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1993 Nissan 240SX - Being Green Ain’t Easy

Galvin Logan’s ’93 240SX is the talk of the town.

Nate Hassler
Apr 17, 2012
Modp 1205 01+1993 nissan 240sx+cover Photo 1/9   |   1993 Nissan 240SX - Being Green Ain’t Easy

It’s tough to build a 240SX that stands out from the crowd these days. Due to the platform’s popularity among tuners, the variety and style (not to mention build quality) varies in a major way, depending on where you look. Seeing as how this is the Readers’ Rides issue, full of cars that are all driven by actual readers in the real world, we weren’t necessarily looking for a purpose-built race car to put on the cover, but rather a clean street-driven car that caught our eye right from the get go. And although we received many great submissions, this Juniper Green S13 kept coming back to the front of the conversation as our favorite of the bunch, so we decided to take a closer look at Galvin Logan’s 180SX clone.

Modp 1205 02+1993 nissan 240sx+interior Photo 2/9   |   1993 Nissan 240SX - Being Green Ain’t Easy

As with any project, Galvin’s car didn’t simply materialize into what it is today overnight. He has actually owned this car for the better part of seven years. “I got the car [back] in 2005 and it was completely stock,” Galvin says. “I bought an SR20DET and built up the motor on a stand while collecting all the parts I needed for the swap. Before doing the swap, I built up the suspension to get ready for the motor. After eight months of sourcing and slowly purchasing everything, I finally had all the parts to install my SR20DET! The SR was in the car for about a year until I purchased my buddy Shane’s RB25DET that he had ready to go. My buddy and I did the swap in my garage (which took about a day) and completed the wiring the following week.”

The heart of the beast is a mild-mannered RB25, if you can call a 2.5-liter turbocharged 6-cylinder “mild.” Retaining the stock internal bits, this RB isn’t a crazy (read: unreliable) setup by any means. But that’s a good thing because Galvin likes to be able to drive this car around without worrying about mechanical problems. Sadly, as a resident of the Golden State, he’s got enough to worry about with Officer Jack. Although it’s worth noting that if an unknowing officer of the law were to peek underneath the hood of Galvin’s car, all they would be greeted by is an insanely clean engine bay. Those of us who know will appreciate the clean wire tuck, nice choice of aftermarket parts and the general function-based theme that makes us all smile knowing that something has been done the right way.

Modp 1205 03+1993 nissan 240sx+apexi Photo 3/9   |   1993 Nissan 240SX - Being Green Ain’t Easy

The exterior of the S13 is clean and fairly mild as well. This car isn’t clad in vinyl or outlandish sticker setups, it’s just simple and minimalistic, with the perfect amount of JDM flare to make it stand apart from the crowd. “Once the engine was all set up, I started working on the exterior,” Galvin says. “I decided to go with the Kouki 180SX OEM body kit because I knew it would look (and fit) great. It took me six months to source and piece together a complete kit, as it’s no longer produced by Nissan. Once I had the body kit installed and painted, I decided to get smaller but wider wheels, which allow the car to sit lower, and the wider wheels gave it a better stance.” The wheels in question are XXR 527s, sized out to 17x9.75 inches. That’s not a typo, some people aren’t aware that XXR offers wheels in quarter-inch increments, which gives you the ability to really choose the exact size you want for the right look. We appreciate what Galvin has done with his car, and before the JDM wheel whores throw up their arms in frustration, let me just point out that Galvin has a set of Volk GTCs in his garage as well. He simply likes the look of the XXRs better, and, honestly, we can’t fault him for that personal choice. After all, it’s his car and it looks great. We like that it has an aggressive stance, but it’s not ridiculous looking.

Modp 1205 04+1993 nissan 240sx+rear view Photo 4/9   |   1993 Nissan 240SX - Being Green Ain’t Easy

Speaking of stance, it’s clear by now that the suspension department of Galvin’s S13 is far from stock. A set of JIC Magic coilovers is the root of the setup, providing excellent damping duties both on the street and on the occasional track day. A whole array of arms and bars courtesy of C-Tune (to be exact, Galvin’s car is equipped with the strut bar, camber arms, toe arms, caster adjusters, tension rods, traction arms and crossmember brace — did we miss any?) keep everything aligned and properly oriented for a reportedly aggressive yet forgiving handling feel. This car is not Galvin’s daily driver — however, he won’t hesitate to drive out to a show or track day when the time arises. His interior cabin is clean and street-oriented, with nothing particularly out of place. A NRG wheel and hub combo look right at home, as do the bucket seats (the brand of which we aren’t quite sure), and although the interior is that less-than-ideal brown color, it’s not the end of the world for us — or, more importantly, for Galvin.

