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The BRZ/FR-S Bandwagon - Editorialisms

Peter Tarach
Apr 23, 2013
1303 modp 01 o+brz frs bandwagon+peter tarach Photo 1/2   |   The BRZ/FR-S Bandwagon - Editorialisms

Are you tired of seeing coverage of the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ yet? I realize the entire aftermarket and publishing world have been all over this car since it launched well over six months ago, but there's a reason it's in our sights: The FR-S and BRZ are reigniting people's passions for car modification. This car is the perfect recipe for fun, exhilarating driving. Sure, it lacks some forward grunt, but that's what the aftermarket is for.

We've already tested a few bolt-on power-adders (there's an exhaust dyno test in this issue here), only to figure out that significant power gains are hard to come by. However, the handling department is a different story. The FR-S comes with dismal all-season eco tires, so we wanted to experience firsthand how well it would respond to a proper wheel and tire upgrade. And for good measure, we also threw in some KW coilovers to see how much they would enhance the performance of an already well-sorted car.

This test got us thinking, though. If we were going to thrash a new RWD platform on the track, what about including a FWD car in the mix? We realize some of you need practical cars that haul families around and that you don't mind letting the wife drive, so what better car to test than the '12 Honda Civic Si?

The Civic has been a staple in our scene for more than two decades, but somewhere along the line it lost some of the traits that made it such a popular car in the first place. We sought to see if the newest generation could still live up to the Si nameplate.

1303 modp 02 o+brz frs bandwagon+fwd rwd Photo 2/2   |   The BRZ/FR-S Bandwagon - Editorialisms

So what we have in store for you is a great test showcasing both cars' abilities to be modified and the outcomes of doing so. Please don't think we are comparing these two cars side by side, though, because that wouldn't be a fair comparison. Look at it as a way to see what the best (arguably) FWD and RWD cars in our segment today are capable of. You can check out that story here: FWD vs RWD

Oh, and rumor has it that Nissan is building a 240Z destined for 2014 that aims to compete with the FR-S/BRZ, so by the looks of it, we'll have many more tests like these to come.

The Civic has been a staple in our scene for more than two decades, but somewhere along the line it lost some of the traits that made it such a popular car in the first place.

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By Peter Tarach
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