s got to make this 3,000-lb hunk of ’80s steel and sex appeal hustle pretty damn well from light to light.

Modp 1205 03+1988 chrysler conquest tsi+engine Photo 3/4   |   1988 Chrysler Conquest TSi - Dale Myers

Why We Picked It
It’s not easy to make a lowered car look good on stock wheels, but Dale Myers has done just that. The blacked-out exterior of his Conquest looks mean enough to keep the haters at a safe distance, and with 18 lbs of boost steaming out of the TD05 turbo, it should have just enough juice to back up the tough-guy looks. We’ve got nothing but love for the Conquest’s exterior styling, but on the inside we’d ditch those fugly factory seats and steering wheel for some modern racing buckets and a smaller-diameter steering wheel.

Modp 1205 04+1988 chrysler conquest tsi+side view Photo 4/4   |   1988 Chrysler Conquest TSi - Dale Myers

Specs & Details
'88 Chrysler Conquest TSi
Engine 4G54b 2.6-liter turbocharged inline-4
Engine Modifications Balance shaft & jet valve elimination; TD05-12A turbocharger; 3" GM MAS & MAF sensors, intercooler hard pipes & BOV, straight piped 3" turbo-back exhaust; Delphi 65-lb primary & 95-lb secondary fuel injectors; custom radiator by Star-Orion; SS braided turbo coolant & oil lines
Engine Management Stock ECU piggybacked w/ 3" GM MAS & MAF Translator, street tuned by owner w/ AEM UEGO
Drivetrain FC RX-7 clutch; OE lightened flywheel (10 lbs removed); BTSG short shifter
Wheels, Tires & Brakes OEM 16x8" +18 SHP wheels (f); OEM 16x8" -10 standard wheels (r); Nexen NX3000 245/45R16 tires; TopEnd Performance SS braided brake lines, dimpled & slotted rotors (f/r)
Suspension Mookeeh struts & camber plates (f/r); Cosmo coilover sleeves; ST Suspension sway bars (f/r); TopEnd Performance strut brace (r) w/ battery tray
Exterior ’83 Starion hood & taillights; fender stripe by (designed by owner), tinted foglights by Burton’s Customs; hand-made LED third brake-light by D_Venable
Interior Custom center gauge pod by Star-Orion; Auto Meter boost, oil pressure, & water temp gauges; AEM UEGO wideband gauge; Sparco 4-point harnesses; early model manual seat belt center console w/ coin tray; early model accordion shift boot; eBay Delrin shift knob
Special Thanks Everyone over at for the help, advice & motivation; J. Marbs for playing tech support during the tough times; all the local guys: Joe, Ryan, Mike & John for the parts & help they’ve provided; all the guys that made up the custom stuff that sets the car apart: Derek, “Burton,” JR & Ron at Moto-On



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