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Medal of Honor: Vanguard

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Lisa Lippard
Jun 15, 2007
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Medal Of Honor: Vanguard
Medal of Honor: Vanguard is the latest in EA's long-running Medal of Honor series. It continues in the game tradition of bringing historically accurate World War II battles to life, and in Vanguard the focus is on America's first paratroopers, the 82nd Airborne division. Playing as Corporal Frank Deegan and following him through epic battles taking place throughout Europe, gamers get inside what it was like to be one of the elite heroes who helped to change the course of history.

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Right from the beginning, gamers literally jump into the action by parachuting into the heart of the battle. For Wii owners the remote and nunchuk are set up to use in a couple of innovative ways. For example, parachuting requires holding the remotes up as if holding onto the parachute ropes while guiding yourself into a safe landing without crashing into trees or obstacles on the ground. To throw a grenade, hold the B button on the remote and then pull back and swing the remote forward to launch it at enemies. Since only a couple of moves require a physical action with the remote and nunchuk, it doesn't get old and doesn't get intrusive to gameplay.

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All the locations and battlefields are recreated in fine detail so gamers can truly experience and immerse themselves into game. Like all good shooters, Vanguard is set up to challenge game strategy, skills, and flexibility in battle. Don't forget to change up the action by going in guns blazing at times or step back and choose to snipe enemies from a distance. Look towards team members and allies to provide updated tactical information to help gamers play more effectively and survive on the always-changing battlefield. Medal of Honor: Vanguard doesn't break any new ground as far as gameplay is concerned, but it's still a solid title that WWII shooter fans should enjoy.

Rating4 / 5
GenreFirst-person shooter
ConsoleWii, PS2
PublisherEA Games
HotCool Wii controls, exciting battles
NotSome levels looked too dark
By Lisa Lippard
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