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Mail Call - Turbo & High-Tech Performance

Apr 6, 2007

Dear Turbo
I have a 87 GN with 23,000 miles on it. I have installed Lucas 009 injectors with the fuel pressure set at 38 psi. I have an adjustable wastegate, which is set at 19 psi of boost pressure. The Buick is still running the stock turbo with a 3-inch downpipe and no catalytic converter. The exhaust system is a custom made 2-1/2-inch unit. The transmission features a 3000-rpm stall converter with lock up. I also have a Red Armstrong chip, I think it was a # 95. With the scan tool plugged in all looks good but the timing. When I lock up the brakes and build boost to take off, the timing is at 36 degrees however when I let off the brake and take off the timing drops off to 11 degrees. The knock sensor is not on and I am running 105-octane gas. I would like it to run better. I would like information on turbo upgrades and a front-mount cooler. Where can I get the most bang for the buck? I don't mind putting money into the car but I want to go in the right direction. Thanks for your help
Bill Phelps
Via InterNet

Bill when you purchased the Red Armstrong chip did you include all the modifications that were performed on your vehicle? When purchasing any aftermarket performance chip be sure to list the modifications that have been performed on your engine and outline the type of driving you are planning to do. Most reputable chip manufacturers can use this information to develop the correct chip for your combination. Your best bet is to give Red Armstrong a call he has an excellent reputation and should be able to set you straight. As far as turbo upgrades try giving Turbonetics or TEC a call they can help you pick out or size up the correct turbochargers for your GN. Turbonetics also sell an up front cooler kit of the GN so ask them about that too. Red Armstrong Quad Air Inc. (440) 235-3232, Turbonetics (805) 529-8995 or TEC (303) 271-3997.

Dear Turbo
I am thinking about buying a 1995 Acura Integra. I was hoping that you could tell me who I could talk to about buying or rebuilding the stock engine for 300-plus horses while still being a reliable daily driver. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Ben Hamilton
Via InterNet

Ben, are you trying to build a 300-plus horsepower naturally aspirated engine or a force-induction engine? Trying to build a reliable daily driver all motor engine might be a bit far fetched but a force-fed powerplant is viable. Your first main focus should be fortifying the bottom-end with stronger internals. The factory rods should hold up fine but the stock cast pistons should be replaced with stronger forged units. Forged pistons are not as brittle as cast units giving them superior strength perfect for forced-induction powerplants. Both JE and Arias make aftermarket forged pistons for all Honda powerplants. The top-end of the head can be left stock but we do recommend ARP head studs to hold the bottom- and top-end together. Next would be finding a bolt-on turbo kit, which should not be too hard for the Integra. There are several manufacturers of turbo kits for the Acura; any one of them should work fine. JE (714) 898-9763 or Arias (310) 532-9737.

Dear Turbo
I have recently purchased a 2000 model Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, it has 205 hp with a 3.0 SOHC V6. I was wondering if you might have any articles or any advice to give me on the best way to start building my third-generation Diamond Star into a VTEC-killer.
Mark Bennett
Via InterNet

Mark in this issue of Turbo we have a "Quick Tech" article on a GReddy Performance exhaust system for the 2000 model Eclipse GT. We were impressed with the power gains of the exhaust system throughout the entire powerband. We hear that HKS is planning on developing a supercharger kit for the V6 Eclipse engine and there's rumors of a HKS turbo kit for the four cylinder model. GReddy (949) 588-8300 or HKS (310) 763-9600.

Dear Turbo
I just purchased a used 1997 Eclipse GSX. Currently it has no mods, but I was wondering what the easiest add-ons that yielded the most power were. Thanks in advance for all your help.
Via InterNet

Steve you should start off the with the basics first. An air filter upgrade and exhaust system should yield about 10 to 15 horses. An aftermarket downpipe and boost controller should also elevate the horsepower figures of the Eclipse. But before you start bumping up the boost pressure be sure there is sufficient amount of fuel to accommodate the added air. Not doing so can result in a blown powerplant. Buschur Racing, Extreme Motorsports and Hahn Racecraft all specialize in DSM performance and can help point you in the right direction. Buschur (440) 839-1900, Extreme (301) 776-2903 or Hahn (630) 801-1417.



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