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Pioneer Nabs Zanardi And The "Tiger" For Series

Edward A. Sanchez
Jun 1, 2001
Photographer: Henry Z. DeKuyper
0106_sccp_01_z+honda_civic_parts+brakes Photo 1/28   |   Product Of The Month
Wilwood Big Brake Kit
A name that has become an icon in the domestic V8 market is beginning to make in-roads into the import car market with its new race-proven brake kit. Specifically designed for Honda and Acura, the new Wilwood kit incorporates big diameter cross-drilled rotors, Polymatrix brake pads, and billet aluminum calipers.

For more details, visit Wilwood at or call direct to (805) 388-1188.

Long-time Honda driver, Alex Zanardi, is back in CART, and in a big way. Pioneer Electronics renewed its commitment to the CART FedEx Championship Series by announcing partnership with Mo Nunn and Walker Racing for 2001 and, in doing so, hooked both Tora Takagi from Japan and Zanardi as drivers.

"Our goal at Pioneer has always been to provide consumers with great entertainment. We think this line-up for the 2001 season will make for a very entertaining series," said Ed Sachs, executive vice president of Pioneer's car electronics division. "The CART Series is an exciting combination of ovals, permanent road courses and street courses that provide fans with thrilling new adventures each time out. We hope that our partnership with these two excellent teams will add to the excitement of the season."

2016 Honda Civic
$18,640 Base Model (MSRP) 27/40 MPG Fuel Economy

A Japanese company founded in 1938, Pioneer is proud to see native son Tora "Tiger" Takagi enter the CART series driving for Walker Racing. Pioneer is equally thrilled to see Zanardi return to the CART series as Mo Nunn's second entry in a Honda-powered car.

The company will transport its mobile showroom to many of the races for fans to see and hear Pioneer's newest product for "in car theater" as well as its sound room with technologically advanced amps, subwoofers and head units.

Bolt-On Theater
How-To: Quick Shift Your Stick
The Honda Civic and its multitude of variants have become favorites of the import enthusiast community, and for good reason. Close inspection reveals clever engineering and mechanical systems that lend themselves well to upgrades.

The shift mechanism of the Civic family is a perfect example. Whereas other compact cars employ a cable-actuated shift mechanism, Honda chose to stick with a proven and sturdy rod linkage. This set-up has several advantages over a cable system. During aggressive use, cable-actuated shifters sometimes bind up, causing missed shifts or requiring the driver to double-clutch to get the car into gear. Though newer cable systems are less prone to this, rod linkages still have an edge in this area.The other advantage is shift feel. Rod linkages have a delightfully direct, mechanical feel. At idle, the shifter will often quiver slightly, a sign that it is positively connected to the powertrain. In contrast, cable linkages transmit almost no vibration or feedback through the shifter, the knob standing absolutely still at idle. In the fanatical zeal to rid modern cars of "noise, vibration and harshness," many OEMs have chosen cable mechanisms to isolate the cabin and driver from this feedback. More often than not, they do not consult the enthusiast community on these decisions.

Taking full advantage of the performance-oriented design of the Honda shifter mechanism, B&M Racing Products has produced a short-shift mechanism and shift stabilizer system designed to work with all Honda Civic variants from 1988 to 2000 models. The modular design allows the owner to select from three degrees of throw reduction: Street/Race, Race and Pro Race. This is accomplished through multiple snap ring indentations allowing the driver to locate the pivot point according to intended use and preference. The shift stabilizer system adds the option of three different shift lever placements, forward of the stock position, aft or right in the middle. Installation is straightforward, though you will need to be able to raise the car at least two feet and be able to safely maneuver underneath the car.

Tools Required
* 10mm ratchet and wrench
* 12mm ratchet and wrench
* 3/16 allen wrench
* Torque wrench
* External snap-ring pliers
* Hacksaw or rotary cutter
* File or wire brush
* Rubber mallet
* Clean shop rags
* Secure jackstands and wheel ramps

An Easier Way To Tint Your Windows
Deeper Shade Of Cool
Window tint is nothing new, so for us to even discuss it, there must be something special about this system that warrants attention. After all, it's not like tint is going to make you go faster, stop quicker or carve the twisties with more precision. It will, however, help your ride look good doing all of the aforementioned, while protecting your interior from UV rays. And with Bray Tint's innovative do-it-yourself system, it can be done at a fraction of the cost of a professional installation.

What makes Bray Tint different is that the pieces are precision cut and pre-molded for a guaranteed perfect fit with every application. Company owner Alan Bray has been in the tint business since '87 and opened his own shop in Sacramento, Calif. in 1991. Bray uses a scratch-resistant coated film that carries a manufacturer-backed lifetime warranty. The film is available in five different shades: 43, 32, 22, 13 and 6 percent (the higher the number, the lighter the shade), and features up to 58-percent heat reduction and 98-percent UV reflection. Because the film is pre-cut and pre-molded, installation is as painless as possible-there's no cutting and it comes ready to install. Heck, even the rear window film is a one-piece affair.

Our canvas for the install was AEM's 2001 Honda Civic LX coupe outfitted with the company's Big Rotor front brakes and latest underhood offerings, Eibach Springs and Honda Optional Equipment goodies. Alan Bray and Chris Mar of Bray Tint Systems performed the installation in a little more than an hour. It should be noted that state law varies with respect to acceptable levels of film darkness, so check with your local PD before ordering a 6-percent package, which is what was installed on the AEM Civic. It should also be noted that not all applications are available.

For more details or to order call (916) 395-2225 or write Bray Tint Systems, 6320 Belleauwood Lane, Sacramento, CA 95822. By fax (916) 391-2220.

Materials Included:
* Black squeegee
* White card
* Tint solution
* Cleaning pad
* Cotton gloves
* Window film

Materials Required
* 1qt. spray bottle
* Clean bucket of water


B&M Racing & Performance Products
Chatsworth, CA 91311
By Edward A. Sanchez
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