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2005 Mitsubishi Lancer ES - Daniel Sanchez

With 302 whp at 14 lbs of boost thanks to a complete RRM engine build and 20g turbo kit, Daniel’s Lancer is already plenty quick.

Apr 27, 2012
Modp 1205 01+2005 mitsubishi lancer es+cover Photo 1/5   |   2005 Mitsubishi Lancer ES - Daniel Sanchez

It’s not every day we feature a Lancer ES, especially one equipped with an automatic transmission. But here we are, scratching our heads in amazement at Daniel Sanchez’s “Lancerlution,” a truly unique project started by Road Race Motorsports and now in the hands of Road Race Engineering (RRM splintered off from RRE when the two owners went their separate ways).

Daniel, a 29-year-old So Cal native, took a foul ball to the head at a Dodgers game a few years ago and suddenly came up with the idea of turning his daily driven Mitsu into the fastest and most powerful slushbox-equipped Lancer in the country. OK, we may have made up the part about the foul ball, but you’ve got to admit that it takes a special kind of mind to cook up an idea like this.

Not that Daniel’s love for the CS2A Lancer is out of the ordinary. In fact, having scoured for ideas on how to make his Lancer faster, Daniel discovered a fellow auto-equipped, eighth-gen Lancer in Puerto Rico that posted an impressive 12.6 at 110 mph in the quarter-mile. He also learned that Road Race Motorsports’ own CS2A Lancer has tripped the lights at 12.9 at 106 mph, and since RRM is local to Daniel, it was a natural choice to turn to them for help in pursuing his dream.

Modp 1205 02+2005 mitsubishi lancer es+steering wheel Photo 2/5   |   2005 Mitsubishi Lancer ES - Daniel Sanchez
With just a few more mods, I’m sure my Lancer will be the fastest in the U.S.

With 302 whp at 14 lbs of boost thanks to a complete RRM engine build and 20g turbo kit, Daniel’s Lancer is already plenty quick. But with upgrades coming to the fuel system along with an ECU retune, RRE has told Daniel to expect something in the neighborhood of 370 ponies at the front wheels, which just might be good enough to get him deep into the 12s at the dragstrip. As Daniel told us, “With just a few more mods, I’m sure my Lancer will be the fastest in the U.S. I’m focused on breaking the record and raising the bar. My dream would be the high 11s, but low 12s is fine too.”

The slushbox hasn’t been forgotten, either, having been seriously reinforced by Jersey-based specialist LEVEL10. With upgraded valve bodies, oil pump and torque converter, this is one ES Lancer that’s ready to launch hard! It’s also looking pretty hard, thanks to RRM EVO IX front and rear bumpers, paint-matched carbon-fiber hood and trunk, black roof (soon to be carbon fiber) and headlights, and a drag-spec rear wing.

Once RRE completes the current round of upgrades, you may just be looking at the fastest auto trans Lancer in the country, and perhaps even the world. This may not be a record that was on your radar before now, but you’ve still got to admire the determination it takes to claim a title like this.

Why We Picked It
How often do you see an eighth-gen Lancer with an auto trans and a serious turbo engine build? Pretty damn cool, if you ask us, but we would’ve liked to have seen a wider set of wheels (at least the fronts) wrapped in some sticky DOT drag radials since this baby EVO is aimed at being the fastest slushbox Lancer in the country.

Specs & Details
'05 Mitsubishi Lancer ES
Engine 4G94 2.0-liter SOHC inline-4
Engine Modifications RRM pistons, rods, Stage 2 camshafts, ported intake manifold & TB, ported & polished head, 3-angle valve job, lightened crank pulley, 20g turbo kit & custom 3" after-cat exhaust
Drivetrain LEVEL10 upgraded valve bodies, high-output oil pump, torque converter rings & gaskets
Wheels, Tires & Brakes Matte-black 18x8" Motegi Racing MR274 8 SP10 wheels; 245/35R18 Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport tires; Rotora 355mm BBK (f); RRM performance brake shoes (r)
Suspension TEIN Super Street coilovers; RRM sway bar (r), strut bars (f/r) & lower tie bar (r)
Exterior RRM EVO IX bumpers (f/r), black headlights, carbon-fiber hood, trunk & drag wing; black roof
Interior RRM rollcage; Zeitronix dash daq; Bride Zeta III seats; Impact Racing 4-point harnesses; Nardi Classic steering wheel; NRG 2.5 quick release hub; HVAC delete; gutted rear doors w/ Lexan windows; gutted dash
Special Thanks To my wife, thank you for putting up with me & the Lancer; Nate from Bink Industries; Road Race Motorsports; & a super big thanks to Road Race Engineering for taking the Lancer to the next level



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