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Need for Speed Underground 2

Better run out and get your copy...Need for Speed Underground 2 is out!

Lisa Lippard
Nov 16, 2004
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EA Games' Need for Speed Underground stormed the racing gaming worldin 2003 with its awesome graphics, hot tuner cars,amazing city street landscapesand its glimpse at the tuner-car culture.

Need for SpeedUnderground racked up huge sales and even biggerexpectations for its next incarnation. Early word andpreviews showed a new city, and great new cars thepromise of more exciting features when the game debuts in November.EA Games delivered on it promise and packed Needfor Speed Underground 2 with great upgrades,additions, and game modes to keep gamers racing longinto the new year.

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From the beginning, players are immersed intothe tuner car culture with bumping music, the coolcars, and an extensive 125-mile, free-roaming citywaiting to be explored. As gamers check out thecity, new challenges and races will appear, allowinggamers to select the races/challenges of their choicewherever they are. Within the city's 125-mile radiussits five distinct neighborhoods each presentingdifferent road terrains, such as winding, hilly suburbanstreets to downtown city gridlock. Players can drivefrom one end of the city to the other on the vastinterconnected freeways, but it's not a quick trip--ittakes some time to actually drive those 125 miles. Thebest thing to do is to pick up some races along theway, not only will the trip across town go fast, butthe more races won means the bigger a gamer'sreputation grows, along with the bank account.

Car customization has been upgraded to twice the sizeof NFSU, so all that new cash can go towardsultra-customizing favorite cars to show off not onlyhow the car looks, but what's under the hood.Dozens of cars are included from a stable of hot imports such asToyota, Mitsubishi, and Nissan, domestic muscle carsfrom Ford and Pontiac and even the latest SUVs fromCadillac and Lincoln. Need for SpeedUnderground 2 comes equipped with hundreds ofaftermarket parts to fine-tune all the performancefeatures of any car in real time, so hardcoregear-heads can change anything from gear ratios tovehicle suspension in the quest for optimalperformance and speed. Looking good is also part ofthe game, and Need for Speed Underground 2 hooks upgamers with paint, decals, vinyl graphics, and sweetupgrades such as audio parts, spinners, neon, hydraulics,Lambo doors, spoilers, hoods and plenty more partsand accessories to make each vehicle one-of-a-kind.

New for NFSU2 are online modes for PS2, Xbox, and PCowners, and gamers can take their car(s) online tochallenge friends, or play one-on-one for some intenseracing action. Don't forget to keep the jams loud asNFSU2 has an exclusive track from Snoop Dogg doing aremix of "Riders on the Storm", plus over two dozenother tracks from top-selling artists including,Xzibit, Chingy, Terror Squad, Queens of the Stone Ageand Mudvayne .

With the November 16th release of Need for SpeedUnderground 2, gamers have all new opportunities tobecome a legend in the underground race circuit bygetting in on one of this year's hottest racinggame. This game comes fully loaded with new gamemodes, more ways to customize and enhance vehicles,and online features for further racing challenges.Need for Speed Underground 2 is a solid follow-up thatgamers are going to love.

By Lisa Lippard
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