Modp 1205 05+1993 nissan 240sx+engine Photo 5/9   |   1993 Nissan 240SX - Being Green Ain’t Easy

He jokes about me not showing photographs of the cracked dash (I did my best!), but this ain’t a show car, folks. This is a legitimate example of a car that gets used and beat on, so we don’t really care if the dashboard isn’t in mint condition. This thing has an insanely clean engine bay, a great looking exterior and an owner with a positive attitude and appreciation for the long path he has been down to get his car where it is today. Is the car done? No. But that’s OK because it’s not going anywhere. “I have an Infiniti G35 as a daily driver, along with a Toyota FJ Cruiser, which my wife drives,” Galvin explains. “I also have two kids, my son Gavin is nine and my daughter Maria is five, so I don’t spend every penny I earn on modifying my cars. My 240SX was my daily driver up until I started modifying it, now I just take it to car shows and to the track when I get a chance.” We can’t wait to see how Galvin morphs his car and continues to build it up over the next seven years — after all, the night is young. Figuratively speaking.

Modp 1205 06+1993 nissan 240sx+catch can Photo 6/9   |   1993 Nissan 240SX - Being Green Ain’t Easy
“My 240SX was my daily driver up until I started modifying it, now I just take it to car shows and to the track when I get a chance.”

Why We Picked It
Galvin’s S13 was our favorite of the bunch for a couple of key reasons. First off, the car is clean and functional inside and out, a must for any street-driven car. The RB swap has also been performed impeccably, which is not an easy task given the tight space inside the bay of this chassis. Although the car is fairly understated, this is one of those times when the overall character of the car exceeds the sum of its parts. It’s that well-rounded aspect that makes it stand out in our minds, and ultimately find a place on the cover of our book.

Modp 1205 07+1993 nissan 240sx+exhaust Photo 7/9   |   1993 Nissan 240SX - Being Green Ain’t Easy
Modp 1205 09+1993 nissan 240sx+front view Photo 8/9   |   1993 Nissan 240SX - Being Green Ain’t Easy

Specs & Details
'93 Nissan 240SX
Engine Nissan RB25DETT turbocharged inline-6
Engine Modifications RB25DET R33 crossmember & transmission brace; Syko Performance engine mounts, transmission brackets, sway bar spacers, turbo elbow, intercooler piping, silicone boots & wiring service; 3" SR20DET downpipe; GReddy intake manifold; R33 throttle body; Walbro fuel pump; 550cc fuel injectors; HKS mushroom filter; NGK iridium plugs; Nissan N1 water pump; PE Kevlar timing belt; Nismo thermostat & fuel pressure regulator; FAL 2500 dual slim fans; S14 radiator; Z32 fuel filter; 10x29x3" intercooler; Blitz SS blow-off valve; Earl’s custom power-steering high-pressure line, RB25DET block fitting/filter relocation block & oil cooler; Z33 power-steering cooler; USDM steering rack w/ poly bushings; FRSport aluminum steering shaft bushing; Circuit Sports oil catch can & 3" after-cat exhaust; cat delete test pipes
Engine Management HKS boost controller; APEX Power FC
Drivetrain R33 GTS-T 5 speed transmission; JGY 10.5-lb steel flywheel; SPEC Clutch Stage 3 clutch; Koyo throw out bearing; Earl’s braided clutch line; 14-lb 1-piece driveshaft; Peak performance red transmission mount bushing
Suspension C-Tune strut bar, camber arms, toe arms, caster adjusters, tension rods, traction arms & crossmember brace; Addco sway bar stabilizer (r); JIC Magic coilovers; TEIN inner & outer tie rods
Exterior Kouki 180SX front bumper, front lip, foglights, turn signals, rear valances, rear spoiler & taillights; Chuki side skirts; OEM window visors; Key Composite Group hood
Interior Ferrari 360 shift knob; racing seats & harnesses; NRG Deep Corn steering wheel, hub & quick release
Wheels, Tires & Brakes 17x9.75" XXR 527 wheels; Nankang 235/40R17 tires; Z33 Brakes; Ichiba 5-lug hub conversion kit

Modp 1205 08+1993 nissan 240sx+seats Photo 9/9   |   1993 Nissan 240SX - Being Green Ain’t Easy
By Nate Hassler
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